Jan 7, 2007

Will be taking a break...

Hello everyone, I hope you had a joyous holiday season!

Although I was able to enjoy my holidays with my family, I have to confess that I have been feeling quite tired lately, and at this time, I feel I need to take some rest.

So, please understand that I will be going off-line for awhile...
I will miss you all very much, but you will always be close to my heart!

Take care and be happy♪


bb said...


glad to hear you've been able to enjoy the hols with your family. and don't worry about us, go take however long a break you wish to, k?

hope the new year will be a good year for you and your family :)

p.s. me also been thinking about taking a break from all these online stuff... haiz...

mrs a said...

flowerbossa, take good care of yourself. We all need a break from time to time. Until then, enjoy the new year with family and friends!

jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

This is another shock and sad day for me! But I agree with mrs a, we all need a break from time to time, and step back to get a more objective view of what we've been doing (just like Yong Joon after HWRL).

I do hope this is just a break from posting in your blog, not a break from the world of BYJ and us. In any case, I respect your decision and hope the best for you and your family. Will miss you very much!

love ..... Jaime

baosang said...

Dear flowerbossa,

It's a surprise to me. However, I respect your decision. As matter of fact, I'm thinking about the same thing.

I hope you take a nice break and spend as much quality time as possible with your family.

See you in the future.

BTW, are you going to check your email from time to time? Just want to let you know that I really like the cards with pallet's drawings.


Toujours_BYJ said...

Dear Flowerbossa

What a surprise, however I understand we need a break sometimes. Please take care, we will wait for your return in the future.

mishio said...

hi flowerbossa-

Sorry.........long while. As you know, I'm no stranger to taking long breaks from the net, for the exact same reason. You've got your priorities right - please take care of yourself. Just wanna say that I hope that you're healthy otherwise.

flowerbossa said...

My dear sisters,

Thank you SOO much for your warm messages. I was so touched -

All I can say is: you can't get rid of me THAT easily!

Just to let you know, Satovic took off for India the other day. Her dream is to make people healthy both mentally and physically through ayurveda.
She believes being healthy is the foundation of PEACE. She should return sometime in March.

(In the meantime, B.S.J. will be maintained by the other staffs.)

I hope to seek a balance in my life, too!

Thank you for dropping by, and I wish you all lots of happiness♪

bb said...

ah... so satovic has gone off to india... i was wondering how come i haven't heard from her for so long now. actually, although i'm sad that the bae circle has lost an active sister (at least for now...), i'm happy for her that she's come to that decision. and i know she will be happy and she will feel fulfilled with her healing work :) thanks for the update, flowerbossa.

take care :)