Jan 28, 2011

MARInet's Report on the Gathering Commemorating Lee Soo Hyun-ssi

From the PESASA Site
Written by MARInet
(translated by flowerbossa)

On January 26, I participated in the “Gathering Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Lee Soo Hyun’s Death" with members of PESASA.

As 10 years is a significant anniversary, I and the staff of PESASA went to Shin Okubo Station first to pay our respects to the plaque honoring Lee Soo Hyun-san and Shiro Sekine-san.

NHK and KBS were there to film the flowers.

From 16:00~17:50, a gathering to commemorate LSH-ssi with a speech by his father Lee Sung Dae-ssi was held at Shufu Kaikan Plaza-f.

Photos of LSH-ssi from early as his childhood were shown on screen as his father talked about the memories of his son. Many in the audience were brought to tears moved by Lee Sung Dae-ssi’s warm heart.

During 18:00~20:00, the guests interacted with one another and also paid floral tribute to LSH-ssi.

At the gathering, there was a flower basket from Bae Yong Joon-san.

The staff of LSH Asia Shogakukai (scholarship) said that he had not sent them as “Bae Yong Joon” of KEYEAST or DA, but as a personal gesture. We were also told that if his physical condition had been better, he was planning to send a message as well. We had heard that Yong Joon-san was aware of the fund raising activities honoring LSH-ssi, but we were finally able to confirm this belief and it made us very happy.

LSH-ssi’s parents left the room for awhile to go to Shin Okubo Station at 19:15 to offer flowers at the site of the incident. During this time, the students from Asia sang a song which conveyed their feelings towards LSH-ssi.

Korean actor Lee Tae Sung-ssi (이태성 イ・テソン) who starred in the movie “26 Years Diary” "당신을 잊지 않겠다" 「あなたを忘れない」)and had come from Korea for this gathering gave a speech as well.

Thirteen members participated from PESASA.
Together we gathered around LSH-ssi’s parents and were able to chat with them.

The two of them gave us a warm smile when they saw us, and his father in particular clapped his hands showing his delight in seeing us again. His mother’s smile always charges us with “the power to live”.

We expressed our thoughts on Lee Sung Dae-ssi’s speech etc., and through our broken Korean and Japanese, we were able to have an intimate conversation with them which made us feel very warm inside.

We were sad for not being able to promise them that we would see each other next year like we do every year (because this was to be the last commemoration gathering), but because they were to come to the charity concert on the 28th  (「アジアの風になって」)、they told us happily that they looked forward to seeing us again in 2 days.

At the end of the event, the participants of PESASA had the pleasure of taking photos with LSH-ssi's parents in front of Bae Yong Joon-ssi’s flowers.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who had participated in the events commemorating Lee Soo Hyun-ssi from 2005.


gosijo said...

Inspiring and heartwarming! Thank you, flowerbossa-san, for allowing us to share in PESASA's work.

By any chance, were you in attendance?

flowerbossa said...

Konnichiwa gosijo-san,

Unfortunately, I was not able to go to this gathering, so I was very happy to read this account by MARInet-san.Everyone including satovic was very moved by abonim's speech.

I was able to see Soo Hyun-ssi's parents in the audience at the charity concert on Friday. It was a lovely evening!


Anonymous said...
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flowerbossa said...

This is flowerbossa^^

My friend Shinji who often leaves comments here on my blog has kindly given me permission to repost his thoughts on Lee Soo Hyun-ssi which he wrote in his own blog, "Hi no Ataru Sakamichi" (you can find the link to his blog in the right column). Arigato Shinji-san for sharing your thoughts with us!

Dear flowerbossa,


Oh! The concert (referring to the Charity Concert for the LSH Scholarship), I've been reading all those days your posts about Lee Soo Hyun and I think barely remember something about when that tragic incident occurred. So it is wonderful that such things are done for a good cause, so I hope you really enjoyed it ^^

Best regards,