Sep 5, 2009

Participants of the "Beauty of Korea" Event


It was announced on the official website of "The Beauty of Korea" event that lacquer artist Jun Yonbok, hanbok artist Lee Hyo Jae and haegum (traditional Korean intsrument) performer Kang Eun Il will join BYJ on stage.

Jun Yonbok Sonsen-nim

Sonsen-nim at work creating "Onma" for Korea Cultural Center.

Hanbok Artist Lee Hyo Jae

Photos: © Hi Seoul, Soul of Asia

Haegum Artist Kang Eun Il

Kang Eun Il is one of the world's most acclaimed Haegum artists and is regarded as the forerunner of crossover music, combining traditional Korean music with non-traditional genres.

Alongside the Yoshida Brothers of Japan and the Twelve Girls Band of China, Kang Eun-Ils HaegumPlus is emerging as one of the most prominent musical groups representing Asia using their indigenous instruments. Kang Eun Ils HaegumPlus uses Korean traditional music as their text and expresses pure crossover music that spans across time and place. The music displays the Haegum's global potential and universal appeal, translating its originally rough tonal sound into a new music full of beautiful melodies and great temperance. The resulting musical experience is like the unfolding of a beautiful lyric poem.

A musical pioneer using the Haegum to create a distinctive brand of crossover music, featured haegum artist Kang Eun-Il has performed with world renowned artists and groups such as Bobby McFerrin, Luciano Pavarotti, Yoshida Brothers, Salta Cello, NHK Orchestra, and the KBS Korean Traditional Music Orchestra. She has made tremendous contributions to the popularization and globalization of the Haegum and has opened up a whole new genre for this versatile instrument as never been heard. Kang Eun-Il is the recipient of several prominent recognitions, including the KBS Korean Traditional Music Grand Prix, the Korean National Assembly Culture and Media Grand Prix, the Korean Culture and Art Committee Award, and South Koreas Ministry of Culture and Tourism Artist Award, etc. Kang Eun Il's performance of modern composers' work, combining the Haegum with Western orchestra, classical guitar, piano, violin, viola and cello, has been received with great enthusiasm and has lead her music to be featured in the acclaimed filmmaker Kim Ki-Duks film The Bow (2005).

(source:myspace haegum plus)


Anonymous said...

So interesting! Thank you for the article and video.

Sorry for my ignorance but what exactly does a Hanbok artist do? Creating things in textile? Or painting perhaps?


flowerbossa said...

Hi Ida,

I hope my latest posting would answer will fulfill your curiosity^^

She seems like a lovely lady!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Flowerbossa for the new article.
I found some articles myself after searching through the internet.
Was I ever surprised to see the same kind of sewing machine I have myself. It is going to become a small table as soon as I can find proper woodwork to put on top of the machine.
You come up with so intersting topics on your blog and very informative for a lady far away who have started to learn a few things about Asia. Thank you.


flowerbossa said...

Dear Ida,

So you have a similar sewing machine! Lucky you!

I remember my grandparents having one kind of like it, but it's gone now... what a pity.

Have fun working on your "table"!