Jan 23, 2010


The Joy of Music

Joy Through Music

Percussion Duo Himmel

(right: Chika Ishibashi, left: Nanae Uehara

photo courtesy of Himmel)

(photos of hall from MUSICASA website)

Musik Freude @ MUSICASA

New Year Concert

Piano: Sachio Yoshida
Percussion : Himmel
Baritone: Keitaro Okabe
MC: Shunsuke Ochiai


1. Prelude cis-Moll Op.3-2 "The Bells of Moscow":  S. Rachmaninov

2. Träumerai F-dur Op.15-7: R.Schumann

3. Erste Satz aus Fantasie C-dur Op.17: R. Schumann

4. Polonaise As-Dur Op.53 "Heroic": F. Chopin


5. Toccata for Vibraphone and Marimba : A. Koppel

6. ILIJAS : N.J. Zivocovic

7. African Blues : W. Roggenkamp


8. Mi Mancherai : L. Bacalov (from the film "Il Postino")

9. Ich stand in dunklen Täumen OP. 13 Nr. 1: C. Schumann

10. Stille Tränen OP. 35 Nr. 10 : R. Schumann

11. Opera Don Carlo "O Carlo, ascolta": G. Verdi

12. Kamakura wa Komoriuta: Naohiko Terashima

13. Sen no Kazeni natte: Mitsuru Arai
(a Japanese song based on the poem "Thousand Winds" by Mary Elizabeth Frye)

【Special Bonus Session】

☆ Turkish March: Mozart
by Himmel and Sachio Yoshida

☆ Kazeni Naritai: Kazufumi Miyazawa
by Himmel, Sachio Yoshida, and Keitaro Okabe

   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆  

Himmel is an exciting multi percussion duo formed by Chika Ishibashi (my yoga mate^^) and Nanae Uehara. The two artists met while studying at Tokyo University of the Arts, and formed the duo in 2008.

Himmel is a German word meaning "the sky, heaven", and it is their wish to perform like the sky that has many expressions.

The duo performs mainly on the marimba, and offers music from a variety of genres.

In May of 2009, they came in 3rd place in the International Competition for Percussion Instruments in Bulgaria, and was received enthusiastically by the jury and audience alike.

Their activities have expanded from live performances at cafes and on the street to music for TV CM etc.

The two artists are also busy individually.

As a freelance percussionist, Chika Ishibashi participates in a wide range of activities including:
Guest appearances with many major orchestras, (she has collaborated with Jo Hisaishi- composer of TWSSG), chamber and solo work, creating music for TV CM etc.

Her partner Nanae Uehara is also active not only as a performer both in Japan and abroad, but as an instructor for the participants of the popular TV drama "NODAME CANTABILE" etc.

I really look forward to future performances of Himmel and MUSIC FREUDE, a unique project that brings the artists and audience together.



Anonymous said...

Hi flowerblossa,

Just wanted to tell you that "himmel" in Swedish also means "sky" and "heaven". German and Swedish language are related from the same "language family".

Funny .. but if I ever had musical talent I have thought of percussion instruments in a big symphony orchestra. But as it is now my only talent is to listen to music.

Anonymous said...

Hm.. forgot to write

Hyds said...

Hi Flowerbossa!
I am partial to Rachmaninov & Chopin however I searched for the other composers and Schumann's were quite good. I'm quite taken by the African Blues-vibrant and lively music. Thanks. Did you watch the show?
It's been a while since I saw an orchestra playing and must say nothing beats a live performance.

flowerbossa said...

Hello Ida,

Thank you for your lesson on Swedish! It's interesting to know that the word "himmel" has the same meaning.

It's never too late to take up an instrument - try it! Maybe you'll will discover your hidden talent^^


flowerbossa said...

Hello Hyds,

It is Chopin and Schumann's 200th anniversary this year - that is why the artists chose pieces from these composers. You may have noticed that "Träumerai" is the piece KJS played on the piano when he was with Yujin^^

Like you, I really enjoyed the performance of "African Blues"
(YES, I went to the concert - it was fantastic!!)

I wish you'd have the chance to hear HIMMEL play. If you come to Tokyo at the right time, you can enjoy their perofmance while sipping on coffee at TULLY's coffee shop^^/


Anonymous said...

Sorry Flowerbossa,

but it is very well hidden not to be found during this century or ever no matter how hard I would search :-)


flowerbossa said...

Hello again Ida,

If you love music, you never know... you can surprise yourself^^