Jan 21, 2008

Message from Leslie Kee

From the pamphlet "The Making of Super Stars" (Nov, 2006)

Original in Japanese
Translated into English by flowerbossa

In a model, I seek the “not so real” in the poses, yet “gracefulness” in their expressions – that is my style of photography. Putting it more simply, even if the pose itself may seem a bit sleazy, it would look cool. In that way, Yonsama fit into my photos more than I expected. Although I have worked with many Korean stars up till now, he has given me a lot. In a word, he is a person with a really kind heart. What I felt deeply when he was posing for me and in our exchange during the session is that he is highly motivated and cooperative. Actually, when I asked him that I wanted to go on taking some more shots, he worked with me until I was able to take photos I was satisfied with. A quite a few actors surprisingly don’t care so much. But he doesn’t give up with the attitude, “hey, this is good enough”. I thought that was the secret of him being loved by so many people. I think Yonsama is a man of many more variations and possibilities.

(Note by flowerbossa: Leslie is fluent in Japanese. I think the original text is in his own words.)


bb said...

hey there, flowerbossa! you've been working hard... and thanks for bringing us yet another piece of wonderful writing and translation :)

flowerbossa said...

Hi bb,

Hope you are starting to feel comfortable in your new home.

Your fellow Singaporean seems to be loved by lots of artists here in Japan.

We had snow here today, but it's already beginning to melt....

Take care♪