Mar 21, 2009

A Call to the Principal

From BSJ's Last Event Celebrating Valentine's Day
Feb.1, 2009
created by satovic

The final event for B.S.J. was carried out in the form of a graduation ceremony.

Because wuri principal BYJ was not present, satovic tried giving him a call.

(enjoy the video!)

(RING ~~~!)

Satovic: Hello, is this Bae Yong Joon-san’s home?
BYJ: Konnichiwa. Watashi wa Bae Yong Joon desu
(Hello. I am BYJ.)
S: It’s been awhile. This is satovic.
BYJ: Mata oaidekite ureshii desu. ( I’m glad to see you again!)
S: I’m glad to see you again too.
When I met you on the plane, I was so nervous that I was sweating profusely. Do you remember how I looked?
BYJ: Buta no shabu-shabu. (Pork shabu-shabu.)
S: Ooh, your Japanese has improved a lot.
BYJ: Gohan tabemashitaka? ( Have you eaten?)
S: Oh, yes. You know, I think I ate too much for lunch today.
BYJ: Soshin! (Shape up!)
S: Ooh, that’s mean…. YJ-san, are you sure you’re a Virgo? I can’t believe it. When was your birthday again?
BYJ: Hatsuratsu. (a pun on hachigatsu meaning August).
S: Ah, that’s right it was August. By the way, where are you right now?
BYJ: Kokoga watashi no ie desu. ( THIS is my house.)
S: Oh, you made a tiny mistake (with your grammar).
In this case, you should have said “kokowa” instead of “kokoga”.
BYJ: Nazedaro? (I wonder why…)
S: Well, I can’t answer that. You shouldn’t think too much when you want to learn a language. Repetition is the key. You want to try it?
BYJ: Suki desu. (I like you.)
Suki desu.
Suki desu.
Suki desu.
Daijoubu desuka?
(Are you alright?)
S: How do you expect me to be alright? You were about to give me a heart attack.
Wow, that made me dizzy… Please ask Sohn-san to teach you proper Japanese. You still must be good friends with Sohn-san, right?
BYJ: Koibito desu! (He’s my love!)
S: Come on, that can’t be so. You aren't a girl. Joon, you’re a guy, aren’t you?
BYJ: Docchi kana? (I wonder which…)
Anata wa docchi? (Which are you?)
S: What do you mean you’re not sure!
Both you and Sohn-san are boys!
BYJ: Torikaekko! (Trade!)
S: No! That’s not it!
BYJ: Torikaekko!
S: Hey, that’s not funny…
Let’s change the subject.
BYJ: Mou hanasanai… (I don’t want to talk any more… The same phrase can mean "I won't let you go.")
S: Oh dear, you’re pouting.
Okay, why don’t we talk about one of your favorite topics, business.
The Korean economy has been in a severe state recently, hasn’t it?
I hear that with the falling stock prices, you’ve taken quite a blow. Were you alright?
BYJ: Sugoku itakatta desu. (It hurt me a lot.)
S: I can imagine. But for us, with the weak won, everything seems very cheap when we travel to Korea. Fruit must be cheap too, right?
BYJ: Ichigo ichie(n) (A strawberry is one yen- a pun on “ichigo ichie”, BYJ’s favorite proverb meaning “treasure every encounter for it will never recur”.)
S: Oh, now that’s cheap! By the way, do you remember that I lent you some money the last time we met? Because I was nervous, I had the bill clasped in my hand so tight that it got warm. Do you remember how much it was?
BYJ: Atatakai go seien. (He is actually saying "warm support "A pun on “atatakai go sen en” meaning, warm 5000 yen.)
S: When will you give it back to me?
BYJ: Chotto matte kudasai. ( Please wait while.)
S: Are things that bad? Are you okay?
When, Yong Joon? How long would I have to wait?
BYJ: Ah, mata au sonohimade, ogenkide… (Ah, till we meet again, take care…)

(the sound of the line being cut off...)

Mar 19, 2009

Satovic Goes to Busan

Excerpts from Satvik's (wuri Satovic!) Ayurveda Blog

March 18, 2009

Copied BYJ - Made a Boo-boo

(Satvik alias satovic went to Busan to pay a visit to Lee Soo Hyun's grave to report to him how many of BYJ's family supported the foundation under his name. She also wanted him to know that though she has made the decision to close B.S.J. as of Feb 14, the donation project has been passed on to another chingu.)

............... (omit) ....................

(at the grave) His action of good will that led to his death was written in four languages on the monument.

Korean graves are usually large shaped earthen mounds.
When you go out to the suburbs, you can see graves every where on the fields, and people are told not to enter the woods with graves in the evenings as it is believed that demons will appear. Due to limitations of land, cremation is becoming more popular, but even so, the remains of the tradition still exists of adding a earthen mound to a grave (in this manner).

In Korea, a visit to a grave requires the following things: flowers, incense, alcohol, and a
special bow called 'kun jol' (큰절). 'Kun jol' means a deep bow, and true to the word, you use your whole body to show respect. Now I was confident that I could carry this kun jol out well! Because .... I had countlessly watched BYJ practice this particular bow!

This bow requires of you to practically scrape your head to the ground, and pay the highest respect to your ancestors and seniors. This is not merely a cremony - I think it is very important for us to bow our heads like this and use our enter body to express our reverence. When Muslims pray, when Hindus pray for Samadhi, and Buddhists throw down their body to the ground, they all use their whole body to prostrate themselves. I believe it is an opportunity for every man regardless of the amount of power he possesses to learn humility, bowing his head in front of god.

When my Ayurveda teacher was providing counselling to a patient with psychological problems, he advised him to go pray at any place of his choice where god is worshipped (e.g. a shrine, temple, church) . Also, he told him to bow his head to his parents everytime he leaves the house, notifying them that he will be going out. For this person, it was necessary for him to learn humility in this way.

Similar to the definition given by the WHO, Ayurveda gives us the knowledge for living a healthy life not only physically, but mentally and socially as well. At the same time, I think learning reverence through bowing in such rituals is wonderful for the soul, mind and developing a wise means of communication. In Korea, children are not given their New Years allowance unless they perform this kun jol well

SO.... going back to my story... I had truly believed that I had performed this bow quite well thanks to BYJ! But... actually, I had made a big boo-boo! The steps were completely different between a man and a woman! Oh NO~~~!

Women are supposed to stand up, put her hands together around the level of one's eyes, go straight down smoothly and sit, and with the hands in the same position slightly raised in the air, bow gracefully. For weddings, this bow must be repeated in front of of the parents and relatives many times. It requires quite a bit of strength in the legs and hips. Oh well, I guess I'm not cut out to become a Korean bride...

(you can find the link to satvik's blog on the right)

Mar 18, 2009

Satovic's Valentine's Letter to BYJ

Originally posted on Feb. 14, 2009 on KOB

The Last Valentine’s Gift from B.S.J.

Dear Yong Joon-san,

This will be the last Valentine’s Day gift to you from the Japanese fan site B.S.J. (BYJ Supporters in Japan.)

In August 2004, we got together with an idea: instead of buying small gifts individually for your birthday, we consolidated that money to donate it to the L.S.H. Asia Scholarship founded by the parents of a courageous Korean student called Lee Soo Hyun who jumped into the railway tracks trying to save a man’s life. We wanted to make a bouquet out of the joy the Asian students were to experience from being able to study on a scholarship, and give it to you as a birthday gift.

Since then, we have been continuing this project every year, donating the money which otherwise would have been used to buy birthday presents and Valentine’s chocolates to the scholarship, and this will be our 10th time to make a donation. On this Valentine’s Day, we collected 760,475 yen from 235 fans, and the total amount which were donated in the ten times we carried out this project came to 16,353,441 yen from over 6000 fans in total. The money was granted to over 100 students from Asia including Korea, and helped them realize their dreams.

Also in 2005, we held art exhibits with the works of family members who actualized their artistic talents by being inspired by you, and families in five cities of Japan managed these events raising over 5 million yen for the victims of the Asian Tsunami and the Mid Niigata Earthquake.

The total amount of the donations during the past four and a half years comes to as much as 21,360,324 yen. We are all ordinary housewives and office workers, and the donations were not made by any particularly wealthy member in large amounts. When I think about how we were able to accomplish this, what came to my mind was the story in the Bible of the five loaves of bread and two fish.

One day, five thousand people gathered to listen to the teachings of Jesus. Though he did not have the money to buy bread to feed the crowd, a boy offered him five loaves of bread and two fish. When Jesus split the food and distributed it, he was able to satisfy the stomachs of five thousand people, and there were still scraps of bread left to fill twelve baskets. I’m sure you learned this story in Sunday school too.

There are some people who say that this story does not imply that God had multiplied the bread and fish as if by magic. They claim that seeing the boy had offered all the food he had, the others also took out what they had in their pockets and bags and shared them, and that was how everyone was able to eat to their heart’s content.

We are like the people in this story. It was you Yong Joon-ssi, who first offered us the bread and fish. Because you called us fans family and respected us, and offered us love, it made us happy. Because you entertained us always trying to look your best, we wanted to make you happy in return, and to share this wonderful joy with others. And when each us pitched in a little bit of what we had in our pockets, it led to this incredible result.

Since we wanted to know more about your country, we also held cultural events such as classes in traditional Korean tea and Hangeul. We learned to make great kimchi too!

Before your drama “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” was released, we reserved a planetarium just for ourselves holding a screening to learn about the history of Goguryeo. We also held an event called “Yong Yong Academic Conference” where we along with a famous professor analyzed your personal charms and the wonderful features of “Winter Love Song”, all with great sense of humor. With these various events and activities on the board of our site, the members made many friends. We never dreamed that we would be able to get to know people who we could call “my best friends” at our age. We owe this to you and thank you for it.

You probably never thought that you would stimulate such a reaction just by appearing in a “Winter Love Song”. But it seems that this is your fate. It may be a burden for you but still, it seems this is your fate. We have been captivated by your very existence – your beauty, strength, fighting instinct, tenacity, stubbornness, and were given new ways of enjoying life and the power to live.

Thank you very much.

The other day, 750 members from all over Japan gathered for a great graduation event, and had a wonderful time that was full of laughter. Since we really hope you would look at the films which summarizes your activities of the past five years in Japan, I will inform you of the “Gallery” where you can watch them.

We will be closing B.S.J. because its owner satovic will be concentrating on her activities of spreading traditional Indian medicine called Ayurveda. However, please rest assured that it has been decided that our spirit “seek rather to love than to be loved” and our donation activities will be passed to a new site called “People Who Love Bae Yong Joon-san” led by MARInet.

Although this will be the last Valentine’s gift from B.S.J. and the site will be closing, absolutely nothing will change in our willingness to support you. No matter how you may change by growing old, even if you may go bald, grow fat, make mistakes, as long as you are the actor Bae Yong Joon who continues to live life to its fullest, we will always support you. (But please appear in more works! We want to see more of the beautiful you!)

We will pray that you will be happy and healthy always. May God’s blessings always be bestowed on you, your family and your staff in abundance!

B.S.J. ( BYJ Supporters in Japan/Blue Sky Joony)

Love forever satovic

and all staff and members of B.S.J.