Dec 30, 2009

Coming to Osaka - Jun Yong Bok Exhibit

Jan. 16 ~ Feb.6, 2o10
Korea Cultural Center Osaka

Exhibit of new works created in 2009

Sonsen-nim giving a lecture at the Korean Cultural Center in Tokyo

He will also be giving a lecture in Osaka.

(The hanbok he is wearing is the same one he wore at Tokyo Dome in September.)


yudi said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Thank you for the updates of sonsen-nim’s exhibits in Tokyo and Osaka. I am very glad to know that sonsen-nim is moving forward with the city of Morioka. I wish him a successful exhibit in Osaka and good luck with the reopening of the museum. Looking forward to hearing more good news about him.

Wish you and Pallet a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I love her oil painting as well.


flowerbossa said...

Hi yudi,

I think sonsen-nim did everything he could do on his part for the museum. It is now up to the city of Morioka to determine whether they will reopen in spring.

In any case, sonsen-nim will be devoting his energy in creating new works, which I think is a wonderful idea.

Good luck to you too in 2010!