Jan 23, 2010


The Joy of Music

Joy Through Music

Percussion Duo Himmel

(right: Chika Ishibashi, left: Nanae Uehara

photo courtesy of Himmel)

(photos of hall from MUSICASA website)

Musik Freude @ MUSICASA

New Year Concert

Piano: Sachio Yoshida
Percussion : Himmel
Baritone: Keitaro Okabe
MC: Shunsuke Ochiai


1. Prelude cis-Moll Op.3-2 "The Bells of Moscow":  S. Rachmaninov

2. Träumerai F-dur Op.15-7: R.Schumann

3. Erste Satz aus Fantasie C-dur Op.17: R. Schumann

4. Polonaise As-Dur Op.53 "Heroic": F. Chopin


5. Toccata for Vibraphone and Marimba : A. Koppel

6. ILIJAS : N.J. Zivocovic

7. African Blues : W. Roggenkamp


8. Mi Mancherai : L. Bacalov (from the film "Il Postino")

9. Ich stand in dunklen Täumen OP. 13 Nr. 1: C. Schumann

10. Stille Tränen OP. 35 Nr. 10 : R. Schumann

11. Opera Don Carlo "O Carlo, ascolta": G. Verdi

12. Kamakura wa Komoriuta: Naohiko Terashima

13. Sen no Kazeni natte: Mitsuru Arai
(a Japanese song based on the poem "Thousand Winds" by Mary Elizabeth Frye)

【Special Bonus Session】

☆ Turkish March: Mozart
by Himmel and Sachio Yoshida

☆ Kazeni Naritai: Kazufumi Miyazawa
by Himmel, Sachio Yoshida, and Keitaro Okabe

   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆  

Himmel is an exciting multi percussion duo formed by Chika Ishibashi (my yoga mate^^) and Nanae Uehara. The two artists met while studying at Tokyo University of the Arts, and formed the duo in 2008.

Himmel is a German word meaning "the sky, heaven", and it is their wish to perform like the sky that has many expressions.

The duo performs mainly on the marimba, and offers music from a variety of genres.

In May of 2009, they came in 3rd place in the International Competition for Percussion Instruments in Bulgaria, and was received enthusiastically by the jury and audience alike.

Their activities have expanded from live performances at cafes and on the street to music for TV CM etc.

The two artists are also busy individually.

As a freelance percussionist, Chika Ishibashi participates in a wide range of activities including:
Guest appearances with many major orchestras, (she has collaborated with Jo Hisaishi- composer of TWSSG), chamber and solo work, creating music for TV CM etc.

Her partner Nanae Uehara is also active not only as a performer both in Japan and abroad, but as an instructor for the participants of the popular TV drama "NODAME CANTABILE" etc.

I really look forward to future performances of Himmel and MUSIC FREUDE, a unique project that brings the artists and audience together.


Jan 19, 2010


Info added: Jun Yong Bok Exhibit @ Korean Cultural Center Osaka

Photos courtesy of Pinky Ring

Sonsen-nim's first exhibit held in western Japan.

The exhibit focused on new works (more than those exhibited in Yotsuya).

Gayageum Performance

Lecture on Jan. 16

Article in Sankei Shimbun
Jan.17, 2010
Hanryu Urushi Art
Korean Artist Jun-san's First Exhibit in Western Japan
Jun-san expressed enthusiasm towards cultivating artists in his home country
☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

Message from Pinky Ring (added Jan.22):

The second and third photos were taken on the day before the opening after sonsen-nim installed the works.
That is why it is so quiet^^

Because I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the venue, I took these photos when the place was empty, with the permission of sonsen-nim.
(taking of photos is prohibited during the actual exhibit).

His lecture attracted a large crowd of 550 attendants, and the exhibit area was full of many visitors as well. From time to time, sonsen-nim gave detailed explanations of each of his works.

Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

(53 X 45 cm)

Another side of pallet ...