Sep 1, 2009

VEGE Map of Kamakura

Great news for vegetarians!

My yoga mate Chii-chan and her friends made a map of vegetarian restaurants and cafes in the Kamakura area.

A Kamakura resident herself, Chii-chan shared the following infomation with us.

Kamakura is where "shojin ryori" (Japanese vegetarian cooking) originated, and even today,the people seem to be very conscious about food.

With Yotchan (who is an ayurveda therapist) as the leader, we set out to create a map that would help vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike enjoy the cafes in Kamakura.

This is Volume 1 which was completed in Dec. 2008

And this is the new Vol. 2

The map offers English translation, and its FREE!!
You can find them in the Tourist Information Center at Kamakura Station and the respective restaurant/cafes.

All of the places that listed are really great places, and non-vegetarians should find them enjoyable too ヽ(^-^ )/

This is the cold pasta set served in one of the cafes listed on the map, "Cafe Life Force".

Whole grain pasta with lots of raw vegetables, miso soup, and a rare pink potato and capers dressed with sauce, and the fresh salad is topped with millet and red onion dressing.
The bamboo chopsticks from the shop "Torado" are the elegant and the perfect size to hold, and the chopsticks holder made of coral is unique too.
Cafe Life Force" is a cafe located on Yuigahama Odori, and is a delicious place to dine for macrobians and non-macrobians alike.

I especially recommend their lunches!

Thanks Chii-chan! I hope to visit Kamakura again soonヽ(^-^ )/

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