Jan 19, 2010

Info added: Jun Yong Bok Exhibit @ Korean Cultural Center Osaka

Photos courtesy of Pinky Ring

Sonsen-nim's first exhibit held in western Japan.

The exhibit focused on new works (more than those exhibited in Yotsuya).

Gayageum Performance

Lecture on Jan. 16

Article in Sankei Shimbun
Jan.17, 2010
Hanryu Urushi Art
Korean Artist Jun-san's First Exhibit in Western Japan
Jun-san expressed enthusiasm towards cultivating artists in his home country
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Message from Pinky Ring (added Jan.22):

The second and third photos were taken on the day before the opening after sonsen-nim installed the works.
That is why it is so quiet^^

Because I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the venue, I took these photos when the place was empty, with the permission of sonsen-nim.
(taking of photos is prohibited during the actual exhibit).

His lecture attracted a large crowd of 550 attendants, and the exhibit area was full of many visitors as well. From time to time, sonsen-nim gave detailed explanations of each of his works.


gosijo said...

I am a little late leaving my thanks to you and pinky ring-san. Sorry, I was "distracted" by Won-nim.

I hope the deserted exhibition hall and quiet front desk do not mean that attendance was low.

flowerbossa said...

Konnichiwa gosijo-san,

According to Pinky Ring, sonsen-nim's lecture attracted approximately 550 people - the highest attendance in the history of the Center in Osaka^^


yudi said...

Thank you flowerbossa and Pinky Ring for the update. I was wondering the same thing gosijo brought up the other day, it’s good to know the attendance was actually very good.


flowerbossa said...

Hello yudi,

Yes, please refer to the comment from Pinky Ring I added today.

I'm sure many people are looking forward to this opportunity of appreciating sonsen-nim's works first hand^^


gosijo said...


Hyds said...

Hello Flowerbossa and Pinky Ring,
Me late either..Thanks for sharing some photos of the exhibit. I truly admire his works..they're beautiful.

flowerbossa said...

Hello Hyds,

Pinky Ring-san is happy to share these photos with you.

I admire how sonsen-nim is always searching for new ways of expression thru urushi (japan). He says he still has so many things he wants to do!