Aug 29, 2008

생일 축하합니다

Yong Joon-ssi,
Wishing you all the best in the coming year ♪
Happy First Anniversary to Satvik Inc. !
Satovic, fighting!!

Aug 27, 2008

Boys' Day Off

Created by saita4
translated by flowerbossa

I'm going to give you men some days off after this expedition.
What do you plan to do?

Do you have to ask? I'll go out with Dalbee of course ....he he he....

What are you up to Paeha?

Perhaps I'll go to New York to relax... oh!

Ah! I let that slip... forget about what I just said...

'Nyu, nyu-yo-ku?'

What in the world is that?

(note: 'nyuyoku' means bath in Japanese)

Aug 20, 2008

The Oriental Melon

Fiction by Satovic
Translated by flowerbossa

(Originally posted on JOB & BSJ in Aug. 2, 2008)

The fresh scent of oriental melon filled the hospital room.
The yellow melon ... my sweet husband peeled for me ...
But ... I could not get myself to eat it ....
Tears kept coming and would not stop ....
To think he had died....
My husband quietly left the room and let me be by myself.

I burst into tears, crying loudly.
Again ... I had made him die ....

In the state of a long long coma, she was ruminating on the images she glimpsed in the moment of the accident. They were several after images that appeared and disappeared like flashes.

I could not tell what age it was, but I saw myself wearing a heavy comb in my hair, and he, dressed in armor, appeared as the son of a prime minister. He looked far more handsome and gallant than the junior high school teacher I knew, but I could feel in my soul that inside that figure was the man who I knew so well from my college days.

That man who at one time held me tight when I was delirious with fever,
That man who at one time yelled at me furiously inside the tent in the red light,
That man who at one time watched my hands as I calmly poured tea,
I also recalled how happy he seemed to hear the words, “jujak (red phoenix) and her mate”....

I had made up my mind to fall with him to the very bottom. I was determined to become cold-blooded as the devil himself, but he was always gentle towards me.

Even when he knew that I would ditch him, he let himself be manipulated.
Making our bond in the afterlife our collateral, I used him, and fulfilled my wish.
I was supposed to be making up for what I had done to him.

I was supposed to be fulfill his wish of torturing the king, and making me entirely his ....

But again, I made him die ...
Because of my careless driving ...
Leaving only me to survive ....

Insu, you may not believe me, but this was our fate.
I owed it to him to make up for what he did for me.

And when you were Damdeok, you hurt me so much, not believing in me – that must have led me to hurt you in return.

In this life, I was supposed to fulfill my wish from my days as Kajin to stay by your side all my life ....I realized that you will never be mine no matter how many times we are reincarnated.

It must have been some kind of fate for my sister Seo -Young to become his wife ...
She is probably the only one that can comfort you.

The two of you drank together, didn't you? At that seafood restaurant where they serve blowfish.

It must have come back to you. Your past life where you two shared drinks with your arm around her shoulder.

So, you needn't feel guilty if you feel drawn to her.
It is your fate, you know.
The fate you had been waiting for for 2000 years ....

Aug 18, 2008

Memories, Memories ...

Created by saita4
translated by flowerbossa


Everything I see, everything I do ...

Leads to the memory of you ....

Aug 2, 2008

BYJ Analyzed Through Ayurveda - Part II

Text by satovic, Illustrations by Yuko I.
Translated by flowerbossa


Ayurveda advocates that there are three types of energy in nature which are symbolized as wind, fire and water.
In Sanskrit they are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Here, just for the sake of convenience, I have explained Pitta as the “energy of fire” but this is not entirely accurate. It is merely symbolized as such, and not “fire” itself.

See the site for details.
(for English readers, I recommend:
and on the English page, you can read about satovic's amazing story on her involvement with ayurveda: flowerbossa)

(Energy of Wind)
Main functions: movement, transfer
Qualities: light, cold, dry etc.
Characteristics: lightness of movement,
quick activity of sensibility

(Energy of Fire)
Main functions: transformation, digestion
Qualities: hot, sharp etc.
Characteristics: passionate and bold,
intellectual, competitive

(Energy of Water)
Main functions: attachment, stability
Qualities: heavy, cold, slow etc.
Characteristics: calm and compassionate,

Aesthetics – Sticking to One’s Own Style

From the perspective of appearance, people with high energy of fire have balanced facial features, therefore tend to be beautiful. There is sharpness in their eyes, and lips are delicate and full. However, with the heat going to their head, there is a tendency for their hair getting damaged, which may cause them to go white or recede from a young age. They should be careful.

Also, they are prone to inflammations due to the heat, and susceptible to diseases related to infection, fevers and hemorrhage. They are sensitive to smell, and enjoy fragrance. During his stay in Taiwan, YJ took a liking for coriander, and had it with everything he ate. This is understandable as this scent has the effect of lowering the energy of fire.

I cannot say if this applies to YJ, but people with this constitution tend to be extremely proud due to the heat in their hearts. They will never forget an incident where they were betrayed. They will forgive them, but would never again trust them in the future. They are implacable and also tend to be vain. They like beautiful things and are fashionable, but have their own aesthetics, and because they take pride in it, some of them are obsessive about sticking to organic goods and dislike all brand-name products. All in all, it is their aesthetics to stick to their own style.

Tenacious and Loves Sweet Things

On the other hand, the energy symbolized as "water" is like water itself, heavy, cool, slow, calm and smooth. And like how water turns into ice, it has the quality of solidifying. Therefore, people of this type tend to gain weight. They are big and well-built. There voices are broad with rich resonance, and give a gentle impression. Due to the heavy and slow qualities, they tend to enjoy staying at home, and like water and water related things. This applies to YJ who claims that his favorite place in Seoul is his home overlooking the Han River. Because these people require sufficient time to comprehend things, and think through matters thoroughly, it takes them a long time for them to take action. However, once they take up a task, they have the tenacity to complete it without fail. They do not have much interest in things like fashion, but appreciate cleanliness. They do not care for change, and possess a peaceful and grateful heart, and are kind, tolerant, and caring towards others. They love sweet things. You can definitely see this in YJ who ate 10 chocoballs during the shooting of a CM.

It is required of actors to possess the quality of wind, but it seems YJ has little of this. When they have this quality, flashes of inspiration come forward and making them good singers and dancers, and they can move their emotions quickly. If anything, YJ seems to be the type who tries to comprehend the work in his head first, and then lets it sink into his body.

As fire and water are qualities which are complete opposites, people lose their balance when they lean too much towards one of the two. Therefore, it is very important to exercise moderation. If YJ were to ask me what he should eat, and how to take care of him, I shall give him advice directly! Also in ayurveda, there are ways of treating complicated problems of bone fractures and ligaments. I really wish I could offer my support for the speedy recovery of his body so he can get on with his next work.

Aug 1, 2008

Yon Koma Comic #3

Created by saita4
translated by flowerbossa
Agonizing Embrace

My Seo …!

My dear Bason, have a good rest…


Hey, don’t you have anything to say to me?

BYJ Analyzed Through Ayurveda - Part I

To the readers: Please note the correction I made on August 2 - BYJ's constitution is fire and water (not wind). Thank you dear sister for pointing it out!

BYJ Analyzed through Ayurveda

(From the Japanese magazine Korean Drama Tsushin Summer Edition )

Text by satovic, Illustrations by Yuko I.
Translated by flowerbossa

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine of India.
This system advocates that there are three types of energy in nature which are symbolized as wind, fire and water and that the percentage of the combination of these factors also govern the physical constitution and innate character of man. Although there are only three factors, they can capture the nature of human beings far more deeply and accurately then blood types can. When we analyze BYJ through ayurveda, it seems that he is the typical type where the qualities of the fire and water are most dominant.
Let me explain what is typically advocated for each type of energy.

Sharp-minded and Passionate
A Perfectionist Who Cannot Allow Compromise

The characteristics of the energy symbolized as fire is “heat”. People with high fire energy have a lot of “heat”, therefore are sensitive to heat and sweat a lot. It is well known that YJ is sensitive to heat, and during his stay in Taiwan, he had made a request to the hotel to keep the room temperature at 26 degrees at all times. Because they have heat in there heart as well, they are passionate, brave and bold. These people also have the tendency to dislike defeat, and tend to be irritable. When they play games, they play till they win. BYJ, who got addicted to the puzzle ring and worked on it all day long during the filming of TWSSG, is most likely the type that can’t stand to lose.

The heat of fire also penetrates things sharply. Therefore, people possessing the qualities of fire have intellectual sharpness. They are smart, act upon meticulous calculations, and dislike futileness. You can say that in a way, they are calculating and stingy, but they are not the type to merely save. They are warm hearted enough to help people out even if they are enemies. Because they are chivalrous and possess a high sense of justice, they sometimes make huge donations for society. YJ has made many generous donations in the past for victims of natural disasters in various areas of Asia. On the other hand, his staff who lived with him in the U.S. when he trained for "The Image" testifies that he was sensitive to turning off the lights for the rooms which were not in use.

Such people who possess a sharp mind and passion exercise great leadership and make good business managers and politicians. They are capable of becoming passionate or ruthless as they please with their firm decisions, and possess a high sense of responsibility. YJ who obtained success with the business of Gosireh and BOF claims that the common characteristic between Damdeok and himself is “the sense of responsibility”.

Also, what is meant by “sharp” is that these people appreciate meticulousness. Therefore, they cannot stand messiness – it is in their nature to put things away to their proper positions after they are used. They are perfectionists who want to have everything managed meticulously to their liking. In a special program broadcasted in Korea a while ago, his co-players Moon Sori and Son Yejin (from “April Snow”) used the same word “perfectionist” to describe him. In a making film of a drama he did in the past, he is seen repeating the phrase “I will try it one more time!” – people like him do not acknowledge the word “compromise”. A prominent characteristic seen among these people is that they opt to do everything thoroughly.

(to be continued)