Aug 29, 2006

More Okan Art from BSJ West Exhibit

Happy Birthday, Yong Joon-ssi!

생일 축하드립니다.


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Aug 24, 2006

B.S.J.'s Birthday Event - Part 2

Suddenly in the darkness, we hear a live piano playing the theme from the drama, “Have We Really Loved “(HWRL). What a gentle and beautiful voice! Singing and playing the piano for us is F-san, a staff working in the Gender Equality Center inside this public facility “Hokutopia” in which the planetarium is located. AND, needless to say, she is wuri family. On this day, she took a day off from work to participate in this event (which is actually where she works^^).

Now, with the music of “HWRL” playing in the back, the story of Jae Ho and Shih Yung is introduced from the very beginning, appearing on the big screen of the celestial sphere. We asked tomochang-san to create this image.

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In the past, tomochang had uploaded these captures for our sister Yukomaru-san (a BIG fan of “HWRL”) on our board, and she has kindly re-edited them for this event. Since I know we have many Jae Ho lovers, I was expecting to hear exclamatory cries from the audience, but it was fairly quiet, so I was a bit disappointed. Later, I was relieved to know the truth - you were all crying, weren’t you. ^^;)When the piano performance ended, the audience burst into applause.

And there we introduced F-san along with N-san who was going to be are guide.
Since he was a young man, our family called out from the audience,”OPPA!!” Perhaps we shall call him oppa of the stars.^^

By then, everyone’s eyes was getting used to the darkness. So, it was time to start the main show in the planetarium.
Slowly, very slowly, the sun went down in the western sky, and the first and second stars of evening appeared.
Gradually, we entered the world of stars. But if this was the sky of Tokyo, we would not be able to see so many stars.
So, we swiftly took the audience to the mountains where the air is pure, then ….
“OHH ~~~!”
The audience let out a sigh of joy
A sky full of stars. A starry sky of silver light appeared over us!
From here, N-san took over and led us in a relaxed tone.
The stories on the constellation of the summer, the milky way, etc. etc…
His lecture which lasted about 15 minutes had a good taste of humor (“Since our audience here is older than fourth grade, you MUST know all these things already, right?”), and he really made us feel relaxed.

In the end, he showed all the constellations at once in the sky, and again, everyone cried in delight.
AH, to think that the sky has so many constellations!

B U T ! !
We can’t see THAT sign among them.
satovic:”Excuse me, N-san, we are gathered here today to celebrate Bae Yong Joon-san’s birthday, and
we can’t seem to find Virgo up there. Why is that?”

N- san:”You cannot see Virgo here. Virgo is a constellation of spring.”
What a shock!! We tend to think that “a sign is the one we could see during that season”, but since in Western astrology a sign means that which the sun rises from, when a person is born Virgo, Virgo is a daytime sign that comes up with the sun.
That is why you can’t see it at night.

But being Yong Joon’s family, we want to know everything about him!
So, we nagged N-san into going back in time to the spring constellations.
When the starry sky rotates, it feels like we are turning around in our seats.
N-san warned us, “Sometimes, people fall off from their chairs, so please be careful.”

Then we were introduced to the evening sky of April when we could see Virgo very well.In the sky, we can see constellations such as Cancer, Lyra, and Leo.We then decided to take this opportunity to learn the stars around wuri boss Yong Joon’s sign, and came up with a “special” lecture.

Now, when you think of crabs, you think of Jae Ho, right?
Here is the sign of Jae Ho.

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Near the eastern horizon, we see Yosuk playing the Lyra – a western harp.

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A sign in the shape of a crown, is Cho Won.-nim…So, are you getting the picture?

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Then, what drama would symbolize Leo?
Ha ha ha, the answer is “Hotelier".

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Remember our friend Leo?In this way, we showed the faces of the characters in the sky.

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By the way, not all of these jokes come from me.
Wuri staff put our heads together to come up with them.
Leo for Leo was discovered by SANDY…. Great inspiration, SANDY!
Now, all this aside, when we think of Yong Joon’s star,
what else would there be but POLARIS?

First, let’s go over the scenes from the episode 2, where the gang go camping in the mountains.
There, June Sahng explains to Yujin that the star shining next to Cassiopeia is Polaris.How do we actually find Polaris from Cassiopeia?
We asked the staff to demonstrate.
First, we showed the constellation on the night of the camp.
We also set the longitude at .Chuncheon. The date, the time – they were all exactly the same as that day.
We were actually looking up at the same sky that Yujin and June Sahng had seen.

Here, we find ourselves asking the same question Yujin had asked.
“Doesn’t the constellation change with the season?”
In the drama, June Sahng said, “Polaris doesn’t move”, but that isn’t answering the question, is it?
How could we find Polaris in a season we cannot see Cassiopeia?
To this, N-san gave us a very simple answer.
Believe it or not, the Cassiopeia can be seen in Korea all year long.
Since the horizon is lower than Japan, the Cassiopeia does not go under it in any season.

SO, in Korea, Polaris can be found any time of year if one knows the location of Cassiopeia.
We now know the story of “Winter Sonata” can take place only in Korea!!

Everyone in the audience was really impressed by this fact.
But no one realizes the REAL mystery behind this.
Actually there was another mystery behind the starry sky everyone was looking at.
First of all, the exact date of that night was not indicated in the drama.
In order to show this in the planetarium, we needed to find that date and time.
HERE, BSJ’s astronomy expert SIRUS-san, and “Winter Sonata” mania CRANBERRY went on their mission.
Together, they were able to solve this mystery.
Not only that, they discovered that “Winter Sonata” carried an incredible secret.
And the key was hidden in the starry sky!
What? Did you say you knew everything about “W.S.” there is to know?
Well, you wait and see, you won’t be sorry!

Aug 23, 2006

B.S.J.'s Birthday Event August 2006

This is satovic’s report on the BSJ Birthday Event
"Let's go to the space that Dam Deok Saw"

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The program had actually started during the 30 minutes we were waiting for the family to get seated. We played jazz music that had ☆ as its theme – aside from the classics such as Satchmo’s “When you wish upon a star”and Nat & Natalie Cole’s “Paper Moon” I also mixed in some of my own faves like Boston’s “More than a feeling” and EWF’s “Fantasy” – I wonder if you were able to find what these songs had in common.

When it was time, with the heroic music “Departure”, Yong Joon’s back appeared in the sky at the front of the dome. It was the flash created by Norita, “100 Days”. She is the owner of her own site “Creative Group Zero”, and she kindly let us use 2 flashes from there. These flashes are a great form of expression in themselves..

Please go to the ↓site to see this flash.
(Try clicking the RED lines)
OR, go here ↓
(flowerbossa: don't miss it! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!)
We had a few serious issues to solve to make this event a success, and one of them was SLEEPINESS. To keep the audience awake, wuri staff M-san asked everyone to practice the “Tae ha mingu” hand clap. She reminded the audience that if and when she saw them on the verge of dozing off, she would ask them to do this hand clap.

Then the fanfare resounded, and along with the Taegeukgi and the flash being shown on the screen, I went on stage 38 seconds later. Alright , let’s see your hand clap everyone – tae ha mingu!

[Please refer to original thread- try clicking the RED Lines].

Did you enjoy it? This was a video from the 2002 World Cup , and you can see how Korea was bursting with energy during the games. Actually, I had made my appearance wearing a Red Devils uniform. (note: satovic always appears as one of the characters in Yong Joon’s films). Hey, I had no other choice – nothing from the new drama has come out yet. So, since the biggest event we shared with Korea was the World Cup, and since YJ had given a message to support the Korean team at the time, the theme for this event’s appearance became the Red Devils.

☆ Calling Yong Joon overseas –
Yong Joon brushing up on his Japanese

Well, another thing we had to consider in this event, was that in order to see the stars properly, we needed to give the audience time to get used to the darkness. For the average mature woman, it takes approximately 10 minutes for her to get used to the dark. So, to buy time, I thought everyone would much rather prefer listening to wuri Yong Joon’s voice then mine – that’s why I decided to give him an overseas phone call. I wonder if I can reach him….. I took out a cell phone, and started dialing the number…. “Oh, is she really going to call him?!” – I was pleased to see at least 5 people almost rise from their chairs, thinking that I would ACTUALLY call him (^^)v

Hereafter, please listen to his voice by clicking the player.
If it doesn’t work, try banging on your PC (no, don’t do that), or pressing the update button.

Satovic: Now, let’s see…. South Korea 82. Seoul. 434344….
…. I wonder if he’s home, maybe he’s still working…
.(.. sound of phone ringing “RRRRRRRRR… click)
Yoboseyo. Hello. Is this Bae Yong Joon-ssi’s home?
YJ: Hello, this Bae Yong Joon.
S: Oh, hello! I’m sorry for not keeping in touch. My name is satovic.
YJ: I’m so happy to see you again.
S: You mean you remember me? I’m thrilled!
It sounds like 30,000 people are behind you …(^^;)
You know, I was so nervous last year when I met you last year on the plane that I was all sweaty. Do you remember how I looked?
YJ: Pork shabu shabu.
S: HELLOOOOOO~ (><)  No need to get wise there! But I can see that your Japanese is coming out really smoothly.
YJ: Have you eaten already?
S: Oh, you mean lunch, Actually, I overate …. HAHAHA!
YJ: You need to slim down!
S: Oh, leave me alone! Why do you have to pick up wise cracks like that, of all things…By the way, when did you start shooting “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi”?
YJ: Hatsuratsu? (note: means “energetic” )
S: Oh, August (note: satovic thought he said “hachigatsu” for August). You must be busy now, then.
Where are you today?
YJ: “kokoga, watashino ie desu.” (This here is my home.)

S: Hmmm. you almost had it right.
You needed to say, “koko WA” instead of “koko GA”
YJ: I wonder why….
S: How should I know?!
Don’t think about it. The best way to learn a language is through practice. Repetition is good.
You want to try it right now?

YJ: Sukidesu. (I like you.)
S: What?!!
S: Me?
S : But, but I’m not ready…. AIGOOOO!
YJ: Are you alright!
S: (crashes)
Oh… I’m not alright~! You almost gave me a heart attack!. Phew, I’m dizzy…
Look, don’t practice with a line like that!
Have Sohn-san teach you proper Japanese.
I heard you and he are real pals, right?
YJ: He’s my “koibito”(sweet heart)!

S: WHAAAAAAAAT! Now, YOU have gotta be kidding!
Joon! YOU are not an “ONNA (woman)”, you are a “OTOKO (man)”, right?

YJ: Hmm, I wonder which… Which are you?

S: What do you mean you can’t make up your mind?!
YOU and SOHN-san are both OTOKO!

YJ: Torikaekko! (let’s trade!)
S: Now don’t get smart!.
YJ: Torikaekko!

S: That’s not right either!.

S: Why do you have to shout?!
It’s not funny at all!
We need to change the subject.
YJ: Torikaekko!
S: Why do you have to change THAT way?!
Let’s talk about something else.
HELLOOO! Yong Joon-san, Yong Joon-saan!!
YJ: Mou hanasanai… (I won’t let you go – homonymous with, “I’m not talking any more.”)
(The sound of phone being cut off)

--------------THE END------------------
Many thanks to the B.S.J. staff!!
Love forever satovic

Friends Forever ....from "Have We Really Loved"

This is a wallpaper made by another sister from B.S.J., tomochang.

Thank you tomochang, for sharing!

Aug 22, 2006

Maestro Seikyo Kim's blog (Japanese)

Maestro Seikyo Kim appeared on NHK 's talk show "Top Runner" on Aug.20.
There will be a re-run on Aug. 24 (Thurs) from 24:00.
Don't miss it!
(Our sister T-san was participating in the audience!)

For information on Maestro Seikyo, please refer to the entries in the archive:
May 21 & June 13.
Thank you!

Aug 18, 2006

Polaris for an angel...

Our sister frogandtoa (from B.S.J.) made these shoes for her chingu's baby .......

....... and here is the angel wearing them....

May Polaris guide the angel to happiness always.....

Thank you frogandtoa for sharing!

Aug 16, 2006

Flowers for the Gun Barrel

by satovic

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There was a time when I lived in Israel.
It was a town on the shore, not far from the borders of Lebanon.
In those days, the country was not in combat like today, and there were only minor scuffles now and then.
Even still, one had to be prepared to ride a bus.
On the trucks that go back and forth between the west bank region and Jordan, there is nothing on the shaft other then a bed.
Because it resembles a skeleton, it was called a ‘skeleton truck’ and it was used to hold inspections to prevent unwanted objects such as bombs and weapons from being transported.
Once in a while, bombs were set in the buses, and people lost their arms, legs and lives.
But when you didn’t have money, you had no other choice but to ride these buses, and that was daily life.

I once stayed in Jerusalem.
In the small alleys, mules with bundles, little children coming back from school and women wearing Arabian outfits with round pita breads piled high on their heads were seen along with the tourists, and it seemed like things had not changed from the age of the bible.
But one early evening, when I opened the door, the air of the town was different.
There was nothing different in what I saw in the alley.
It was just the air.

That afternoon, a Jewish policeman had been killed by someone out side the Jaffa Gate that led to the old city.
Nothing else happened.
It may have happened, but it didn’t happen that day.

No one said anything, but I could feel that the air of the whole town was tense.
But people ate supper, closed their shops, slept and opened the shops again.
That was daily life.

I once visited a farm village in Cambodia.
In the laid-back scenery, I saw two lines on the ground which were drawn carelessly with lime powder.
I was told not to cross those lines.
On the other side was a minefield.
Outside the lines, the cows ate grass leisurely.
It was because no one could bring them back.
That was daily life.

That night, when I was eating at a restaurant, I got caught up in a shooting that started among the Vietnamese soldiers sitting at the table next to us.
In those days, the Vietnamese army was stationed in Cambodia.
On the plate that I used to put fish bones in, I heard a metallic sound, and a bullet that hit the ceiling fell into it.

The person who was sitting in front of me reached for the pot and said to me, “don’t move, keep on eating, and try not to aggravate them. Then, one by one, leave this table. OK, satovic, you go first.”
While I was turning totally pale, he continued to eat placing the contents of the pot on his rice. While the sound of shooting went on, he ate until the last of us had left that table.”

The commotion had been caused by a fight by the soldiers that brought out their guns after getting drunk.
Even if we had been hit by a stray bullet, it was useless to complain.
The whole situation was just outrageous.
It wasn’t like dying for a cause, or dying to protect something.
It was dying for nothing.
But at the time, there was only one thing to do.
Eat what was in front of us.
Then leave the table quietly.
That was the daily life for the people in that town, in that summer.

Even at the battlefields, the actual fighting with soldiers holding heavy weapons is only a short part of the time people are at war.
The rest of the time means, to continue to lead the daily life of eating, moving our bowels, peeing, and sleeping, under the tension of the possibility that we may kill others, or others may kill us.

Caught up in this outrageousness and tension, people start to make mistakes in their judgments.

There is such a thing as sin of creating unnecessary tension in the hearts of people. These have nothing to do with cause, ideals, or justice, and places with tanks and missiles are not the only battlefields.
On this day, I renewed my memories on this matter.

(originally posted on the board of B.S.J.
on August 15, 2006 - the day marking the end of World War II)

Aug 14, 2006

Beautiful Yong Joon

Capture from the NTV special, courtesy of makishi!
Thank you makishi ♪

satovic loves this shot....
and our lovely sister makishi has provided this treat!

thanks again makishi-san ♪

A Japanese Food Critic's Comment on Gosireh

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Comment by Food Culture Journalist Asako Kishi
(she was invited to the opening party of Gosireh)

"I had a course dinner today, and it was most delicious.
The Korean food eaten by the common people like us is hot, but traditionally,
court cuisine is not hot. I think this is a wonderful restaurant that does a
thorough job in conveying this information to the Japanese."

(Asako Kishi is a food culture journalist, who is famous for her

appearance as one of the judges in the original "Iron Chef" program. She is a popular culinary critic in Japan.)

Aug 13, 2006

satovic's report on the 8.13 NTV BYJ Special

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Oh, I was so restless… even from early in the morning….
Though I had my VCR already, I didn’t want to miss this program for the world. So I stayed home all day, and stayed glued in front of my TV.
So, it began at 3:55 -. Nippon (Japan) TV Special!
Oh, by the way, I have to tell you beforehand that there was not even a TRACE of the new Damdeok we looked forward to seeing in this program.
All the info it offered in relation to “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi”was the set on Jejudo and the diner Yong Joon-ssi dropped by at on the day of the Kosa.
How disappointing凹.

Other than that, the program was comprised of an advertisement of the director’s cut version of “April Snow”, and infomercial on NTV, Smart Kitchen, Lotte, Secom, IMX and BOF,
but needless to say, our prince was dashing.
To give you a rough idea of the contents:

☆ The Opening Ceremony of Gosireh

☆ Ms. Onodera’s (announcer) visits Yon-sama

☆ A video on status of the welfare car that was made with the 20 million yen he donated to the “24 Hours Charity Program” last year. He watched how the elderly people were benefiting from the “Bae Yong Joon” mobile which was being utilized in Niigata (where there was a major earthquake),

→ While he was watching, he commented “yes, we had gone to Niigata.”
OHH!! So you’ve been to Niigata, too. SO glad to know that you’ve been traveling pretty extensively in Japan.

☆ Showing of the interior design of Gosireh and the actual meal.

☆ Showed BYJ making a preliminary inspection of the Gosireh site during his secret trip to Japan last September.

→ Yuko Ogura (“Korin Korin” who appeared with him in the Lotte commercial) comes to celebrate the opening of the restaurant, and BYJ takes her around.
Introduces the new version of the Lotte commercial that uses the CM taken last year.
It seems that Lotte is going to do another campaign.

☆Filming of the new Lotte CF in Gosireh.
→ Yong Joon is so gorgeous when he is having a meeting with the staff. It would absolutely make you faint!
It may not be such a flattering thing for an actor to be told that he is more attractive during the meeting than in the CF itself... ^^;
But he IS gorgeous!
The CF was for “Rummy Bacchus”. He was asked to say an ad lib line in a situation where he is entertaining someone special in his own home by putting on some music on the record player.
So, he moves around, thinking.
The scene was embarrassing, and I couldn’t help poking around while watching him (laugh!)
It was even included in the narration “he said it! Yon-sama’s famous line:
‘let’s take that one more time’!”

The director again was the man that did CR-Nexus, so he seemed very used to Yong Joon’s ways. Maybe he is wuri family? ^^
☆ Filming of the Secom CF
→ They only took us to the entrance of the studio, and did not reveal the inside. They just showed him in different outfits in still shots.
But they were very clever, and showed the SECOM mark in the back when Yong Joon was making his comment, “Hope you come to Gosireh”, and he even offered to say, “Gosireh is safe with SECOM.”
Such a service-minded guy!

I thought, he didn’t need to go that far for his clients, but his considerateness is expressed thoroughly towards Ms. Onodera as well.
Like the last time, Ms. Onodera went to visit wuri prince.
This time, she did NOT bring a gift that made one wonder if it was for Yong Joon himself, or for his dog Clip.
To her question, “I met you last spring. Do you remember me?”
he replied,
“Of course. Congratulations on your marriage.”

Oh, so he had done his research and knew about her marriage to Yoshinobu Takahashi of the baseball team Yomiuri Giants!

“Were you already engaged when I saw you that time?
Oh, I shouldn’t hold your hand, should I ?!”
He laughed, and let go of her hand.

SUCH a lovely smile!

Yes, I have to admit.
The conversation between the two took fairly long because it had to be
translated, but he had been holding her hand the whole time!
I was just about to demand, “HEY! Let go of that hand I say!”

But isn’t it nice that he shows that he cares?!
In the past, he had taken care to show his surprise when he was given a stuffed animal, and he remembered a character for the program “Zoom In”, too.
Stars in show business meet so many everyday, that you would not expect them to remember someone they’d only met once and saw them again a year later. But it is SO like Bae Yong Joon to remember such things well, and it makes us happy!

We can also tell that he has a team of great staff working for him.

When Ms. Onodera told him that her husband was on the same team as the Korean player Lee Seung Yeop,
he replied, “Of course I know! Arayo.”
Maybe he hears baseball talk from his hyon Kim Seung Woo all the time! (laughs)

Then, he saw the video of the welfare car in Niigata.
When he saw the elderly ladies thanking him in the video, he smiled and bowed towards the screen, and that was really nice.

“I appreciate their thoughts so much, and it makes me want to do something for more people,” he said.

Then, the usual yellow T-shirt for the 24 Hour campaign was brought out.
After signing it, he offered, “shall I wear it?” and quickly took off his jacket.
OOOH, how gracefully he acts!
Then, he wore the yellow T-shirt over the shirt he was wearing, and for some reason took a pose with his hands shoved in his pockets!
Oh, this is the pose we often saw when he was modeling for O&N…
Ha, ha, ha, I guess he acts that way naturally when he wants to show off the outfit!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Then, Ms. Onodera commented,
“We can tell that your chest muscles are well developed even when you are wearing that T-shirt.”
And he immediately made a wise remark,
“Not as much as your husband.”
and everyone burst into laughter.
When he was asked, “did you become slim by training hard?”
he started to say in Japanese “nana…” but switched to Korean and answered “8 to 9 kg”.

”You have become even more attractive by becoming slim!”
So, they were starting a rally in complimenting each other.

Then, after saying “Please have a happy married life”.
Yong Joon immediately asked himself,
“When will I be able to marry?”
… a shocking comment.

”Oh no, I was the one who wanted to ask you that.”
YES, Onodera-san! That’s the way… but the conversation seemed to be faltering, and after the video stopped for editing, Yong Joon made his usual funny remark,
“I can’t do it alone, can I, hahaha”

I bark at the TV.
“There must be so many eligible ladies,” says Onodera-san.
The prince replied immediately straight -faced.
”I would think that the honest feelings of your fans is that they want you to be single forever.”
Listening to the translation and tilting his head,
”Anigoeyo. I don’t think so.”
said the prince.
Yes, that’s right, we want you to be happy, that’s what we all want.
Isn’t that right? Yorobun (everyone)?

Lastly, on the day he departed, he was asked about this year’s theme of the 24 Hours Charity Program, “BONDS”. On the way from Conrad Hotel to the airport, Yong Joon gave the following answer:

”What is an important bond for me?
In the narrow sense, my parents and my brother and sister is an important bond, and in the broad sense, the Asian family I am with right now is an important bond for me.”

Love forever satovic

(originally posted in Japanese on B.S.J.'s board on
Aug. 13, 2006)

Aug 6, 2006

Satovic Meets BYJ 2005 Chapter Four

Chapter 4 Miracles Do Happen!

After I handed the book to Yong Joon, everyone in the business class area applauded for us warmly. The passengers on the other side of the curtain must have wondered what was going on. This was inside a plane, you know….

Then, I was able to shake hands with him, and we both went back to our seats. His hands were warm, fleshy and very soft.

I could not feel blisters or anything like that from his training at all. If possible, I had hoped to see the difference between the rough and bruised right hand and the smooth left hand up close, but the thought did not brush my mind. When I sign things for people, I always write “Glory of the Lord” for people who are Christian, and since Joon is also Christian, I should have done so, but such thoughts were totally blown away.

But at the time, such things did not matter, I was just so overwhelmed that I pressed my face against the back of my seat and cried. Because I study Indian medicine called Ayurveda, I wore an Indian outfit with a bindi on my forehead for the hot weather in Taiwan, but when I finally looked up, the friend in back of me burst into laughter. Having pressed my face on the seat so hard from joy, the bindi that was supposed to be on my forehead had moved to my chin….

I think that for Joon, it was quite a normal thing to ask for someone’s autograph. In Masako Mukoyama ‘s book “The Smiling Prince” (translator’s note: Ms. Mukoyama is a Bae family who happens to be a writer, and also happens to be satovic’s friend!), she wrote that when she presented her book to him, Yong Joon asked her to sign it and they ended up exchanging autographs. So, it could be that he was not particularly impressed with “Yon-sama Gekijo”, but just asked me out of courtesy.

But when I recall the mischievous expression he had on his face when he stood up like he had an idea (right after browsing through the file and the translation)、I feel that he may have given me this kind of present to surprise me. We’ve heard that he enjoys making people happy or surprised by giving gifts. He would give his autograph to those who want autographs, hugs to those who want to be hugged….. but since I didn’t ask for his autograph when almost everyone who was there did, I think he realized that what I wanted was something different.

I enjoy doing things for people. I can’t help thinking that he saw through me, and he gave me the opportunity to do something for him. He gave me the best present in the whole world. And I think it is not because I have done something special.

When I introduced myself, he didn’t seem to know my name. and when I handed him the album, I didn’t mention that I was the owner of the site. So, I don’t think he treated me like someone special.
What I received from him was an act that was full of his kind feelings, something I will not be able to forget for the rest of my life. I thank you Yong Joon-ssi, from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, but to think that Joon’s face was only 50 cm away from me! And all I was staring at was the pink on the back of my book, the tip of the marker and Sohn-san’s face(ToT)
AIGOOOOO! What a waste! Oh! Uh, no, nothing against Sohn-san’s face, you see. (^_^;)

When we arrived in Seoul, he put the book and album in his Louis Vuitton carefully, and stood up. Wearing his jacket with white embroidered angels again, he got off at Incheon Airport. The minute he got off, he was again surrounded by the media and fans. I followed him maintaining some distance. There were some photographers who had the nerve to stick a camera in front of his nose one handed and taking photos with a flash. You wouldn’t think of doing such a terrible thing even to an animal… But, he continued to smile all along. Now there’s a pro…

As if trying to tease these people from the press, he walked faster and faster.
Because I am pretty impetuous by nature and tend to walk fast all the time, I was able to keep up with him, but there was a fan that came from behind and she was huffing and puffing.
She had a baby strapped to her back, and holding her luggage in one hand, she was trying to film him on the video she was holding in her other hand.
Sensing something serious behind him, Yong Joon stopped for a moment and turned around. Seeing this mother breathing really hard, he laughed amusedly, and dropped his pace a little.
And then he left us, disappearing through immigration……

The black shirt that wrapped the strong muscles beneath the bright white jacket with angels… An extraordinary existence that held so many wonderful qualities; beauty, strength, warmth, mischievousness, sexiness, gorgeousness, coolness and passion, sense of humor and kindness, intelligence and loneliness….. Bae Yong Joon….I feel so lucky to be born in the same age as you…. thank you so much God!
(now, I wish I could have been born about 10 years later…. no, I know that’s too much to ask, ha ha ha. (^_^;)

When I read a report like this on JOB two years ago, I had thought something like this would never happen to me. I ‘m the type of person who usually has so little luck people would laugh at me. So, if it happened to me, it could very well happen to YOU, reading this report right now. I pray for all of you from the bottom of my heart that you would encounter a miracle of running into Joon somewhere. And if this does happen, please share with us how beautiful our Yong Joon was, OK?

BUT….. who ever said every silver lining has a cloud is absolutely right. When such a fabulous thing occurs, the troubles came in bundles immediately after. When I got to the airport, my luggage was missing; the paper bag I had in my hand was torn, and I was spilling things like pens and such all over the airport; my shoes had gotten bigger by 2 cm from standing at the hotel for such a long time, and the blister on my foot hurt so badly I could not walk any longer …… Though I started working straightaway after going back to Japan, I fell down the stairway and my back turned purple Really, my feet were not on the ground. But even with all these unlucky incidents, the joy I received was far greater

And everything started from this official board (translator’s note: satovic posted this report on JOB). Because so many of you enjoyed my postings and encouraged me with your comments, I was able to write the book and the book lead me to meet Joon. I could not write this last year because it would sound like I am advertising my book, but because it has been a year since then, I took the opportunity to talk about my book just this once on the board. Although many of the participants of the board have left, and I see very few familiar names, I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see Yong Joon in his new image really soon?!
He is probably fast asleep now, being all tired out from rooting for his national team last night!
Or, could he be dashing through the vast green fields of Kyrgyz?

Love forever, satovic

Aug 5, 2006

Satovic Meets BYJ 2005 Chapter Three

Chapter 3 Is it a Dream or a Reality?

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Maybe he’s just trying to be nice, I thought, but even when his meal was served, he held the translation in his left hand while holding a fork in the right, and kept on reading. It would be fine if it was because the story was too good to put down, but if he’s doing it out of obligation, it would mean that I had bothered him…. oh no, I should have given it to him after the meal….. many thoughts went through my mind, but he was turning the pages at a steady pace, and the meal seemed to have no effect on him. He just kept going. In the meantime, my tray was served too, but I was in no condition to digest anything, so I gave it up. As he was reading, once in a while he would talk to Sohn-san who was sitting next to him, but towards the end, he read it through without stopping. Just before he was finished, a Taiwanese reporter walked up to President Sohn and started talking with him, and waiting for Yong Joon to finish reading, he started to talk with him, too. So, when Yong Joon actually finished reading, he merely held the book over his head and signaled to me “I’ve finished ~!” and immediately turned to the reporter.

After awhile, I asked him,
“How did you like it?” and he answered, “Che missoyo” – it was enjoyable. Well, I guess that was a pretty stupid thing to ask. Here is the author herself asking for his comment, who would have the nerve to put it down? But I was still worried about the Korean fans’ opinion, so I asked him, “There may have been things in there that offended you – were you upset reading them?” Laughing, he said “Anieyo~” – no, I wasn’t. Here again, there’s no way he would say “yeah, I was furious” to my face, so it was actually no use asking. I really wanted to talk with him about so many things, but I knew I shouldn’t bother him, and to avoid saying anything more stupid, I said, “I will be praying for the success of your film”, and went back to my seat.

After that, he went back to the book he had brought with him, but soon later put the book down, and started to browse through the album of the exhibit and the translation of the suspense story I had given him. All the sudden, he made a gesture like “oh, I know what!” and taking my book “Yon-sama Gekijo (Theater)” out of the pocket in front of his seat, he said something to President Sohn in an amused way, and slowly stood up. He seemed so lively then, like a junior high school student who just came up with a mischievous thought.

What was he doing? I had no idea as to what was going on then. As he stood up from his seat, I could see the muscle of his chest from the opening of his black shirt which was open widely, and a few necklaces swaying on that chest. Then, he went by Sohn-san, crossed the aisle, and …… what ? Is he really walking towards me????

My mind was blank for a second not comprehending what was happening, but soon, two things came to mind. (“If I sat here like this, is he planning to come to my seat? NO, I can’t let that happen! I wouldn’t be able to escape if such a thing happened!”) and the other idea was, (“I can’t let Yong Joon walk to me! I must go to him”).

BUT, BUT….. I can’t get up…..!!! But the two thoughts I had were both telling me to walk towards HIM, so I somehow stood up dizzily, and saw him trying to tell me something. I was in such a daze, that I really don’t remember much about him.

But the friend who was sitting in back of me called out to me saying, “Satovic-san! Autograph! Joon wants your autograph!”

what! What ! WHAAAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
I literally lurched.
With my arms spread out wide, I jumped back about a meter and flattened myself against the wall of the cabin. You’re probably thinking, “oh come on, don’t try to be funny!” but I discovered that humans really DO act like that when they are put in a spot.

ME? Ah.. are you sure you want MY autograph? I think I was looking at him when I was asking this, but I don’ remember anything. What, what shall I do?
As I was stammering, ヽ('Д`;≡;'Д`)丿, I realized that I was holding the book and the marker in my hand, so he must have handed it to me. But I DON’T remember. I know…what do you MEAN you don’t remember Bae Yong Joon handing you something, right? But my soul had flown away from my body…….

By then, I realized that everyone in the business class area was looking at me. Because all I could do was stand there, a staff from BOF opened his table for me so I could sign the book. I remembered what my Indonesian friend Inekke had told me. how he had squatted down on the spot, and gave her his autograph…. And here I was squatting down myself, opening the book on the table before me. But then, I didn’t know what to write.

I really wanted to write in Hangul, Bae Yong Joon-ssi ege (translator: Youngsun, please help!) but of all times, I was getting the characters mixed up. The words of my Hangul teacher flashed in my mind – she had warned, “never put a dot on top of the “Joon” because that would make it “Yong Chun” which is most unfashionable…” The more I thought about it, the more confused I was – to dot, or not to dot? Oh, how should I know, I only had 5 lessons!

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No, no, no…..I couldn’t do this in Hangul…. as I was panicking, I could sense the time going by.
I couldn’t waste Yong Joon’s time any longer! But since I have terrible handwriting, it never occurred to me to sign for him in Japanese.
When I later asked a person who witnessed this event, she told me that all during this time, Joon was squatting in front of me with his elbow on the table, and far from being irritated over the loss of time, he was enjoying himself like a mischievous boy smiling the whole time. BUT, I was beside myself, so I didn’t notice a thing.
I was just staring at the pink of the back cover of the book and the tip of the marker, panicking. I wish I had the nerve to turn to him naturally, and ask him “So, what would you like me to write?” with an elegant air!

I didn’t even know where he was. And he was in front of me the whole time…(T_T)
So, I finally gave up writing in Hangul, and started to write the horizontal line for “TO”, but, NO !!!!
NO, NO, NO!! I didn’t want to address him in a simple expression like “TO”! I wanted to tell him how much I cared about him, but how can I write it? I couldn’t come up with a good idea, and it felt like only time was drifting past me. It was probably only a second, but for it me, it seemed like forever.

Oh, I give up; “Dear” will have to do! But I’ve already written the horizontal line… so, I ended up reforming this horizontal line to write “Dear”. Out of desperation, I traced over the horizontal line and made it into a “D” and continued to write “Dear Mr. Bae Yong Joon Love forever satovic” in one breath. Oh, the “D” turned into an arrow like thing, and it was probably the most reckless autograph I ever wrote in my life. O~~~~~~H, how I had wanted to put my heart into it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! (tears)

Then it came to the point of writing the date, and after writing “2005. 8”, I couldn’t remember what date it was (I’m terrible with numbers to begin with). I thought it was the 21st, but I didn’t want to make a mistake, so I looked up from my book and looking around me, asked “21? 21? 21?” about 3 times. Everyone was laughing and would not tell me.
HEY GUYS!!!! Don’t stand around laughing, TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Just then, I came to a fuzzy realization for the first time, “oh, someone who seems like Yong Joon is sitting left of me”.

But I was too scared to look in that direction. At the same time, not any of the people around me like the BOF staff, and the faces of the people who were surrounding me like they were looking into what I was up to did not come into sight either. The only thing that I was able to see was Sohn-san’s face, which was right in front of me.

I was so confused that I thought the hand that held the marker was starting to shake.
I knew that if this continued any longer, I would have a heart attack. Right then, I felt something warm touch me twice.
“21, it must be 21.”

Because no one would answer me (maybe someone did, but I couldn’t hear a thing), I murmured this to myself, and finally wrote 21. At that moment, my “little alter ego satovic” said to me,
“Hey satovic! The warmth you felt on your back just now might be Joon’s hand, judging from the direction. Maybe it was Joon who was patting you on your back”, he said.
Ohh, my god! After I wrote the date, I shut the book, and confirmed that true enough, it was Joon on my left side. Oh, this can’t be happening! Just at that moment, that Korean phrase popped out of my mouth. “Aigoo, ige kuminya senshinya?!” (help again Youngsun!) Seeing me drop to the floor, with my face turned up towards heaven, and hearing me say this as I banged my hands on the table, the audience who understood Korean burst into uproarious laughter, and those who didn’t laughed any way because they probably thought I was acting in a hilarious way. As I saw that Joon was laughing too, the whole thing was very “AIGOO!” but I was happy, and I was so overwhelmed that I cried again.

I was able to make Joon laugh! Oh, I was happy beyond words! When I stood up to hand him the book, I still couldn’t look in his direction.
But it bothered me that I had lost the cap to the marker, and I kept thinking things like I can’t lose Joon’s cap, I can’t… I guess that was a pretty trivial thing to be thinking about at a time like that ….

(to be continued)

Aug 4, 2006

Satovic Meets BYJ 2005 Chapter Two

I Want to be a Shellfish!

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The ticket I had that day was for a flight from Taipei to Seoul on Asiana Airlines. Because I had some business to tend to in Korea after my trip to Taiwan, I had decided to go to Seoul directly from Taipei instead of going back to Narita (Tokyo). Because it was a one way flight, it was not a discount ticket, and a friend who was a good traveler had reserved a business class seat for me as the price is not that different. Later, when I learned from BOF’s announcement that my flight was the same one Yong Joon was getting on, I had leapt with joy, but I had also heard rumors that he had changed his flight to EVA Air which had the same departure time. So, I was not sure whether he would actually be on my flight or not.

The media waited outside the VIP lounge the whole time.
And the mob actually chased after him to the very moment he climbed into the plane.I really felt sorry for Yong Joon who was squashed in the middle of that mob. It was so dangerous that I walked after the group keeping a distance, and boarded the plane after all the media had left.

Omo!!!! Omo, omo, omo!!!!

What….what in the world (((( ;゚Д゚)))……

My god, my seat was in the same row as Yong Joon!

His seat was 1F, and mine was 1A,

Oh, oh, ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh my god, this can’t be happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the spring of 2004, I had read a posting in the board of the Japanese official site (JOB) by a Japanese family who had the luck of being on the same flight as Yon-Yon when he was flying back to Korea.

At the time, I had thought, oh how happy I would be if I could have a good close look of him for just one hour….. and here I was in the exact situation that I had dreamt of!

Once he was seated, YJ took out a book from his Louis Vuitton bag, and took off his glasses to read it.

How beautiful his profile was as he was reading the book! Σ(゜д゜;) !!!!

How can I express it….with the light that was coming in from the window, the features of his face was accentuated. It was like, the face of Jun Sang, with the seriousness in the profile we saw when he was training during the “100 days project” floating in the sublime light … the beauty resembling the dark grey relief on a coin.

The beautiful line of the jaw, the brightness of his eyes, the radiance emitted from his strong will, and the sensual mouth. It all made my heart flutter!

I experienced something strange during my stay in Taiwan.
No matter how close I got to him, I was not fluttered at all. He was picture perfect like he was covered in some kind of plastic, but it was like watching an android, and I did not feel anything different from the Yong Joon I saw through my PC.

But!! The sight of him in the plane pierced my heart at once shot.
The word beautiful is not enough to express it. The Yong Joon I saw was more sensual, powerful, sharp, soft… every sort of contradicting charm were concentrated in his beauty..

I just stared at him in a daze. (゜ρ゜)ーーーーっ
I felt like Yujin stealing a glance at Chung Sang when he was reading a book, and if I watched him any longer, I felt that he might feed me Min Hyung’s line, staring right ahead of him: “So what do you see? It’s quite an ordinary face isn’t it? With one nose and two eyes… Do you always stare at people’s faces like that?
Oh, that couldn’t possibly happen, but I was scared.
I just couldn’t see him straight.

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Sitting next to me, was a girl reporter from the Taiwan “Apple Daily”.
She couldn’t speak English. When she discovered that I couldn’t speak Chinese, she started to speak to me in broken Korean.
Yes….yes, I would love to talk to you but I’m BUSY you see… watching him!
But when I tried to face her, I was actually able to look towards Yong Joon while pretending to listen to her.
When she faced front, I tried to hide in her shadow, and took a verrry careful peek at him.

He had his long legs stretched out in front of him, and had the lower part below his knees crossed, and once in a while, he would re-cross them in a swift manner.
The gesture was like that of a little boy, and it was so cute that I loved it.
A little later, he was apparently getting hot, and he took off his white jacket, and was dressed only in his black shirt.
In such an elegant way, he took off his jacket!
And the muscle of his chest that I was able to see between the opening of his black shirt!!!
The thickness of his chest ........@@〕 I was getting dizzy………………

Because it was the very front seat, with an easy motion, he hanged his jacket on the in-flight magazine sticking out from the wall pocket.
When the plane shook, this jacket almost fell off, but just before it hit the ground, he was quick to grab it – just like he rescued Jin Young when she almost fell in to the pool in “Hotelier”.
I felt like whistling, “Hey! That’s COOL!!!”
I watched him performing scenes like this stealing glances by hiding myself next to the girl sitting next to me.

Never in my life did I envy the creatures in the shellfish variety more than I did then – if I were a crab or a shrimp, I could have stuck my eyes out to watch him as much as I liked!
Because I wouldn’t dare stick my whole body out to stare openly at him, I could only bend my head forward inconspicuously and jut only my eyes out (translator’s note: and satovic has HUGE eyes!), but I couldn’t help leaning forward more and more, until I was finally in the shape of the letter “C”.

When I put my arm on the armrest to support my body, and watched him dreamily, at that moment, Yong Joon who had his book in his left hand took the same gesture with his right hand.

(゜д゜;) Wha, What?
I jumped upright and quickly hid in the shadow of the reporter again.
Could he have seen me?

I was watching him from such a distance, and he was only looking forward… but was he still able to see me? Did he imitate me? Was he teasing me? My heart was pounding again.

BUT I WANTED TO SEE…. Again I hid in the shadow of the person next to me and watched him with my eyes only, dazed. Aah….. how happy I am. The beautiful line of his hands when he occasionally brought them to his mouth, the elegant way he turned the pages……

Incredulous of this bliss, I turned around to my friend who was sitting in back of me, and made a fool out of myself asking her, “hey, that IS Bae Yong Joon sitting over there right? Right?” Oh, how I wished time would stop there and then….

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When the “fasten your seat belt” sign in the cabin went off, many passengers stood up to get Yong Joon’s autograph, so then, he quickly put on his sun glasses with dark brown lenses.
Perhaps, that is his ritual when he goes in to the work mode.

Unfortunately, with his sunglasses on, I could not read even half of his expression.
The gentle smile he shows when he is wearing his glasses is nice, too of course, but the penetrating beauty, the cool marble like beauty and the depth of his features when he is not wearing them are beyond words.
It occurred to me than, that if Lotte had wanted to bring out Yong Joon’s beauty when he is not smiling, perhaps they should have shot the Flavono gum commercials without glasses. I guess there are many many more possibilities waiting to be discovered in the actor Yong Joon.

When he is signing autographs, he has the face of a professional.
So, he can’t even relax when he is on the plane…
Any one who met their idol Yong Joon in a situation such as this would surely want a souvenir to remember it by. I suppose Yong Joon answers the request of each one of them so sincerely, because he understands the feelings of the people who come to him.

Among these people, there was a man who was obviously not his fan, probably a pro of some sort. Although we were asked not to take photos, he was snapping away when the manager was not looking.
Because I wanted him to relax at least during this flight, I did not ask for his autograph. I had actually prepared a book and a translation of it that I was hoping to give him if I had the luck of seeing him some where, but I was having second thoughts about handing it to him, too. I didn’t feel like bothering him.

The manager eventually started to ask the people to refrain from going to him, and so his job was finally over.
Just then, when I saw the title of the book he took up again, I realized that it was not something he was reading for pleasure. Well, if that was the case, I thought that maybe I could do something to make him relax a little, and decided to go over to him to give him my book. I did not want to receive anything for him, but I wanted to do something FOR him. I wanted to entertain him, make him happy, and make him laugh.

I walked over to his seat, said hello, and gave him a file which contained a print out of the website of the charity exhibit we held - it had pictures of works of art that the Japanese family made from their bottom of their hearts, such as drawings and embroidery of Joon.
I could not read his expression because of the large sunglasses, but when he took the file in his hands, he started to look through each page carefully.
I wanted to let him know how the Japanese fans loved him, enjoyed getting together, and was having fun.

Included in these photos were: the fans in Aomori were celebrating by wearing red towels, and shaking their fists in the air imitating “The Image” team when they had completed their project; the happy faces of the participants of the BSJ Valentine’s day event when they were practicing Korean etc…. Yong Joon was looking at the pictures, paying attention to each one. I knew that I shouldn’t take too much of his time, so I said to him, “Please, I would like to give this to you, so please look at it when you get home. And, one more thing - this is a book I wrote. The publisher had kindly consolidated the writings I posted on the Japanese official board. I had written them to entertain your fans, but I would be happy if you enjoyed them, too. I also made a Korean translation of it. It’s a very short story, so I think you can read it in about one hour, before this flight arrives in Seoul. Would you kindly read it, and let me know what you think of it? “. So, I gave him the book and the translation of Chapter One which was a suspense story.

Now, you may think that I said all this smoothly, but in reality, I was so excited that I was stammering pretty badly. Mr. Sohn (the president of IMX) was kindly interpreting what I was saying in Japanese, but I wasn’t sure what language I was using myself. I had started to speak in English from some point, but the grammar of the sentences was that of Japanese, and it got so messed up that I ended up putting the verb at the end of the sentence, oh dear, how am I going to end this sentence….that’s how it was.

Anyway, I somehow handed it to him and went back to my seat. Yong Joon started to read it right away. Actually, the translation was already completed a few months ago, and I knew I should have sent it to the person that it was modeled after. But you see, I could not send it. When I had the Korean fans read this story, there were two opposing reactions. Some of them said, “This is great! He would surely enjoy it!” while the others advised me not to show it to him.

I had written the story to fulfill Yong Joon-san’s dream of playing a bad guy who wears the mask of a good guy (translator’s note: YJ likes “The Usual Suspects”). So, not only did the first half of the story have parts that put him down, what really made the Korean fans worried was the fact that the heroine’s name was ‘Kim Mi Hyang (金美香)’. Mi Hyang happens to be Choi Ji Woo’s (the actress who played Yujin) real name. Any Korean who was a “Winter Sonata” fan knew that. And it was a well known fact that Yong Joon-san did not like to be talked about in connection with her. Of course I didn’t know that, and I was sorry for my ignorance, but I couldn’t do anything about it because it was already out in print. I thought it would be strange to change the name only in the translation, so I gave everything to him as it were.

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I had another aim in writing this story. By honestly writing about such matters as how the society was critical of his behavior at the time of his visit to Japan I wanted to sublimate these things that were bothering us by expressing it in fiction. But according to the Korean fans, he disliked having unfavorable things said about his friends more than anything, so if he read the critical parts about IMX, he would be offended.

But it was fiction after all, and because it was a story I had posted on the official board controlled by IMX, it would have been deleted at the time if there were problems. I did not think much of that, but I WAS concerned about the point that YJ might be offended. If it were a signed book or something, he probably would not be able to throw it away, either.

But my worries turned out to be groundless. After reading about three pages of the translation, he burst into laughter.

Yeah !!! I did it! He thought it was funny~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
I was so happy I could die!
I wasn’t sure which part amused him, but he could take a joke, he has that kind of sense of humor, just as I thought! After that too, he was so sincere and took time to read it line by line. Well, I guess he had no choice but to read it through if the author was scrutinizing him like that even if it was from afar (^_^;)

(to be continued)

Aug 1, 2006

Satovic Meets BYJ Aug. 2005 - Chapter One

Hello everyone! Having a happy summer?

Just about a year ago, wuri satovic encountered a “miracle”, and she was good enough to share the story with us here on Quilt. But because our family is growing bigger by the day (hurray!)and also because the first part of satovic’s adventure has not been translated before, satovic and I would like to share the complete version of the story with you again.

Hope you enjoy it!

♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪

Alright let’s start the story from Taiwan, in August of 2005. In midst of the tropical heat, this was where it all started – after participating in a fan meeting in Taiwan, I flew from Taipei to Seoul. And on this flight, I was able to spend 2 glorious hours with Yong Joon….

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Chapter One “The Seven Angels on Yong Joon’s Back”

In August 2005, Yong Joon started his “April Snow” promotion tour from Taiwan.
Among the Asian countries, Taiwan was the first to air “Hotelier” and they had a fan club even before the age of “Winter Sonata”. I think it was very loyal of YJ to start his “Untold Scandal” tour in 2004 and also this “April Snow” promotion tour from Taiwan. The Taiwan family is very proud of this. The Taiwanese family expressed their willingness to welcome us Japanese to the event - and because it just so happened that his visit coincided with the Ghost Festival holiday, and our family was feeling somewhat uneasy about the number of fans who were actually going to attend the event, I decided to call out to many people as possible to visit their country.

Because I had never done anything like go to the airport to welcome him, I never had the chance to see YJ in person. So, at that time, I never thought a miracle like this (which I will share with you later) was waiting for me in that trip.

For our trip to Taiwan, we from the fan-site B.S.J. had taken along two banners.
On one of them, it says “Insu ya! Aigoo charuwatta” (flowerbossa:sorry, I don’t know the correct pronunciation in Korean)” Actually, the purpose behind this banner was to make YJ laugh and have him feel relaxed. “Aigoo charuwatta” is a dialect in Korea which means something like, “Well, looky who’s here” or “Gee, it’s good to have ya”, and we were able to make every Korean person laugh when they saw this. Since wuri prince always seemed a bit nervous when he goes overseas, we wanted to loosen him up with this hilarious banner.

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On the second day of his stay, he went to see an ailing fan at the hospital. When he returned to the hotel he was feeling somewhat depressed from seeing his family in a serious state, but as he got out of the car and saw our banner at the entrance, he cried “Ah!”, bringing his hand to his mouth, and laughed out loud pointing to the banner. YES!! We had done it - it was a great success!

Actually, we came up with A LOT of other ideas for the phrase to be used for this banner.
One of them that made it to the finals was, “Aigoo, ige kuminyasenshiya?”
It is a phrase that is used in such situations as when a separated family is able to reunite after a long time - a small old woman in a han-bok would express her overwhelming feelings with her whole body, slamming her hand on the ground crying out, “Oh, am I dreaming? Or am I seeing illusions?” It is a line used to express one’s bewilderment in seeing someone who seems like an illusion, and cannot determine whether he is dead or alive. Later you will see that this phrase would make YJ laugh his head off at a most unexpected moment. ^^

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Now, on the final day of his stay in Taiwan, after participating in the fan meeting, YJ went back to the hotel and came out after changing into a white jacket. At the airport, the Taiwan media swarmed around him, and they walked with him in this mob state that it was really dangerous. The fans were all waiting in a line, but the tourists who happened to be there noticed the commotion and with cameras in their hands, added themselves to the mob crying out things like, “Oh, it’s Bae!”, “Where, where? You mean it’s Yon-sama?” The mob was getting bigger and bigger and the situation was truly getting out of hand. The press often give out reports claiming “Bae Yong Joon, mobbed by fans at the airport”, but the real picture was THIS.

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When he got on the escalator to go to the VIP lounge on the second floor, someone who tried to take his picture from the descending side fell down. It seemed like the man’s clothes were caught in the escalator, and he was having a hard time getting up. Because the photographers were too busy trying to catch YJ, what do you know, the first one to lend a hand to help this person was YJ himself! And he was on the other side, too. What a great guy he was! Even in the midst of almost being mobbed to death…..

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(posted by 권오경 on byj gallery)

I had been watching this scene from the foot of the escalator, and at that moment, I was finally able to see what he was wearing. On the back of his white jacket, seven angels were printed. The eighth angel only had a body, and because it was headless, it seemed like Yong Joon’s own head was attached to its body. Perhaps he really is an angel after all… And underneath the jacket he just maybe hiding his wings ^^

(to be continued)