Aug 31, 2009

NEWSEN reports on PESASA activities!

Korean online news site “Newsen” reported on PESASA’s donation activity in conjuction with B YJ’s birthday. Summarizing PESASA site operator MARInet’s birthday letter posted on KOB, it also mentioned how the fundraising project has maintained its transparency by positing the receipts and letter of appreciation from the LSH Asia Scholarship on the freeboard. BYJ’s agency claims that these activities took place without their knowing about them, and thanked the fans. They also asserted that not only the Japanese fan sites, but fans in Korea are also active in various charity programs.

The article also mentions his upcoming promotional activities on his new book and the events that will be held during his visit to Japan.

(source: Newsen)

Thank you Liz for letting us know of this great news, and introducing it on your site K-popped!

Aug 30, 2009

BYJ's NTV 24 Hours Television Message
translated by flowerbossa

I am happy and grateful to be able to participate in the 24 Hours Television program again this year. Through participating in this program, I would like to think about what I can do anew. I hope all of your warm feelings will spread even further.


youtube VOD courtesy of haruka0829

Aug 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Yong Joon-san from PESASA!

                                  Aug. 29, 2009
Dear Yong Joon-ssi,

Happy 37th birthday!

From the Japanese circle “People Who Love Bae Yong Joon-san”, this is our eleventh birthday present for you.

Ever since 2004, many members of your kajok have been giving donations to the LSH (Lee Soo Hyun) Asia Scholarship in August and February instead of sending you birthday presents and chocolates. The donations have been used to support the Asian students who have come to study in Japan.

Whereas the circle B.S.J had been calling out to members to support this project in the past, we the “People Who Love Bae Yong Joon-san (PESASA)” have taken over, and along with sites in Tokyo, Hokkaido , Aomori, and Fukuoka, called out to people to join us.

(photo courtesy of Lee Soo Hyun-san's website)

As a result, 206 people participated from all over Japan and the contributions amounted to 699,742 yen.

Not one person among the 206 people participated in the project thinking that is it is just a matter of money. It is a donation that comes from the heart – each one of us know the true personality of Lee Soo Hyun-san who jumped on to the train tracks trying to save a Japanese man who fell off from the platform. We have accepted his parents’ grief and sympathized with them, and moreover, we understand Soo Hyun-san’s dream of wishing to become “a bridge between Japan and Korea”.

Each of us would like to offer our warm wishes and “joy” to you as a birthday present. We hope you will accept our gift.

We heard the good news “The Journey in Search of Beauty of Korea”, a book as a result of your year-long efforts in experiencing and covering the traditional culture along with 40 notable sights in Korea will come out in September. We so looked forward to it!

Taking the book you have produced and written yourself with us, we look forward to visiting the wonderful places you recommend which are not listed in typical guidebooks.

Your Japanese family is eagerly waiting to see you on September 29th and 30th.

We would also like to sincerely welcome wuri family who are coming to the Tokyo Dome Event from all over the world.

We hope to see you in a healthy condition and would like to wish you a nice trip!

As we are still under weather, please take good care of yourself.

We hope you will be blessed with a year that will keep you smiling everyday!
Happy Birthday!

BYJ and LSH Supporters in Japan(People Who Love Bae Yong-san alias PESASA)

(As posted on KOB on Aug.29 translated by flowerbossa)

♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪

Original letter in Japanese by MARInet
Posted on the PESASA site in BROKORE







一人一人の温かい気持ちと「よろこび」を、お誕生日プレゼントとしてヨンジュンさんに送ります。 受け取ってください。



まだまだ暑い日が続いています。 お元気でお過ごし下さい。
 毎日が笑顔の一年になりますように! お誕生日おめでとうございます  200.8.29    
      BYJ and LSH Supporters in Japan(ペ・ヨンジュンさんを愛する人達/ペササ)

♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪   

Hangul Letter to BYJ posted on KOB translated by chunsengyo

번째의 성금 선물 (from JAPAN) MARInet 2009.08.29 111


37살의 생일을 축하드립니다.

우리 일본 팬사이트 「배용준씨를 사랑하는 사람들」(배사사) 에서 11번째의 생일 성물의 보고입니다.

2004년부터 매년 많은 우리 일본 가족들이 당신의 8월의 생일 선물과 2월의 발렌타인데이 초콜릿을 보내는 대신 「LSH아시아장학회(이수현현창장학회)」에 기부하고 일본어를 공부하는 아시아각국의 학생들에게 장학금을 지급해왔습니다.

지난 10번째까지는 일본 팬사이트 B.S.J. (금년 2월에 폐쇄)가 성금을 모집했습니다만 이번11번째부터는 우리 배사사가 이어서 도쿄, 홋카이도, 아오모리, 후쿠오카의 팬사이트와 더불어 성금 모집 활동을 했습니다.

그래서 일본 전국에서 206 명, 699,742 엔의 기부금이 모였습니다.

우리 206명은 돈만 내고 그냥 기부가 됐다고 생각하시는 분은 한명도 안계셔요. 역의 선로에 떨어진 일본인을 구하려다 숨진 이수현씨의 인품을 잘 알자고, 부모님의 슬픔을 받아들이고, 서로 슬픔을 나누며 이수현씨가 이루고 싶었던 「일본과 한국의 가교가 되는 꿈」을 잘 이해해온 일본 가족들의 정성어린 성금입니다.
우리 한사람 한사람의 따뜻한 마음과 기쁨을 생일 선물로 용준씨에게 드립니다. 우리의 마음을 잘 받아주세요.

용준씨가 약 일년에 걸쳐 한국의 전통 문화와 명소를 체험 취재하신 책 「한국의 아름다움을 찾아 떠난 여행」이 올 9월에 출간되네요. 눈이 빠지도록 기다리고 있었습니다.
용준씨가 스스로 기획, 40군데를 직접 취재하시고 집필하셨던 책을 갖고 정평된 관광지가 아닌 명소를 찾아가고 싶다고 이제부터 낙으로 삼고 있어요.

9월29일, 30일에 일본 도쿄 돔에서 당신과 만나 뵐 수 있는 걸 일본 가족 일동이 손꼽아 기다리고 있습니다. 그리고 이 이벤트에 참가하시는 세계 여러나라 가족분들을 진심으로 환영합니다.

아직도 더운 날이 계속되지만 부디 몸 건강하시고 일본으로 잘 오시기를 !

하루하루가 웃음이 가득한 한해가 되시기를 빕니다! 다시 한번 생일을 축하드려요!

BYJ and LSH Supporters in Japan (배용준씨를 사랑하는 사람들/배사사) 올림
2009년 8월 29일

(Yours truly MARInet & translated by chunsengyo)

Aug 25, 2009

2008 June NHK Asia Crossroad Interview

Capture and VOD courtesy of houren (aka haruka0829)
Thank you houren-san!

translated by flowerbossa

Excerpts of interview

BYJ: My biggest concern in portraying a historical figure was whether my interpretation would appeal to the viewers. It would be meaningless if they cannot empathize with the character. I found that very difficult to accomplish.

Also, while my fans all over Asia were giving me warm support, I was under the pressure of making a drama that is of fine quality and exciting to watch.

Although I would like to take on the challenge of acting out different types of roles, there are probably some that I am not able to portray. Still, I am interested in trying out as wide a range of characters as possible. Every time I complete a certain role, I feel that I have grown personally. That is why I enjoy taking on challenges.

(Narration: BYJ himself took on the dangerous action scenes in TWSSG.)

BYJ: Doing the action scenes is more difficult than it seems. It’s not merely about physical actions – you need to build up the level of your emotions to the extreme. Acting out a fight scene is much more difficult than actually hitting someone.

(Narration: In these hard action scenes however, there were times that a slight mistake in the timing between the actors led to an accident.)

BYJ: Of course we try to synchronize our movements, but there are times when we run into each other and get hit by the sword. When it’s me that gets hit, I am in pain, and when it’s the other way around, I felt bad toward the other person. (laughs)

There were also times when I got hurt for being too ambitious. That is, my sense of responsibility and greed as an actor to show the best as an actor (led to the accident). I guess we get hurt when we try to do something that exceeds our own ability. But that’s the nature of actors. We can’t help seeking the very best.

(Narration: And have you recovered from your injury?)

BYJ: I am alright now. When I took off my cast after the surgery, I could not bend my finger. But after going through rehabilitation, I can move it with no problem now.

(Narration: After taking on the challenges of a new role and the difficulties of action scenes, BYJ continued to shoot the drama even when his injury called for surgery. With a sense of reluctance, he finished the shooting which lasted two years. He claims that he has grown as an actor, and also feels some changes within himself.)

BYJ: When the last shooting ended with “ok”, it really did not hit me that it was all over. It was somewhat of a strange feeling to get off the horse and let go of the sword. It seemed that the producer felt the same way, and he said “it isn’t over yet”. Everyone felt the same way. The hardships and pain we all shared, plus the feeling of reluctance of it all being over was too great.

What I learned from shooting this drama was “consideration (配慮 배려 )" and “tolerance (包容포용 )". I think I’ve learned to become more tolerant (kind ) towards others. Even when someone is not nice to me, I embrace him and try to put myself in his shoes.

No one is perfect. We make up for the things we lack a little by little as we live. Through this work, I learned many things, and have gained a broader and more mature perspective. My previous works depicted the pain and love of an individual. But in this work, the role called for much more, like consideration towards the country and its people. I feel that through the experience of portraying a great figure, I have gained a new perspective.

(Lastly, to the NHK staff in Japanese, “otsukare -samadeshita (good work today).”)

Narration: After completing his work on TWSSG, BYJ shines even more.

BYJ: To kajok yorobun (family) and the viewers of NHK who always support me, I will continue to work hard to show you an even better work in the future.
I pray for your health and happiness. Kamsahamnida.

Aug 18, 2009

New CM: Face Soap

Yon-Koma Comic created by saita4
translated by flowerbossa


Face Soap Version

The F Shop's soap is kind to the skin, you know.

(voice from the TV)

"You're right. My face doesn't feel tight at all!"

"I knew that. I 've always used it."

It does feel good.. but....

Why is the lather red?

Aug 13, 2009


Yoon Yeo Jung, Lee Mi Sook, Go Hyun Jung, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Min Hee and Kim Ok Bin who will be seen together in the movie, Actress, got together recently for a fashion photoshoot in the August issue of Vogue Korea. The movie Actress, directed by Lee Jae Yong and due to be released in 2010, is a story about a group of actresses who gathers together for a photoshoot and Vogue Korea was there to capture all the six actresses on photos as they took on a variety of images.

(Lee Jae Yong is the director of "Untold Scandal".)

Aug 12, 2009

Actress Lee Mi Sook Speaks Out Part 1

Winner of the 2008 MBC Drama Awards - Female Top Excellent Award for "East of Eden"

From "Untold Scandal"

With her son at the 2008 Pusan International Film Festival

Lee Mi Sook Speaks Out on BYJ

From Kang Ho Dong Star Battle Feb 4 2009

(translated from the Japanese captions by flowerbossa)
Thank you makicchi for the captures!

Lee Mi Sook a woman of unchanging beauty, drama personified.

In works such as "Untold Scandal" and "Besa Me Mucho",

Even big stars like BYJ were under her control.

"The lovers in my works were often younger than me"

With Bae Yong Joon-ssi too...

Was that before the Hanryu boom?

It was just around the time the boom started.

Did you think that he would get this big?

BYJ-ssi is a really deligent man.

I couldn't possibly imitate him.

I even asked him "do you want to kill yourself?"

Part 2

I guess he is a perfectionist.

Did you think that he would lead the Hanryu boom?

I had no idea.

When someone from the production company of "Untold Scandal" said

that BYJ-ssi might become famous in Japan,

I said to them, what a joke.

I regret it.

You should have tried to become more intimate with him then.

Oh well,

too bad.

Part 3

Do you have anything you want to say to BYJ-ssi?

Yes - that I'm sorry I said that back then.

When we were playing golf, we really got serious over the game,

As a grown-up, I should have let him win.

I really had my mind set on winning. Sorry.

So you played golf together?

And got heated?

For us, things like me being a woman or him being a junior doesn't matter.

We consider each other serious rivals.

Winning is all that counts.

We don't even talk to each other until the game is over.

You both are really competitive, aren't you.

He doesn't even go easy on me when my ball gets stuck in the ditch.

He could be a bit more easier on me, you know.

What happens if BYJ-ssi makes a similar mistake?

I ignore it too.

I even tell him "get out of my way".

You should have given in.

I regret it.