Dec 22, 2009

A Sweet Interview

Thank you Hyds for introducing this sweet interview on QUILT.
This is a brief translation from the Japanese subs.



Interviewer: Here are the 3 of them from WLS. Hello.

BYJ,CJW & Yoon Suk Ho PD: Hello.

I: Park Sol Mi-ssi and Park Yong Ha-ssi mentioned they are watching this show.
Please give them a brief message.

BYJ: Yong Ha-ya, did your dance go well?
PD, you say something too.

PD: Solmi, did you get drunk?

CJW: It’s because you won. You did good.

I: Is this an inside joke?

I: How’s the shooting coming along?

CJW: We’re still working on it.

BYJ: (to CJW) How long have you not slept?

CJW: About 4 days…?

I: How about you YJ-ssi?

BYJ: I slept a lot yesterday, about 4 hours?

I: Only four?!

CJW: That’s on the good side.

BYJ: It’s true. Before that it was about a total of 3 hours in 2 days.

PD: Why are you looking at me like that?

(everyone laughs^^)

I: PD, from your point of view, how’s their acting?

PD: I am very satisfied with their performances.

I: Really?

(BYJ & CJW are both laughing while looking down.)

PD: Why are you two looking down?

Thanks to them, this has turned into a great drama.

I: So you have no complaints?

PD: On their acting, I really….don’t.

(everyone is still laughing^^)

I: You’re being rather vague.

PD: I have nothing to say on their acting. But they resent me for making the work so hard. They seem to find it physically trying. I wish they had the endurance to put up with it.

I: BYJ-ssi, what do you think the PD’s weakness is?

BYJ: PD just mentioned that we had little endurance, but WE don’t doze off in the middle of a shooting!
Just who was it that collapsed after giving the cue?
(explaining to interviewer) You see, PD collapsed right after giving the cue – he would have hurt himself if there hadn’t been something in front of him.

I: Well then, what do you respect about him?

BYJ: As a PD, he has high expectations for his work. As a person, he is always gentle, pure, and always considerate towards others. But when it comes to work, he is completely different. He is so stubborn that I almost find myself resenting him.

I; Like when?

BYJ: When he won’t let me sleep… but wait a minute, yesterday, this wasn’t the case…
We had more to shoot, but PD said “ let’s do the rest tomorrow”.

I: Your hairstyle is the rage right now. Do you think it suits you?

BYJ: Yes.

I: It really does suit you. Maybe I should change mine like that too.


I: PD, what feature of CJW-ssi attracts you the most?

PD: Her eyes.

I: Her eyes? Why.

PD: They look honest and gentle.

I: Yes, I think so too.

PD: And her smile too. Her mouth is very beautiful when she smiles.

I: Does that make your heart beat?
What do you think about you YJ-ssi?

PD: He has a special air with him. It’s true in WLS too -like a hero in a sad manga, he is like a prince in an imaginary world.

I: It seems all of you working on WLS are very close.

All: Yes.

I: Can you give us an episode?

CJW: The time PD collapsed on the set.

BYJ: That was the funniest moment.

CJW: BYJ-ssi was snoring (during a scene).
But it can’t be helped. Everyone is very tired.

I: Was the kissing scene embarrassing for you?
Facing a handsome man like him?

CJW: It was good.

(BYJ bursts into laughter ^^)

I: CJW-ssi, if a lover you had parted from 10 years ago appeared in front of you again in reality, what would you do?

CJW: Since the way they parted was just so sad, I think I would still like him 10 years later.

I: So you would choose your first love?

CJW: Yes, if I remained heartbroken for 10 years and couldn’t forget him.

I: How about you YJ-ssi?

BYJ: Yes, if it was like the situation in the drama, I would choose my first love.

I: So you would. SM-ssi and YH-ssi would have a hard time.

I: What do you find attractive about PSM and CJW respectively?

BYJ: With SM, she doesn’t put on airs, and is very honest with herself.
This may sound similar, but with wuri CJW, she has no lies and is a person with a pure heart.

I: How do you feel about PYH and BYJ?

CJW: On PYH, he is honest, and grown up for his age.

BYJ: Did he give you Chinese medicine?

CJW: He is a kind man who is considerate to those around him.
With YJ-ssi, since he is older than us, he is a leader like presence who helps us pull through.
As a partner too …

I: He’s wonderful.

C: Yes.

I: PD, how is this drama going to end?

PD: I talked to the scriptwriter awhile ago, and they still seem to be agonizing over it.

I: How do you personally want to end it?

PD: As in the theme of the drama, “first love is forever”, I would like to see this love fulfilled”

I: Lastly a message to the viewers.

PD :Thank you for your support we will work hard to make this an even better drama.

BYJ: Thank you for your support. I would like to appear in a better drama/movie next time…oops, I guess that’s going to be cut! (PD- how dare you say that~!)

Hahaha, I will strive to show you a better “performance” next time.

CJW: Please enjoy this drama to the end. I will work hard to become a better actress.
The END ♪


gosijo said...

And sweeter yet of you to translate it, dear flowerbossa-san!

I was sharing with coco earlier that it may have been this interview that tipped the scale, BYJ-wise, for me. It's wonderful, after nearly four years, to know what they are actually saying.

Would it be alright to add a comment to coco's Quilt post referring interested people here?

gosijo said...

Also, perhaps to your own Quilt post. I'd be happy to do that if you let me know it's alright.

flowerbossa said...

Thank you for your comment, gosijo-san!

If you think BYJ and CJW-ssi's smiles and laughter will make wuri kajok happy, I will leave it up to you to leave a message on QUILT.



yudi said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Thank you so much for the sweet translation, also many thanks to Hyds for posting the link.

I've been seeing several interviews of wuri YJ and CJW about WLS, none of them has English sub, you could image how excited I am seeing your translation. YJ was so cute when he made a little mistake by saying "I would like to appear in a better drama next time." It is my first time seeing YJ making a mistake, so sweet.

annacronism said...

Hi, Flowerbossa.
I, too, wish to thank you for this translation. I had seen the video on Youtube, but couldn't understand some of what they were saying. This is a very sweet interview. BYJ ans CJW are so nice. I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, full of love and joy. Love, Anna

gosijo said...

Dear flowerbossa and yudi,

Yes, so sweet about the mistake. It almost looks as if he planned it. Just to pull the Director's leg. I wouldn't put it past wuri YJ. Also to break the mold of saying the same thing every time, ha ha!

yudi said...

Dear flowerbossa and gosijo,

It is so nice to see gosijo’s message at late night on Christmas Day. Dear gosijo, Merry Christmas (I am glad you give me a chance to say this to you). So you think YJ might plan all this? This may explain why he made such an obvious mistake while he was speaking very slow and even paused a little before saying that, especially for a person as prudent as YJ. But his reaction after seems it wasn’t on purpose, it is really hard for me to tell, but either way it just shows how smart YJ is.


flowerbossa said...

Hello Anna,

Welcome to my blog, and thank you so much for leaving me a comment!

Do you understand Korean? I really envy you if you do... I've been trying to learn on my own, but it takes patience^^;

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


flowerbossa said...

Hi yudi,

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this!
Yes, it's so cute isn't it?

AND to you and gosijo...

I get the feeling that wuri YJ was "tryin to be funny" here - the three of them seemed to be in a good mood (they really do seem to get along, don't you think?) so perhaps he felt like saying something smart^^


yudi said...

Dear flowerbossa,

I totally agree with you, they do seem to get along, it feels so good. It is interesting to see the funny side of YJ.


flowerbossa said...

Dear yudi,

Happy New Year!

It's good to see him relaxed like this ... let's hope he enjoyed a relaxing holiday vacation with his family & friends^^