Aug 8, 2009

Pinky Ring's Report of the Reopening

Visitors waiting for the opening.

Executive director Jun Yong Bok in the middle.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was held by 9 participants including the ambassador of Korea, governor of Iwate, mayor of Morioka, Keyeast CEO Kim Gi Hong.

The Korean Ambassador's speech was translated into Japanese by sonsen-nim's son, Jun Hyun Min-ssi.

After the ceremony, the visitors were led into the museum.
Sonsen-nim led the crowd, giving detailed explanations of the works.

Flowers from KEYEAST Bae Yong Joon.
There were quite a few people from the Gajoen event in June.

Been interviewed by Iwate IBC Television.

BYJ fans flocked to see his work "Ai (Love)".
There was also a video of him working in the atelier, and a message video (only available on the first 2 days of the opening).

Seeing him at work, he seemed to have great trust in sonsen-nim.

There was a celebration party in the evening.

Along with the band SENSATION, singer Andy Koyama-san and Shamisen player Takayki Matusda-san joined the stage and gave an exciting performance.

Hyn Min-ssi again gave a powerful performance of "From Beginning to End".

Sonsen-nim seemed more nervous than his son, but he watched him warmly until the very end.
He seemed very relieved when it was all over! Guests applauded him for the exciting performance.
Director Jun and museum staff, you must be exhausted from all the effort you put into opening the museum . Congratulations on a successful opening!
Please have many people come to the Iwayama Urushi Art Museum, and spread lacquer culture all over Japan.
I wish you much success in the future.
Pinky Ring

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