Aug 10, 2009

Press Coverage of Museum Reopening

Newspaper article: Aug.2, 2009 Iwate Nippo (abridged)
translation by flowerbossa

Visitors Flock to Museum to see "Yon-sama"'s Work

The Iwayama Urushi Art Museum (Jun Yong Bok, executive director) which had been closed due to the decrease in visitors reopened on Aug.1. They got off to a good start with as many as 600 visitors from all over Japan flocking to see the works of Hanryu star Bae Yong Joon-san (36) who was newly appointed honorary director of the museum.

At the opening ceremony, Director Jun Yong Bok thanked the visitors announcing "I intend to put my heart into providing works appropriate for this global age."

The museum exhibits the works of Director Jun and the scientific studies on lacquer, aiming to introduce the lacquer culture of Iwate Prefecture. Bae-san's exhibit room displays his study "Love" along with 3 photographs of him and a video introducing him creating his work.

There were fans that even shed tears in front of Bae-san's work. Ms. M.S. (50) from Chiba Prefecture excitedly remarked "the moment I saw it, it felt like I had actually met him. I can feel his purity".

Though Bae-san was not able to attend the opening due to schedule conflict he sent a message. “I hope to study the art of lacquer even more, and make the effort to have people obtain a deeper understanding of it.”

The museum regained its popularity after Bae-san stayed at the museum at the end of February to study lacquer art and thus began preparations for the reopening .

Excerpts from Morioka Times

. Director Jun on BYJ's work - because the work "Love" is an unfinished work and stil in the process of creation, we originally did not intend to exhibit it. However, with the kind permission of BYJ-san we were able to show it to our visitors.

. A vistor from Nagoya city claimed that she came to see Yon-sama's work, but she learned that Iwate prefecture produces the largest amount of lacquer in Japan. I had thought that Wajima (of Ishikawa prefecture) was most famous for its lacquer, but I was able to reacknowledge the lacquer culture of Japan.

. There are approximately 120 works on display.

Admission: Adults - 700 yen
College students and younger - 500 yen

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Wednesdays.


The day of the opening also coincided with the Sansa Odori (dance).

The Sansa of Morioka is a traditional summer festival dance in which dancers, drummers and flute players all perform together. It is an exciting event which attracts many tourists every year.

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