Dec 30, 2009

Coming to Osaka - Jun Yong Bok Exhibit

Jan. 16 ~ Feb.6, 2o10
Korea Cultural Center Osaka

Exhibit of new works created in 2009

Sonsen-nim giving a lecture at the Korean Cultural Center in Tokyo

He will also be giving a lecture in Osaka.

(The hanbok he is wearing is the same one he wore at Tokyo Dome in September.)

Dec 28, 2009



Kim Sun Ah & Cha Seung Won

A great film starring Cha Seung Won
"A Day With My Son"

CSW also appeared in this video^^

Dec 27, 2009

Jun Yong Bok Sonsen-nim's Exhibit @ Korean Cultural Center

Sonsen-nim intentionally did not put a title on his works.
He would like the visitors to appreciate them with their own inspiration.

Video on the making of the SEIKO CREDOR watches.

The Center at dusk

Dec 25, 2009

Yon-koma Comic "WINTER 2009" (HANGUL ADDED!)

Created by Saita4
Originally posted on PESASA Dec.19,2009
Japanese to Hangul translation by chunsengyo
" to English by flowerbossa

Well, this is the last of the TWSSG calendar...
태왕사신기 캘렌더도 이것으로 마지막이구나

Since it's now the age of "Anime WLS"...

이제 세상은 「애니메 겨울연가」 의 시대가 됐고

I guess it's about time that I retire...

나도 이제 슬슬 물러서야 ...

(hey, wait a second!)

좀 기다려 !

I just came up with another 4 koma comic!

방금 새로운 욘코마(=4컷 만화)가 떠올랐으니까요

SO... this will continue... perhaps?

그래서 앞으로도 계속할 ... 지도?


Dec 22, 2009


Merry Christmas!

A Sweet Interview

Thank you Hyds for introducing this sweet interview on QUILT.
This is a brief translation from the Japanese subs.



Interviewer: Here are the 3 of them from WLS. Hello.

BYJ,CJW & Yoon Suk Ho PD: Hello.

I: Park Sol Mi-ssi and Park Yong Ha-ssi mentioned they are watching this show.
Please give them a brief message.

BYJ: Yong Ha-ya, did your dance go well?
PD, you say something too.

PD: Solmi, did you get drunk?

CJW: It’s because you won. You did good.

I: Is this an inside joke?

I: How’s the shooting coming along?

CJW: We’re still working on it.

BYJ: (to CJW) How long have you not slept?

CJW: About 4 days…?

I: How about you YJ-ssi?

BYJ: I slept a lot yesterday, about 4 hours?

I: Only four?!

CJW: That’s on the good side.

BYJ: It’s true. Before that it was about a total of 3 hours in 2 days.

PD: Why are you looking at me like that?

(everyone laughs^^)

I: PD, from your point of view, how’s their acting?

PD: I am very satisfied with their performances.

I: Really?

(BYJ & CJW are both laughing while looking down.)

PD: Why are you two looking down?

Thanks to them, this has turned into a great drama.

I: So you have no complaints?

PD: On their acting, I really….don’t.

(everyone is still laughing^^)

I: You’re being rather vague.

PD: I have nothing to say on their acting. But they resent me for making the work so hard. They seem to find it physically trying. I wish they had the endurance to put up with it.

I: BYJ-ssi, what do you think the PD’s weakness is?

BYJ: PD just mentioned that we had little endurance, but WE don’t doze off in the middle of a shooting!
Just who was it that collapsed after giving the cue?
(explaining to interviewer) You see, PD collapsed right after giving the cue – he would have hurt himself if there hadn’t been something in front of him.

I: Well then, what do you respect about him?

BYJ: As a PD, he has high expectations for his work. As a person, he is always gentle, pure, and always considerate towards others. But when it comes to work, he is completely different. He is so stubborn that I almost find myself resenting him.

I; Like when?

BYJ: When he won’t let me sleep… but wait a minute, yesterday, this wasn’t the case…
We had more to shoot, but PD said “ let’s do the rest tomorrow”.

I: Your hairstyle is the rage right now. Do you think it suits you?

BYJ: Yes.

I: It really does suit you. Maybe I should change mine like that too.


I: PD, what feature of CJW-ssi attracts you the most?

PD: Her eyes.

I: Her eyes? Why.

PD: They look honest and gentle.

I: Yes, I think so too.

PD: And her smile too. Her mouth is very beautiful when she smiles.

I: Does that make your heart beat?
What do you think about you YJ-ssi?

PD: He has a special air with him. It’s true in WLS too -like a hero in a sad manga, he is like a prince in an imaginary world.

I: It seems all of you working on WLS are very close.

All: Yes.

I: Can you give us an episode?

CJW: The time PD collapsed on the set.

BYJ: That was the funniest moment.

CJW: BYJ-ssi was snoring (during a scene).
But it can’t be helped. Everyone is very tired.

I: Was the kissing scene embarrassing for you?
Facing a handsome man like him?

CJW: It was good.

(BYJ bursts into laughter ^^)

I: CJW-ssi, if a lover you had parted from 10 years ago appeared in front of you again in reality, what would you do?

CJW: Since the way they parted was just so sad, I think I would still like him 10 years later.

I: So you would choose your first love?

CJW: Yes, if I remained heartbroken for 10 years and couldn’t forget him.

I: How about you YJ-ssi?

BYJ: Yes, if it was like the situation in the drama, I would choose my first love.

I: So you would. SM-ssi and YH-ssi would have a hard time.

I: What do you find attractive about PSM and CJW respectively?

BYJ: With SM, she doesn’t put on airs, and is very honest with herself.
This may sound similar, but with wuri CJW, she has no lies and is a person with a pure heart.

I: How do you feel about PYH and BYJ?

CJW: On PYH, he is honest, and grown up for his age.

BYJ: Did he give you Chinese medicine?

CJW: He is a kind man who is considerate to those around him.
With YJ-ssi, since he is older than us, he is a leader like presence who helps us pull through.
As a partner too …

I: He’s wonderful.

C: Yes.

I: PD, how is this drama going to end?

PD: I talked to the scriptwriter awhile ago, and they still seem to be agonizing over it.

I: How do you personally want to end it?

PD: As in the theme of the drama, “first love is forever”, I would like to see this love fulfilled”

I: Lastly a message to the viewers.

PD :Thank you for your support we will work hard to make this an even better drama.

BYJ: Thank you for your support. I would like to appear in a better drama/movie next time…oops, I guess that’s going to be cut! (PD- how dare you say that~!)

Hahaha, I will strive to show you a better “performance” next time.

CJW: Please enjoy this drama to the end. I will work hard to become a better actress.
The END ♪

Dec 17, 2009

A Miracle of Sorts

Four Hanryu Stars Collaborate at Tokyo Dome, December 17

The event featured a collaboration on stage based on a short film shot by Director Heo Jin Ho ("April Snow")at Seoul Station. The four actors took turns reading a script (written by producer Yasushi Akimoto)on the characters they played in the film.

After Lee Byung Hun-ssi's toast to "FRIENDSHIP"...

the sweetest surprise of the day was a performance of a special song
"Ai wa Kokoni Aru (Love Is Here)" in Japaneseヽ(^-^ )/

Dec 10, 2009


source: Cinema Today

JOHNNY DEPP on the Red Carpet

PUBLIC ENEMIES Premier in Tokyo

Asked about his "fans":

They are an extended family.

They aren't "fans".
As far as I'm concerned they're the boss.
They're amazing.
They're the reason I'm here.
I don't consider this work.

Giving out autographs

Signing away~

Still signing....@@

Finally on stage!

Merry Christmas Tokyo!

(Source: Gyao!)

Dec 9, 2009

Two Great Exhibits

IheeKimura & Henri Cartier-Bresson
Eastern Eye & Western Eye

Left photo: "Ihee Kimura" by Henri Cartier-Bresson (1954)
Right photo: "Henri Cartier-Bresson" by Ihee Kimura (1954)


Both exhibits at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography