Sep 12, 2009

Japanese Actor Joe Odagiri in Korea

From the magazine 『HIGH CUT』
Japanese actor Joe Odagiri with Korean actress Song Hye Gyo

Posing for Levi's

Odagiri speaks about the movie "Sad Dream"
source: Yahoo Japan Movies

Q: Did you experience cultural differences during the shooting?

Odagiri: Oh, there were many. For better or worse, problems came up every day, and that was the interesting part. For instance, Director Ki Duk's shooting schedule would not be ready until the very day. So, all I could do was adapt on the spot. Also, the director had a distinct sense of speed. We would not have any tests, and just start shooting right off. That was something I would not be able to experience in Japan.

Q: You worked on 3 films abroad in 2008 ("Sad Movie", "Plastic City", and "The Warrior and the Wolf"). Did this journey bring about a change in Joe Odagiri as a human being?

Odagiri: Recently, I could just let things pass peacefully on many matters that would have infuriated me in the past. I've become such an adult that it's almost amazing (laughs). Emotionally too, right now for some reason, I want to go back to the earth. I want to live on solid earth rather than in the city... I even have thoughts on quitting my job and moving to the coutryside to start farming (laughs). I think I've been too caught up in the flow of city life in the past, working too much, and often lost my self. So, from now on, I'd like to place more emphasis on my life.

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