Aug 13, 2006

satovic's report on the 8.13 NTV BYJ Special

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Oh, I was so restless… even from early in the morning….
Though I had my VCR already, I didn’t want to miss this program for the world. So I stayed home all day, and stayed glued in front of my TV.
So, it began at 3:55 -. Nippon (Japan) TV Special!
Oh, by the way, I have to tell you beforehand that there was not even a TRACE of the new Damdeok we looked forward to seeing in this program.
All the info it offered in relation to “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi”was the set on Jejudo and the diner Yong Joon-ssi dropped by at on the day of the Kosa.
How disappointing凹.

Other than that, the program was comprised of an advertisement of the director’s cut version of “April Snow”, and infomercial on NTV, Smart Kitchen, Lotte, Secom, IMX and BOF,
but needless to say, our prince was dashing.
To give you a rough idea of the contents:

☆ The Opening Ceremony of Gosireh

☆ Ms. Onodera’s (announcer) visits Yon-sama

☆ A video on status of the welfare car that was made with the 20 million yen he donated to the “24 Hours Charity Program” last year. He watched how the elderly people were benefiting from the “Bae Yong Joon” mobile which was being utilized in Niigata (where there was a major earthquake),

→ While he was watching, he commented “yes, we had gone to Niigata.”
OHH!! So you’ve been to Niigata, too. SO glad to know that you’ve been traveling pretty extensively in Japan.

☆ Showing of the interior design of Gosireh and the actual meal.

☆ Showed BYJ making a preliminary inspection of the Gosireh site during his secret trip to Japan last September.

→ Yuko Ogura (“Korin Korin” who appeared with him in the Lotte commercial) comes to celebrate the opening of the restaurant, and BYJ takes her around.
Introduces the new version of the Lotte commercial that uses the CM taken last year.
It seems that Lotte is going to do another campaign.

☆Filming of the new Lotte CF in Gosireh.
→ Yong Joon is so gorgeous when he is having a meeting with the staff. It would absolutely make you faint!
It may not be such a flattering thing for an actor to be told that he is more attractive during the meeting than in the CF itself... ^^;
But he IS gorgeous!
The CF was for “Rummy Bacchus”. He was asked to say an ad lib line in a situation where he is entertaining someone special in his own home by putting on some music on the record player.
So, he moves around, thinking.
The scene was embarrassing, and I couldn’t help poking around while watching him (laugh!)
It was even included in the narration “he said it! Yon-sama’s famous line:
‘let’s take that one more time’!”

The director again was the man that did CR-Nexus, so he seemed very used to Yong Joon’s ways. Maybe he is wuri family? ^^
☆ Filming of the Secom CF
→ They only took us to the entrance of the studio, and did not reveal the inside. They just showed him in different outfits in still shots.
But they were very clever, and showed the SECOM mark in the back when Yong Joon was making his comment, “Hope you come to Gosireh”, and he even offered to say, “Gosireh is safe with SECOM.”
Such a service-minded guy!

I thought, he didn’t need to go that far for his clients, but his considerateness is expressed thoroughly towards Ms. Onodera as well.
Like the last time, Ms. Onodera went to visit wuri prince.
This time, she did NOT bring a gift that made one wonder if it was for Yong Joon himself, or for his dog Clip.
To her question, “I met you last spring. Do you remember me?”
he replied,
“Of course. Congratulations on your marriage.”

Oh, so he had done his research and knew about her marriage to Yoshinobu Takahashi of the baseball team Yomiuri Giants!

“Were you already engaged when I saw you that time?
Oh, I shouldn’t hold your hand, should I ?!”
He laughed, and let go of her hand.

SUCH a lovely smile!

Yes, I have to admit.
The conversation between the two took fairly long because it had to be
translated, but he had been holding her hand the whole time!
I was just about to demand, “HEY! Let go of that hand I say!”

But isn’t it nice that he shows that he cares?!
In the past, he had taken care to show his surprise when he was given a stuffed animal, and he remembered a character for the program “Zoom In”, too.
Stars in show business meet so many everyday, that you would not expect them to remember someone they’d only met once and saw them again a year later. But it is SO like Bae Yong Joon to remember such things well, and it makes us happy!

We can also tell that he has a team of great staff working for him.

When Ms. Onodera told him that her husband was on the same team as the Korean player Lee Seung Yeop,
he replied, “Of course I know! Arayo.”
Maybe he hears baseball talk from his hyon Kim Seung Woo all the time! (laughs)

Then, he saw the video of the welfare car in Niigata.
When he saw the elderly ladies thanking him in the video, he smiled and bowed towards the screen, and that was really nice.

“I appreciate their thoughts so much, and it makes me want to do something for more people,” he said.

Then, the usual yellow T-shirt for the 24 Hour campaign was brought out.
After signing it, he offered, “shall I wear it?” and quickly took off his jacket.
OOOH, how gracefully he acts!
Then, he wore the yellow T-shirt over the shirt he was wearing, and for some reason took a pose with his hands shoved in his pockets!
Oh, this is the pose we often saw when he was modeling for O&N…
Ha, ha, ha, I guess he acts that way naturally when he wants to show off the outfit!

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Then, Ms. Onodera commented,
“We can tell that your chest muscles are well developed even when you are wearing that T-shirt.”
And he immediately made a wise remark,
“Not as much as your husband.”
and everyone burst into laughter.
When he was asked, “did you become slim by training hard?”
he started to say in Japanese “nana…” but switched to Korean and answered “8 to 9 kg”.

”You have become even more attractive by becoming slim!”
So, they were starting a rally in complimenting each other.

Then, after saying “Please have a happy married life”.
Yong Joon immediately asked himself,
“When will I be able to marry?”
… a shocking comment.

”Oh no, I was the one who wanted to ask you that.”
YES, Onodera-san! That’s the way… but the conversation seemed to be faltering, and after the video stopped for editing, Yong Joon made his usual funny remark,
“I can’t do it alone, can I, hahaha”

I bark at the TV.
“There must be so many eligible ladies,” says Onodera-san.
The prince replied immediately straight -faced.
”I would think that the honest feelings of your fans is that they want you to be single forever.”
Listening to the translation and tilting his head,
”Anigoeyo. I don’t think so.”
said the prince.
Yes, that’s right, we want you to be happy, that’s what we all want.
Isn’t that right? Yorobun (everyone)?

Lastly, on the day he departed, he was asked about this year’s theme of the 24 Hours Charity Program, “BONDS”. On the way from Conrad Hotel to the airport, Yong Joon gave the following answer:

”What is an important bond for me?
In the narrow sense, my parents and my brother and sister is an important bond, and in the broad sense, the Asian family I am with right now is an important bond for me.”

Love forever satovic

(originally posted in Japanese on B.S.J.'s board on
Aug. 13, 2006)


Anonymous said...

How are you? It has been a while since I talked to you. I appreciate you and Satovic translating the Sunday's TV program. I understood what he and the interpreter(Mr. Sohn?) said, but your translation helped me understand it better.

And I have a question for you. I saw a familiar face in the program. I finally recognize her; I saw her in the Food Channel in the States. She was the judge in the program called, Iron Chef. Would you kindly translate what she said at the Gosireh for me?
Thanks again.


P.S. Please send my regard to Satovic.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing I want to let you know that I couldn't register for the Japanese class that is near my home.

The Japanese classes the college has start at 7:00 a.m. and end at 10:00 a.m. in the morning, and my work starts at 9:00 a.m. I might have to wait for another chance.

Wish me luck.

jaime said...

Thanks flowerbossa for the translation, it makes the videos so much more enjoyable knowing what he talked about. You know the 2 videos, your translation and the screencaps have caused quite a whirlwind of activities today among fans like me bouncing back and forth between sites and blogs trying to get the complete story.

Thank you so much for Satovic and your speedy update. I hope you had a relaxing onsen and are refreshed now!

mrs a said...

Hi Flowerbossa,
Enjoyed the article. I bet wuri YongJoon likes all sports and keeps up on them. Perhaps he knows a couple of the players. Celebrities runs in circles like that. What a wonderful interview. He is so gracious!

flowerbossa said...

Hi suehan,

Good to hear from you!
I'm glad you were able to recognize Kishi-san in the program.
She is a very influential critic here, so I was happy to hear her praise the restaurant.

Pls check Quilt for the translation of her comment.

Enjoy your summer!

flowerbossa said...

Hi jaime,

YES, another funny report by satovic. But he really WAS cute, don't you think?

I went to Niigata on my onsen trip, but the places I visited were in good shape. It was quite beautiful, and I was happy to hear that YJ had been there!

flowerbossa said...

Hello mrs. a,

Yes, he used to play baseball a lot, so I am sure he knows many players. Wish he could do the same now!

He is so sincere in his actions!

Have a nice day!

tiffany said...

Thank you so, so very much, flowerbossa and satovic

flowerbossa said...

Thank you for reading it, tiffany ♪