Mar 18, 2009

Satovic's Valentine's Letter to BYJ

Originally posted on Feb. 14, 2009 on KOB

The Last Valentine’s Gift from B.S.J.

Dear Yong Joon-san,

This will be the last Valentine’s Day gift to you from the Japanese fan site B.S.J. (BYJ Supporters in Japan.)

In August 2004, we got together with an idea: instead of buying small gifts individually for your birthday, we consolidated that money to donate it to the L.S.H. Asia Scholarship founded by the parents of a courageous Korean student called Lee Soo Hyun who jumped into the railway tracks trying to save a man’s life. We wanted to make a bouquet out of the joy the Asian students were to experience from being able to study on a scholarship, and give it to you as a birthday gift.

Since then, we have been continuing this project every year, donating the money which otherwise would have been used to buy birthday presents and Valentine’s chocolates to the scholarship, and this will be our 10th time to make a donation. On this Valentine’s Day, we collected 760,475 yen from 235 fans, and the total amount which were donated in the ten times we carried out this project came to 16,353,441 yen from over 6000 fans in total. The money was granted to over 100 students from Asia including Korea, and helped them realize their dreams.

Also in 2005, we held art exhibits with the works of family members who actualized their artistic talents by being inspired by you, and families in five cities of Japan managed these events raising over 5 million yen for the victims of the Asian Tsunami and the Mid Niigata Earthquake.

The total amount of the donations during the past four and a half years comes to as much as 21,360,324 yen. We are all ordinary housewives and office workers, and the donations were not made by any particularly wealthy member in large amounts. When I think about how we were able to accomplish this, what came to my mind was the story in the Bible of the five loaves of bread and two fish.

One day, five thousand people gathered to listen to the teachings of Jesus. Though he did not have the money to buy bread to feed the crowd, a boy offered him five loaves of bread and two fish. When Jesus split the food and distributed it, he was able to satisfy the stomachs of five thousand people, and there were still scraps of bread left to fill twelve baskets. I’m sure you learned this story in Sunday school too.

There are some people who say that this story does not imply that God had multiplied the bread and fish as if by magic. They claim that seeing the boy had offered all the food he had, the others also took out what they had in their pockets and bags and shared them, and that was how everyone was able to eat to their heart’s content.

We are like the people in this story. It was you Yong Joon-ssi, who first offered us the bread and fish. Because you called us fans family and respected us, and offered us love, it made us happy. Because you entertained us always trying to look your best, we wanted to make you happy in return, and to share this wonderful joy with others. And when each us pitched in a little bit of what we had in our pockets, it led to this incredible result.

Since we wanted to know more about your country, we also held cultural events such as classes in traditional Korean tea and Hangeul. We learned to make great kimchi too!

Before your drama “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” was released, we reserved a planetarium just for ourselves holding a screening to learn about the history of Goguryeo. We also held an event called “Yong Yong Academic Conference” where we along with a famous professor analyzed your personal charms and the wonderful features of “Winter Love Song”, all with great sense of humor. With these various events and activities on the board of our site, the members made many friends. We never dreamed that we would be able to get to know people who we could call “my best friends” at our age. We owe this to you and thank you for it.

You probably never thought that you would stimulate such a reaction just by appearing in a “Winter Love Song”. But it seems that this is your fate. It may be a burden for you but still, it seems this is your fate. We have been captivated by your very existence – your beauty, strength, fighting instinct, tenacity, stubbornness, and were given new ways of enjoying life and the power to live.

Thank you very much.

The other day, 750 members from all over Japan gathered for a great graduation event, and had a wonderful time that was full of laughter. Since we really hope you would look at the films which summarizes your activities of the past five years in Japan, I will inform you of the “Gallery” where you can watch them.

We will be closing B.S.J. because its owner satovic will be concentrating on her activities of spreading traditional Indian medicine called Ayurveda. However, please rest assured that it has been decided that our spirit “seek rather to love than to be loved” and our donation activities will be passed to a new site called “People Who Love Bae Yong Joon-san” led by MARInet.

Although this will be the last Valentine’s gift from B.S.J. and the site will be closing, absolutely nothing will change in our willingness to support you. No matter how you may change by growing old, even if you may go bald, grow fat, make mistakes, as long as you are the actor Bae Yong Joon who continues to live life to its fullest, we will always support you. (But please appear in more works! We want to see more of the beautiful you!)

We will pray that you will be happy and healthy always. May God’s blessings always be bestowed on you, your family and your staff in abundance!

B.S.J. ( BYJ Supporters in Japan/Blue Sky Joony)

Love forever satovic

and all staff and members of B.S.J.


bb said...

much thanks for sharing this, flowerbossa!

and i do believe... that satovic and the rest will continue to walk the bae-journey :)

and, thanks for the memories!

flowerbossa said...

Hi bb!

You must've had wonderful vacation with your parents in Taiwan^^

Speaking of Bae-journey...are you still with us?!

haha, just kidding! (we hope!)


gosijo said...

Thanks for the trans, flowerbossa. There are many passages similar to the post on Quilt a month ago but there are also new parts. I particularly like when Satovic writes:

"It may be a burden for you but still, it seems this is your fate."


"No matter how you may change by growing old, even if you may go bald, grow fat, make mistakes, as long as you are the actor Bae Yong Joon who continues to live life to its fullest, we will always support you."

I get the sense our dear man has come to terms with his burden, at least most of the time, and that letters like Satovic's on behalf of B.S.J. serve as inspiring reminders of why it is all worthwhile.

Also, he must worry about growing old and how it will affect his prime currency, his remarkable looks. I hope it helps to be reminded that for his family, our admiration goes far beyond looks - although that is probably what drew us in and continues to be an amazing bonus.

Re: an earlier post, please wish Pallet a belated birthday from me. I loved her latest sketch very much!

Re: a later post: Haha on Satvic's kun jol! Interesting concept to use our whole body to prostrate ourselves.

flowerbossa said...

Hello gosijo,

Arigato as always for your thoughtful comments^^

Yes, I too think wuri prince has come to terms with his fate, and at times even enjoys walking the road.
At least I hope so...

Although looks aren't EVERYTHING, I do wish he would finish that book soon so he could go back to acting (satovic & I love him in these kunjol pics!)

"Untold Scandal" will be playing in the theaters again next week, so I'm looking forward to seeing Won-nim again^^


p.s. Thank you for your message to pallet.