Aug 25, 2009

2008 June NHK Asia Crossroad Interview

Capture and VOD courtesy of houren (aka haruka0829)
Thank you houren-san!

translated by flowerbossa

Excerpts of interview

BYJ: My biggest concern in portraying a historical figure was whether my interpretation would appeal to the viewers. It would be meaningless if they cannot empathize with the character. I found that very difficult to accomplish.

Also, while my fans all over Asia were giving me warm support, I was under the pressure of making a drama that is of fine quality and exciting to watch.

Although I would like to take on the challenge of acting out different types of roles, there are probably some that I am not able to portray. Still, I am interested in trying out as wide a range of characters as possible. Every time I complete a certain role, I feel that I have grown personally. That is why I enjoy taking on challenges.

(Narration: BYJ himself took on the dangerous action scenes in TWSSG.)

BYJ: Doing the action scenes is more difficult than it seems. It’s not merely about physical actions – you need to build up the level of your emotions to the extreme. Acting out a fight scene is much more difficult than actually hitting someone.

(Narration: In these hard action scenes however, there were times that a slight mistake in the timing between the actors led to an accident.)

BYJ: Of course we try to synchronize our movements, but there are times when we run into each other and get hit by the sword. When it’s me that gets hit, I am in pain, and when it’s the other way around, I felt bad toward the other person. (laughs)

There were also times when I got hurt for being too ambitious. That is, my sense of responsibility and greed as an actor to show the best as an actor (led to the accident). I guess we get hurt when we try to do something that exceeds our own ability. But that’s the nature of actors. We can’t help seeking the very best.

(Narration: And have you recovered from your injury?)

BYJ: I am alright now. When I took off my cast after the surgery, I could not bend my finger. But after going through rehabilitation, I can move it with no problem now.

(Narration: After taking on the challenges of a new role and the difficulties of action scenes, BYJ continued to shoot the drama even when his injury called for surgery. With a sense of reluctance, he finished the shooting which lasted two years. He claims that he has grown as an actor, and also feels some changes within himself.)

BYJ: When the last shooting ended with “ok”, it really did not hit me that it was all over. It was somewhat of a strange feeling to get off the horse and let go of the sword. It seemed that the producer felt the same way, and he said “it isn’t over yet”. Everyone felt the same way. The hardships and pain we all shared, plus the feeling of reluctance of it all being over was too great.

What I learned from shooting this drama was “consideration (配慮 배려 )" and “tolerance (包容포용 )". I think I’ve learned to become more tolerant (kind ) towards others. Even when someone is not nice to me, I embrace him and try to put myself in his shoes.

No one is perfect. We make up for the things we lack a little by little as we live. Through this work, I learned many things, and have gained a broader and more mature perspective. My previous works depicted the pain and love of an individual. But in this work, the role called for much more, like consideration towards the country and its people. I feel that through the experience of portraying a great figure, I have gained a new perspective.

(Lastly, to the NHK staff in Japanese, “otsukare -samadeshita (good work today).”)

Narration: After completing his work on TWSSG, BYJ shines even more.

BYJ: To kajok yorobun (family) and the viewers of NHK who always support me, I will continue to work hard to show you an even better work in the future.
I pray for your health and happiness. Kamsahamnida.


gosijo said...

What a treat, dear flowerbossa! Thanks for re-posting harukao829's capture and VOD, and for your translation of the interview!

With YJ's Tokyo visit next month, this feels a little like getting re-acquainted with what was on his mind last year so we can contrast it with what he shares this time around.

It seems you and I may have a chance to meet on September 30th. I feel a little nervous but I really look forward to that.

flowerbossa said...

Dear gosijo,

I found it refreshing to rewatch this video too!

I SO~ look forward to seeing you in Tokyo next month ヽ(^-^ )/

Perhaps you would like to meet our ingenious comic writer as well?


gosijo said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Yes! Most definitely! I hadn't dared mention it, not knowing if it would be possible.

Thank you for suggesting it.

flowerbossa said...

Dear Gosijo-san,

Wuri writer looks forward to seeing you too!

This is going to be really exciting ^^/