Jan 31, 2011

Omedeto! Nippon!

AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011
January 29, 2011 -Final Match

Japan vs Australia

Omedeto! Congratulations ! Chukahamnida Lee Tadanari!

Arigato for the inspiration!

Jan 28, 2011

MARInet's Report on the Gathering Commemorating Lee Soo Hyun-ssi

From the PESASA Site
Written by MARInet
(translated by flowerbossa)

On January 26, I participated in the “Gathering Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Lee Soo Hyun’s Death" with members of PESASA.

As 10 years is a significant anniversary, I and the staff of PESASA went to Shin Okubo Station first to pay our respects to the plaque honoring Lee Soo Hyun-san and Shiro Sekine-san.

NHK and KBS were there to film the flowers.

From 16:00~17:50, a gathering to commemorate LSH-ssi with a speech by his father Lee Sung Dae-ssi was held at Shufu Kaikan Plaza-f.

Photos of LSH-ssi from early as his childhood were shown on screen as his father talked about the memories of his son. Many in the audience were brought to tears moved by Lee Sung Dae-ssi’s warm heart.

During 18:00~20:00, the guests interacted with one another and also paid floral tribute to LSH-ssi.

At the gathering, there was a flower basket from Bae Yong Joon-san.

The staff of LSH Asia Shogakukai (scholarship) said that he had not sent them as “Bae Yong Joon” of KEYEAST or DA, but as a personal gesture. We were also told that if his physical condition had been better, he was planning to send a message as well. We had heard that Yong Joon-san was aware of the fund raising activities honoring LSH-ssi, but we were finally able to confirm this belief and it made us very happy.

LSH-ssi’s parents left the room for awhile to go to Shin Okubo Station at 19:15 to offer flowers at the site of the incident. During this time, the students from Asia sang a song which conveyed their feelings towards LSH-ssi.

Korean actor Lee Tae Sung-ssi (이태성 イ・テソン) who starred in the movie “26 Years Diary” "당신을 잊지 않겠다" 「あなたを忘れない」)and had come from Korea for this gathering gave a speech as well.

Thirteen members participated from PESASA.
Together we gathered around LSH-ssi’s parents and were able to chat with them.

The two of them gave us a warm smile when they saw us, and his father in particular clapped his hands showing his delight in seeing us again. His mother’s smile always charges us with “the power to live”.

We expressed our thoughts on Lee Sung Dae-ssi’s speech etc., and through our broken Korean and Japanese, we were able to have an intimate conversation with them which made us feel very warm inside.

We were sad for not being able to promise them that we would see each other next year like we do every year (because this was to be the last commemoration gathering), but because they were to come to the charity concert on the 28th  (「アジアの風になって」)、they told us happily that they looked forward to seeing us again in 2 days.

At the end of the event, the participants of PESASA had the pleasure of taking photos with LSH-ssi's parents in front of Bae Yong Joon-ssi’s flowers.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who had participated in the events commemorating Lee Soo Hyun-ssi from 2005.

Jan 27, 2011

BYJ-ssi Commemorates the Anniversary of Lee Soon Hyun-ssi's Death

Bae Yong Joon-ssi sent flowers to the gathering commemorating the 10th anniversary of Lee Soo Hyun-ssi's death.

배용준씨가 故이수현씨의 10주기를 추모하셔서 조화를 보내주셨습니다.

(translation by chunsengyo-ssi)

Jan 26, 2011

We Shall Not Forget

In Memory of Lee Soo Hyun-ssi

NHK's program "Konnichiwa from Studio Park"

Charts by NHK
(English translation by flowerbossa)

Jan 24, 2011

A Performance by a Living Legend

A Special Performance by Tamasaburo Bando
with an appearance by Shido Nakamura
at Le Theatre GINZA

中村獅童 出演

January 6, 2011

The guests are greeted by Tamasaburo as the elevator opens at the floor of the theater
(=a giant panel of him ^^).

Lobby decorated with ornaments.


1. Dan no Ura Kabuto Gunki - Akoya
壇浦兜軍記 阿古屋

Authors Matsuda Bunkôdô
Hasegawa Senshi

History: The play "Dan no Ura Kabuto Gunki" was originally written for the puppet theater (Bunraku) and staged for the first time in September 1732 in Ôsaka at the Takemotoza. It was adapted to Kabuki the same month, in Kyôto at Miyako Mandayû's theater. It was staged in Ôsaka for the first time in March 1733, at the Kado no Shibai [casting]. It was staged in Edo for the first time in November 1737, at the Kawarazakiza under the title "Uruoizuki Ninin Kagekiyo" [casting]. Only one scene survived, the "koto torture" scene, and the role of Akoya was reserved to the elite of onnagata actors, able to play the traditional instruments of music. From 1950 to 1980, only the star Nakamura Utaemon VI was able to perform this role. The drama "Dan no Ura Kabuto Gunki" was revived as a tôshi kyôgen at the National Theatre in January 1997, with Bandô Tamasaburô performing the role of Akoya for the first time.
Structure The play "Dan no Ura Kabuto Gunki" was in 5 acts. The "koto torture" scene, commonly called "Akoya", was the third act.


The drama opens in the law court of Horikawa. The rebel Akushichibyôe Kagekiyo, who was captured after his defeat, successfully ran away. Chichibu no Shôji Shigetada is in charge of discovering Kagekiyo's hiding place. The only way to learn about Kagekiyo's whereabouts is to question Kagekiyo's lover, the courtesan Akoya, who is brought to the court under the escort of Hanzawa Rokurô and some soldiers. She says that she has no idea where her lover is. Iwanaga Saemon Munetsura, an akattsura villain performed in the ningyôburi style, who assists Shigetada in his mission, would like to send her to his palace and physically torture her there. Shigetada rebukes him and reminds him that he is the one to lead the mission. Then, he asks Rokurô to bring the instruments he intends to use to question Akoya. Iwanaga takes this request as an opportunity to summon a large group of torturers, who come on stage holding various instruments of torture and performing their role in the comical takeda yakko style. Shigetada order them to leave the palace and Rokurô is back with 3 instruments of ... music: a shamisen, a koto and a kokyû. Akoya is ordered to plays these instruments. She reluctantly accepts and starts with the koto. Her song is about the love she feels for Kagekiyo. After the koto, she plays the shamisen and ends with the kokyû. Her performance is perfect. Even Iwanaga is under the spell of Akoya's music and his hands simulate the playing of an instrument. The true feelings and worries that Akoya expressed in her songs are the definitive proof that Shigetada was looking for: Akoya does not know for sure where her lover is hidden. A liar would not be able to create such a pure music. Shigetada orders the release of Akoya and holds back with his sword the villain Iwanaga, who unsheathes his sword for the final pose.

Akoya is considered a particularly difficult reperotoire as the "onnagata" playing the title role is not only required to display her virtuosity on all three instruments, but to express the inner emotions of the character. Tamasaburo is considered the only onnagata capable of giving the ideal peformance of this role today.

Tamasaburo playing Akoya in 1997 at Kokuritsu Gekijo (National Theater).

2. Onnadate

As the title indicates, the principle character in the dance is a spirited female (onna) version of the OTOKODATE, the "chivalrous commoner" or "street knight" who, as a self-appointed representative of the common poeple and equipped with a sharp tongue, a fiery temper and a penchant for extravagant bravura be habit , strenuously opposed the gang of unemployed warriors who roamed the streets of Edo intimidating the populace. A rival of her male counterpart, she seeks to outswagger him as best she can but not at the expense of her feminine allure. A brisk and colorful dance, it is important as the original of the more famous "Sukeroku".

(summaries credited to KABUKI 21 and Senwaka-Kai)

Dancing his Signature dance "Sagimusume" or "Heron Maiden"

Jan 17, 2011

Yon Koma Comic "DREAM HIGH"

From the PESASA site Jan.16, 2011
Creator : saita4

translator: flowerbossa

The Given Role

Jan 15, 2011

Remember Lee Soo Hyun-san's Courage

Organizer of the concert, Cranberry-san (left) and PESASA's MARInet-san

From Tokyo Shimbun Jan. 8, 2011 (Sat) Edition
東京新聞 2011年1月8日(土)

Remember Lee-san’s Courage


“Accident at Shin- Okubo Station”
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Death of the Korean Young Man

Yon-sama’s Fans and Others Organize a Concert to be Held On Jan. 28th in Support of Asian Students in Japan

Commemorating the death of a young Korean man who died from trying to save a man who fell down on the tracks at Shin-Okubo Station, a group of people including housewives who are fans of Hallyu star Yon-sama (Bae Yong Joon) will hold a charity concert at Yotsuya Kumin Hall (Naito-cho, Shinjuku-ku) supporting the Asian students studying in Japan. They claim that they were inspired by Yon-sama’s activities as a philanthropist.

Reported by: Yuko Muramatsu
(translated by flowerbossa)

On January 26, 2001, a young Korean man studying in Japan named Lee Soo Hyun (then 26) jumped down on the railway tracks along with a Japanese cameraman trying to save a Japanese man who had accidentally fallen off the platform. All of them died. The following year, with contributions such as the solatium from his parents, a scholarship was established to support the Asian students studying in Japan.

The organizer of the charity concert, Cranberry-san of Suginami-ku was influenced by Yon-sama’s activities such as his act of supporting children in need. Ever since 2004, she called out to his fans on his birthday (August) and Valentine’s Day (February) and collected donations for the scholarship. On occasions such as the anniversary of Lee-san’s death, she met with his parents, and was deeply moved by how they kept active that their son shall not have died in vain and the condition of their minds when they spoke, “he (our son) did not do anything special”.

“We have continued our activities all this time, but the world has already forgotten this incident. We would like for everyone to recall Lee-san’s courageous conduct once more,” says Cranberry-san. Being a member of the nonprofit organization which manages the scholarship, she is well aware of the difficulties of securing funds. Commemorating the 10th anniversary of his death, she planned the concert with the hope of “keeping the scholarship which was born as a result of Lee-san’s conduct alive”.

Appearing in the concert are, the classical guitar duo Ichimujin - a duo of two musicians who are presently 26 years old, the same age as Lee-san at the time of his death- and Wei Wei Wuu, a ehru player from China who has being active in Japan for many years.

Cranberry-san says that “being a mother of two sons myself, I learned many things from Lee-san’s mother. I wanted to do what I could do. I want everyone in the world to become aware of Lee-san’s courage”.

The concert starts from 7 p.m.
Advanced tickets 3000 yen
(At the door 3500 yen)

Contact: Organization committee


Korean translation and the original article as posted on Bae Yong Joon's Official Board on January 17 by PESASA's MARInet:

【번역】일본 도쿄신문 2011년1월8일 기사
번역 chunsengyo

신오쿠보역 사고 한국청년 10주기, 이수형씨의 용기 상기해줘요
유학생지원곤서트기획 2011년1월8일

일본 JR신오쿠보 역에서 선로위에 추락한 사람을 구하려고 사망한 한국 청년의 10주기를 기념해서, 한류스터 욘사마 (배용준)팬의 주부들이1월28일에 아시아에세 일본으로 공부하러 온 유학생들을 지원하는 채리티 콘서트를 요츠야 구민 홀(신쥬쿠 구 나이토우 쵸 )에서 열린다. 자선 활동가이기도 한 욘사마의 활동에 촉발되었다고 한다.
(마츠무라 유코 보고)

 2001년1월26일 유학생 이수현씨=당시(26)는 실수하여 홈에 떨어진 일본인 남성을 구하려고 일본인 사진작가와 함께 선로에 뛰어들어 두리 다 사망했다. 그 다음해 이수현씨의 부모님께서 기부하신 위문금등으로 아시아 유학생을 지원하는 장학금이 창설되었다.
 채리티 콘서트 실행위원장인 도쿄 스기나미 구의 주부cranberry씨는 가난한 아이들을 지원하고 있는 욘사마(배용준)의 활동으로부터 영향을 받고 2004년 이후 욘사마의 생일(8월)과 발렌타인 데이(2월)에 그의 팬 친구들에게 호소하여 이 장학금에 기부해왔다. 이수현씨의 기일에는 부모님을 만나면서 그의 죽음을 헛되게 하지 않기 위해 활동하시는 모습, 「(아들이) 당연한 일을 했을 뿐」이라고 말씀하시는 그 마음 가짐에 감명을 받았다고 한다.
「저희들은 성금 활동을 계속하고 있지만 세상은 잊어버리고 있다. 다시 한번 이수현씨의 용기있는 행동을 상기해주었으면 좋겠다」 고 한다. 장학금을 운영하는 NPO법인의 회원도 되고 자금확보의 어려움도 알게 되면서 10주기를 계기로 「이수현씨의 행동의 결과로서 만들어진 장학금을 오래 존속시키고 싶다」고 콘서트를 계획했다.
이수현씨가 죽었을 때와 나이가 같은 26살의 클래식 기타 듀오 이치무진, 일본에서 오래동안 활약하고 있는 중국 출신의 이호(二胡)연주자 巫謝慧(WEIWEI WUU)씨가 출연한다.
cranberry씨는 「아들이 있는 어머니로서 이수현씨의 어머님으로부터 많는 것을 배웠다. 뭔가 자신이 할 수 있는 걸 하고 싶었다. 이수현씨의 용기를 이 세상 모든 사람들에게 알리고 싶다」

콘서트는 오후 7시부터. 예매 3천엔(당일 3천5백엔)
문의는 실행위원회=전화 03(5370)4322=
         =이메일 주소 asianwind2011@yahoo.co.jp=
콘서트 안내 사이트: http://asianwind2011.blog25.fc2.com/

翻訳:日本、東京新聞 2011年1月8日 記事







            =メールアドレス asianwind2011@yahoo.co.jp =
 コンサート案内サイト  http://asianwind2011.blog25.fc2.com/

The Yomiuri Shimbun also introduced the memorial event to be held on Jan. 26 commemorating the death of Lee Soo Hyun-ssi.

For more on Lee Soo Hyun and BYJ fans' activities read:

  • The World's Still Beautiful
  • by happiebb

  • Director Hanadou's entry in his blog (director of the film "26 Years Diary" includes a Korean translation by suehan)

  • "COMPASSION" Director Hanadou's blog on the filming of "26 Years Diary"
  • Jan 11, 2011

    101225 Dream High Team & Sumi Jo - Christmas Song

    World renowned lyric soprano 조 수미(チョ・スミ/スミ・ジョー)  in harmony with the Dream High Team!

    The diva makes a cameo appearance in the drama.

    Jan 10, 2011

    PARTY TIME for the skmtSocial project Team!

    Otsukaresama deshita!
    Arigato, kamsahamnida and thank you to Sakamoto-san and all staff who supported the project. It was a wonderful experience!

    Jan 8, 2011

    Watch Ryuichi Sakamoto LIVE from Seoul!

    류이치 사카모토 '플레잉 더 피아노 코리아 2011'

    Ryuichi Sakamoto

    Playing the Piano from Seoul 2011

    Performance: Jan 9, 2011 (Sun) 16:00 ~, 20:00~ (2 performances)

    Korea and Japan Time

    Place: Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall (Korea)

    Available Live on Ustream!