Dec 17, 2009

A Miracle of Sorts

Four Hanryu Stars Collaborate at Tokyo Dome, December 17

The event featured a collaboration on stage based on a short film shot by Director Heo Jin Ho ("April Snow")at Seoul Station. The four actors took turns reading a script (written by producer Yasushi Akimoto)on the characters they played in the film.

After Lee Byung Hun-ssi's toast to "FRIENDSHIP"...

the sweetest surprise of the day was a performance of a special song
"Ai wa Kokoni Aru (Love Is Here)" in Japaneseヽ(^-^ )/


gosijo said...

Thanks for the report, flowerbossa-san. I hope those in attendance came away happy with their encounters.

flowerbossa said...


Talk about encounters!

Though I have to confess I didn't know much about some of the actors, I found them just as charming as "IL DIVO" if not more^^

I think you can tell who my favorite is (*^_^*)


jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

This is a stunning cast with the four huge Hallyu stars. Wow, they look so good, each has his own charisma. Very lucky audience who attended the event to see 4 hunks on the same stage.

Merry Christmas!
love ... jaime

hi hi gosijo (waving!)

flowerbossa said...


I must say I got REALLY lucky being invited to this special event!

Because I'm a late comer in the Hallyu scene, I wasn't aware of the fact that YJ was included in the original "four heavenly kings" at the time.

I'm sure SSH quite willingly & proudly took hyung's place^^

LBH was shooting final episode of IRIS until early that morning and made it for the event in a nick of time - the poor guy hadn't slept for more than 2 days!

And, believe it or not the show lasted for FOUR HOURS!!
(and we thought YJ's second event was long,huh?)
I was there for the matinee, but to think they went through that AGAIN in the evening! OTTOKE@@

Any way, thank you for coming by and I hope you are enjoying this holiday season with your family and friends(o^∀^o)


Anonymous said...


thanks for sharing your experience with us flowerbossa.

can you tell us what else do they do during the 4 hours?

why so little news and pics and videos? where are the media and fans pics?


flowerbossa said...

Hello anonymous,

I think you will be able to find info on this event if you search under "four cards tokyo dome" plus the actors names.

I believe they are planning to release a DVD on this event, so you will probably be able to see more on it when they do^^

Happy holidays to you!


yudi said...

Dear flowerbossa,

I am very embarrassed to confess that I couldn’t recognize the far right one in the first picture, hehe, I just do not have enough time to watch more dramas expect wuri YJ’s, I think I have to wait until my little one grows up.

Although I am not very familiar with these four Hanryu stars, I would like to leave a message here, as Christmas/New Year is coming (do you celebrate Christmas?) and I want to send you a season’s greeting. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


flowerbossa said...

Dear Yudi,

Don't worry, I'm not that much different^^ I've never seen anything by Wonbin either, but I became really interested after attending this event!

Wuri YJ has opened up a whole world of great Korean dramas -
no hurry, take your time.

Thank you for your warm wishes, and I hope you are enjoying this festive season with your family and friends. Keep warmヽ(^-^ )/