Aug 31, 2009

NEWSEN reports on PESASA activities!

Korean online news site “Newsen” reported on PESASA’s donation activity in conjuction with B YJ’s birthday. Summarizing PESASA site operator MARInet’s birthday letter posted on KOB, it also mentioned how the fundraising project has maintained its transparency by positing the receipts and letter of appreciation from the LSH Asia Scholarship on the freeboard. BYJ’s agency claims that these activities took place without their knowing about them, and thanked the fans. They also asserted that not only the Japanese fan sites, but fans in Korea are also active in various charity programs.

The article also mentions his upcoming promotional activities on his new book and the events that will be held during his visit to Japan.

(source: Newsen)

Thank you Liz for letting us know of this great news, and introducing it on your site K-popped!


gosijo said...

Congratulations to PESASA for this well-deserved recognition!!

Hyds said...

Hello Flowerbossa!
How are you? I admire the good intentions of PESASA. More power to them and hope they continue this remarkable work.

flowerbossa said...

Annyeong, gosijo & Hyds!

Thank you for your kind words for the PESASA team!

I really admire the members who have supported the project over the years.

The sisters of PESASA appreciate your recognition and supportヽ(^-^ )/

Have a nice day!

flowerbossa ♪