Sep 20, 2009

From the Pamphlet of the WLS Animation Event


Anonymous said...

Good morning Flowerbossa,

Are you ging to this event?


flowerbossa said...

Hello Ida,


I'm going to THESE events -

There will be 2, at the end of the month.

On the 29th is the event promoting the new animation of Winter Love Sonata, and on the 30th, "Beauty of Korea".

This is the first time I will be seeing BYJ LIVE!!

My tickets arrived the other day and I am very excited ヽ(^-^ )/


Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the events. Hope you will be able to see BYJ among all the other fans. It seems to be a crowded event.
I have "travelled" through many blogs these past days and watched numerous videos from the press conference about his new book. I hope it will be published in English one day because I find it interesting from the pics of pages shown on various blogs.
I see that you have not fallen for the temptation to show pictures of the "new" hairstyled BYJ at the press conference. He looked "matured" and nice as allways.
Take care