Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

(53 X 45 cm)

Another side of pallet ...


gosijo said...

Hello again flowerbossa-san,

What a treat for the New Year!! As your page loaded, I could see pallet's painting come to life in all its vivid colours and all I could think was "Wow!!!"

I wish I knew how to add my comment directly into pallet's gallery. Can you tell me what is required in the first three fields? I think I understand the rest.

I would love to hang this painting in a place where I could see it every day. It would certainly make my heart sing with joy! I'm also particularly affected by pallet's Untitled No1.

Hyds said...

Wow!!!! Happy New Year Flowerbossa.
Thanks for sharing Pallet's beautiful creation.
Wow!!! I love the mixture of pink, reds and the pretty blue. I don't think my words are enough to describe how I feel towards it. Just amazing!! Please send my best wishes to Pallet. She's inspired me to paint again and endure.

jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Please thank pallet for sharing with us such a bright and cheery painting in the New Year. It sure signifies all the best things that are about to come this year :)

Happy New Year to you, Pallet and your family!

love ... Jaime

flowerbossa said...


Thank you for your encouraging comment to pallet.

If you are interested in posting a comment in pallet's gallery, it is quite easy:

The only field that is really required is the first one, where you type your name. Then, pls write your comment in the broad space below, and just click the box!

Arigato for your interest^^


flowerbossa said...

Happy New Year to you Hyds!

I'm sure pallet would be happy to hear that her work has inspired you to paint again - we would love to see your works!

Take your time, and have fun^^


flowerbossa said...


Akemashite omedetogozaimsu!

I hope you had a wonderful time with your family in Taipei^^

It is good to hear that pallet's painting has given you good vibes for this new year.

Hope to see you soonヽ(^-^ )/