Aug 24, 2006

B.S.J.'s Birthday Event - Part 2

Suddenly in the darkness, we hear a live piano playing the theme from the drama, “Have We Really Loved “(HWRL). What a gentle and beautiful voice! Singing and playing the piano for us is F-san, a staff working in the Gender Equality Center inside this public facility “Hokutopia” in which the planetarium is located. AND, needless to say, she is wuri family. On this day, she took a day off from work to participate in this event (which is actually where she works^^).

Now, with the music of “HWRL” playing in the back, the story of Jae Ho and Shih Yung is introduced from the very beginning, appearing on the big screen of the celestial sphere. We asked tomochang-san to create this image.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In the past, tomochang had uploaded these captures for our sister Yukomaru-san (a BIG fan of “HWRL”) on our board, and she has kindly re-edited them for this event. Since I know we have many Jae Ho lovers, I was expecting to hear exclamatory cries from the audience, but it was fairly quiet, so I was a bit disappointed. Later, I was relieved to know the truth - you were all crying, weren’t you. ^^;)When the piano performance ended, the audience burst into applause.

And there we introduced F-san along with N-san who was going to be are guide.
Since he was a young man, our family called out from the audience,”OPPA!!” Perhaps we shall call him oppa of the stars.^^

By then, everyone’s eyes was getting used to the darkness. So, it was time to start the main show in the planetarium.
Slowly, very slowly, the sun went down in the western sky, and the first and second stars of evening appeared.
Gradually, we entered the world of stars. But if this was the sky of Tokyo, we would not be able to see so many stars.
So, we swiftly took the audience to the mountains where the air is pure, then ….
“OHH ~~~!”
The audience let out a sigh of joy
A sky full of stars. A starry sky of silver light appeared over us!
From here, N-san took over and led us in a relaxed tone.
The stories on the constellation of the summer, the milky way, etc. etc…
His lecture which lasted about 15 minutes had a good taste of humor (“Since our audience here is older than fourth grade, you MUST know all these things already, right?”), and he really made us feel relaxed.

In the end, he showed all the constellations at once in the sky, and again, everyone cried in delight.
AH, to think that the sky has so many constellations!

B U T ! !
We can’t see THAT sign among them.
satovic:”Excuse me, N-san, we are gathered here today to celebrate Bae Yong Joon-san’s birthday, and
we can’t seem to find Virgo up there. Why is that?”

N- san:”You cannot see Virgo here. Virgo is a constellation of spring.”
What a shock!! We tend to think that “a sign is the one we could see during that season”, but since in Western astrology a sign means that which the sun rises from, when a person is born Virgo, Virgo is a daytime sign that comes up with the sun.
That is why you can’t see it at night.

But being Yong Joon’s family, we want to know everything about him!
So, we nagged N-san into going back in time to the spring constellations.
When the starry sky rotates, it feels like we are turning around in our seats.
N-san warned us, “Sometimes, people fall off from their chairs, so please be careful.”

Then we were introduced to the evening sky of April when we could see Virgo very well.In the sky, we can see constellations such as Cancer, Lyra, and Leo.We then decided to take this opportunity to learn the stars around wuri boss Yong Joon’s sign, and came up with a “special” lecture.

Now, when you think of crabs, you think of Jae Ho, right?
Here is the sign of Jae Ho.

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Near the eastern horizon, we see Yosuk playing the Lyra – a western harp.

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A sign in the shape of a crown, is Cho Won.-nim…So, are you getting the picture?

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Then, what drama would symbolize Leo?
Ha ha ha, the answer is “Hotelier".

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Remember our friend Leo?In this way, we showed the faces of the characters in the sky.

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By the way, not all of these jokes come from me.
Wuri staff put our heads together to come up with them.
Leo for Leo was discovered by SANDY…. Great inspiration, SANDY!
Now, all this aside, when we think of Yong Joon’s star,
what else would there be but POLARIS?

First, let’s go over the scenes from the episode 2, where the gang go camping in the mountains.
There, June Sahng explains to Yujin that the star shining next to Cassiopeia is Polaris.How do we actually find Polaris from Cassiopeia?
We asked the staff to demonstrate.
First, we showed the constellation on the night of the camp.
We also set the longitude at .Chuncheon. The date, the time – they were all exactly the same as that day.
We were actually looking up at the same sky that Yujin and June Sahng had seen.

Here, we find ourselves asking the same question Yujin had asked.
“Doesn’t the constellation change with the season?”
In the drama, June Sahng said, “Polaris doesn’t move”, but that isn’t answering the question, is it?
How could we find Polaris in a season we cannot see Cassiopeia?
To this, N-san gave us a very simple answer.
Believe it or not, the Cassiopeia can be seen in Korea all year long.
Since the horizon is lower than Japan, the Cassiopeia does not go under it in any season.

SO, in Korea, Polaris can be found any time of year if one knows the location of Cassiopeia.
We now know the story of “Winter Sonata” can take place only in Korea!!

Everyone in the audience was really impressed by this fact.
But no one realizes the REAL mystery behind this.
Actually there was another mystery behind the starry sky everyone was looking at.
First of all, the exact date of that night was not indicated in the drama.
In order to show this in the planetarium, we needed to find that date and time.
HERE, BSJ’s astronomy expert SIRUS-san, and “Winter Sonata” mania CRANBERRY went on their mission.
Together, they were able to solve this mystery.
Not only that, they discovered that “Winter Sonata” carried an incredible secret.
And the key was hidden in the starry sky!
What? Did you say you knew everything about “W.S.” there is to know?
Well, you wait and see, you won’t be sorry!


jaime said...

thanks flowerbossa, the ladies are sure creative and humourous. I love they brought back the pictures of Jaeho in HWRL. So much fond memories as well as heartbreaks!

Can't wait for the continuation, there's more, isn't it?

flowerbossa said...


Hi. The music of "HWRL" was ringing in my mind the whole time I was translating this. I can't bring myself to see this masterpiece for the second time.

Will have to ask for your patience until I can start on the next one.

bb said...

there's more secret to WS?? i can't wait...

you know, the description of the event is so vivid and detailed that this has gotta be the next best thing to actually being there. thanks, both satovic and flowerbossa :)

mrs a said...

this is so funny and interesting! You all never leave me wanting except for more. THANK YOU! Have a good weekend!

flowerbossa said...

Hi bb,

Another ingenious show by the
BSJ family.
I wish I was there myself.

flowerbossa said...

Hello mrs.a,

It sure leaves you wondering,
"WHAT next?!"
doesn't it?!

Can't wait to read it myself!