Jan 24, 2008

From "Another Winter Sonata"

The following is an excerpt from the book "Another Winter Sonata" written by the scenario writers of WLS, Kim Eun-Hee and Yoon Eun-Kyoung
(published Sept. 2004)

The information may not be new, but the 2 writers reveal what BYJ himself thought about his role Min Hyung in the early part of the drama.

Original in Japanese
Translated into English by flowerbossa

One of the things we remember the most during the time we were writing episode 8 is receiving a phone call from YJ-ssi. When we write a script it usually cannot be completed at one shot. After writing the first draft, we examine the flow of the entire story, rewrite it …. and this process is repeated as we make changes. Sometimes, we end up with something completely different from the original draft (and as a result of this process, the amount of script actually written far exceeds that worth 20 episodes!). Of course, it may be possible for a good writer to draw up a scenario only at one try, but being novice writers then, and plus the project being a joint effort between the two of us, there was much more we had to work on together compared to writing alone.

So, customarily we did not show the early drafts to any one but the producer, let alone the actors, but YJ-ssi insisted that he wanted to see it to prepare for his role. We hesitated, but we sent it to him indicating that this was still “a draft”.

The next morning, we received a phone call from YJ-ssi. There were times when we talked on the set concerning the character settings, but since this was the first time to receive a call from him, it some how made us worried. And as we anticipated, YJ-ssi politely addressed his questions to us on the character of Min Hyung.

Actually, YJ-ssi had questions for us while they were shooting episode 6. When Yujin had shed tears mistaking MinHyung for JunSanhg, MinHyung flirted with her by acting like JunSahng in the beginning but in the end confessing that he was actually only MinHyung and accused her for her scheme. In this scene, YJ-ssi just could not understand the emotions of MinHyung. He claimed that watching Choi Ji Woo’s eyes over flow with tears, he was on the verge of tears himself, and couldn’t see how someone could act so cruelly.

He was right of course. In a normal situation, Min Hyung would not have acted so cruelly. But caught in Cherin’s trap, he was forced to mistake Yujin’s truthful expression as deceit. We gave a detailed explanation of the situation and YJ-ssi was finally satisfied, but he was chagrined over his character while shooting the scene claiming that even under the circumstances, HE would never take Yujin’s actions the wrong way.

The point YJ-ssi felt the most uncomfortable with was (as in episode 6) how MinHyung’s behaved so coercively towards Yujin. In the beginning part of the draft of episode 8, MinHyung asked Yujin, "who do you really love?” in a much stronger manner. After we wrote the draft, we also had felt that the expression was much too strong considering MinHyung’s character, and planned to change it, so when we received that phone call from YJ-ssi, we were really in a bind. That was exactly why we didn’t want to him to see the initial draft… We explained to him the content of what we planned to change, and after he learned that the gentleness of MinHyung’s character was going to be retained, he was relieved and hung up the phone.

We felt very sorry towards YJ-ssi at the time. Actors need to be immersed in the emotions of the characters they are playing, but we felt that we had confused him unnecessarily due to the draft. We were also embarrassed, too. We have to admit that just as actors want to be seen at their best and most beautiful in front of the viewers, we writers would prefer to avoid showing the process of trial and error we go through. This wouldn’t have happened if we were able to come up with a great script with just one draft… But, it’s no use talking about it. It was the result of our own lack of ability.

However, what we ARE able to promise is that we will continue to make changes to the script in effort of making it a better one, until the very moment the final shooting takes place.

Jan 23, 2008

Min Hyung-ssi

We had our "choum" snowfall in the Tokyo/Yokohama area.

Makes me miss Min Hyung-ssi...

Jan 21, 2008

Message from Leslie Kee

From the pamphlet "The Making of Super Stars" (Nov, 2006)

Original in Japanese
Translated into English by flowerbossa

In a model, I seek the “not so real” in the poses, yet “gracefulness” in their expressions – that is my style of photography. Putting it more simply, even if the pose itself may seem a bit sleazy, it would look cool. In that way, Yonsama fit into my photos more than I expected. Although I have worked with many Korean stars up till now, he has given me a lot. In a word, he is a person with a really kind heart. What I felt deeply when he was posing for me and in our exchange during the session is that he is highly motivated and cooperative. Actually, when I asked him that I wanted to go on taking some more shots, he worked with me until I was able to take photos I was satisfied with. A quite a few actors surprisingly don’t care so much. But he doesn’t give up with the attitude, “hey, this is good enough”. I thought that was the secret of him being loved by so many people. I think Yonsama is a man of many more variations and possibilities.

(Note by flowerbossa: Leslie is fluent in Japanese. I think the original text is in his own words.)

Jan 19, 2008


Who does this right hand belong to?
Could it be ... yours?

Jan 17, 2008

Message from BYJ

The following translation is provided for your personal enjoyment.
Respecting the rights of the original writer, please inform me if you wish to share this article with others. Thank you for your understanding!
(Jan. 19,2008)

From the pamphlet "The Making of Super Stars"
(Nov, 2006)

Original in Japanese
Translated into English by flowerbossa

A New BYJ, Only Brought Out by Leslie

“A lucky coincidence”, might be the most appropriate expression describing my encounter with Leslie. The shooting was not merely fun, but from the moment it began, the pure and innocent part hidden inside me seemed to be revealed…. I was able to be my natural self, and really enjoy the session. So, our first meeting left a strong impression, too. Leslie ran up to me the moment I stepped into the studio. Because it was so unexpected, I was a bit surprised, but I was able to sense how much he had been looking forward to this shooting, and moreover, feeling his passion and pure heart, I myself loosened up to him.

Normally, even for professionals, it often takes time to get used to each other’s tension in the first shooting. However, with Leslie, it was as if I was caught by his magic. How should I describe the expression of him looking into the lens…it was like that of a boy's, showing excitement over a big toy (laughs). After awhile, I found myself poising for him naturally, letting my own feelings and body lead me. Being with Leslie, I was returning to the child I had in me.

Actually, the session I had with Leslie took place after a long CM session, so I was quite tired out physically. But through the way he treated everyone in the same manner not creating any boundaries, the way he heightened the tension of the session as a professional, along with his motivation in bringing out a new dimension in me, he was able to bring out a masculine and sexy part of me which was something different from my past image. Recently, I have very strong thoughts on “my present self” and “my natural self” Needless to say, my past is important too, but each time I make an encounter with a new work, I face up to my new self, and little by little, I feel a change. In this sense, I hope I will be able to express my new self through my encounter with Leslie.

The Expressions of the Artists Collected Here Serves as a Tool for Thinking About Asia

The concept “ASIA IS ONE” that Leslie wanted to express through the “Super Stars” project is a fundamental one for me as well. Although the means of expression may differ – for me, through contents such as dramas and movies, and for Leslie through photography - we have connected with many countries of Asia. Perhaps that is why our meeting did not feel like a first, for we shared the same feeling of “ASIA IS ONE”. The reason I say this is because through you, my family (fans), I was actually able to feel “Asia becoming one”. I think that Asia is a community that can relate, help each other and develop together based on a cultural and emotional affinity. In Asia, there exist diverse cultures, languages, and customs and there are many parts which are different outwardly. However, every time I visit an Asian country outside my own, I feel “a spirit transcending language barriers”. Even when we are far apart, I am able to feel that we are one cultural community.

And in this project, I feel that the expressions of the artists that only Leslie was capable of bringing out will provide a new and wonderful tool to make one feel more familiar to Asia. It is a fact that when we receive love, we are all moved by this love. It is natural to share the love one receives and give something back in return, but in my position as an actor, the only thing I am able to do is present myself at my best in the works I appear in. This would lead to having you take interest in such matters as the world view of the work, the actors and staff who had created it, and the cultural roots of the work itself and of the people participating in the project, and this in turn should become a trigger for cultural exchange and mutual understanding. I also hope that every country of Asia will become capable of sharing a mind centering on culture rather than commercialism, so that even more exchange on an interactive level – not the exchange of merchandise such as movies and dramas as well as one way service – will be enhanced and also enable us to grow together.

Jan 8, 2008

Jan 1, 2008

From the Official Photo Book

Wishing all of you a very happy new year!

AND... Congratulations, Yong Joon-ssi !!