Mar 4, 2009

Korean TV Drama II


Hyds said...

Dear Flowerbossa and Pallet,
Thank you for this beautiful sketch.. such a charming and pretty face ;-) hope you are keeping well.
Love, Hyds

gosijo said...

This sketch and the picture it is derived from are among the best of BYJ as far as I'm concerned.

Our dear man lets us see his breathtakingly beautiful eyes straight on, without the barrier of his trademark glasses. It is, in many ways, a forbidden look, a fantasy, an illusion. And it goes on forever...

Congratulations to Pallet for her fortitude in drawing this particular picture in all its delightful details. I would have stopped at the eyes, drawn like a moth by their extra bright light and unable to continue.

Thanks Flowerbossa for posting.

flowerbossa said...

Hi Hyds,

Thank you for your kind comment -
pallet would be happy to hear that you found it charming.

Spring is right around the corner, and today my son graduated from junior highschool. He will enter high school next month^^


flowerbossa said...

Dear gosijo,

Looks like pallet has been pretty successful in her intent of expressing HRH's alluring gaze.

Wouldn't mind if he looks towards me like that...

Take care~!


Lynn said...

Hi dear flowerbossa,

How are you?

I know it's been a little bit late, just FYI, I've translated and posted the "Even though we are apart" Complete report to following address:

I combined part V and finale together into one post. And also I've put the Chinese trans in my blog.

Really appreciate both you and Satovic's efforts. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful story.

Take care!

Lynn :)

P.S. after reading the complete report, the Chinese sisters feel jealous about Japanese sisters, haha. They wish that one day they can have such a good chance to spend a memorable event with wuri YJ.

flowerbossa said...

Hi Lynn!

It's been awhile since we last talked - hope you've been well^^

It's great that you completed the translation of satovic's report for the Chinese family!

Yes, it would be nice if he could broadcast such an event to other parts of the world too in the future. It would be fun if we could experience it together, don't you think?

Take care!