Aug 27, 2008

Boys' Day Off

Created by saita4
translated by flowerbossa

I'm going to give you men some days off after this expedition.
What do you plan to do?

Do you have to ask? I'll go out with Dalbee of course ....he he he....

What are you up to Paeha?

Perhaps I'll go to New York to relax... oh!

Ah! I let that slip... forget about what I just said...

'Nyu, nyu-yo-ku?'

What in the world is that?

(note: 'nyuyoku' means bath in Japanese)


bb said...

haha! this is quite funny! nyuyoku... new yoke-ku :p

flowerbossa said...


Yeah, isn't it funny?!

Saita-san's great!


gosijo said...

Am I ever slow! 3 weeks to 'get' it!

It may take me 3 months to 'get' Saita-san's latest (Reincarnation II posted September 16th). My excuse this time is I've never seen HWRL. Starting on it tonight, in fact!

flowerbossa said...


It's NEVER too late!

The comic will always be here...
I'm sure Saita-san would be pleased to hear that you GOT IT too^^

And as for Jaeho...

I needed to have a sister help me with the last scene myself
(totally forgot about it - and I don't know if I have the courage to see this drama again just for the sake of confirming it!)