Sep 18, 2009

MCs for the "Beauty of Korea" Event

Takaharu Miyamoto

“Do your best, this very moment!” became my motto when I heard Bae Yong Joon-san say it when I interviewed him on NHK 5 years ago. I look forward to seeing him again.

courtesy of 430miki

Miyamato-san revealed in the program “OMOIKKIRI DON” (Sept.11):

"Having interviewed him 5 years ago, they apparently remembered me and asked me to be MC for this event."

And the other MC is is wuri lovely Kim Tei-ssi

She was the MC for all of BYJ's major events in Japan. This photo is from last year's event at Kyocera Dome.

(Incidentally, the gentleman translating for BYJ in the NHK program is IMX president Sohn-ssi. Kim Tei-ssi's boss!)

Hide Nakagawa and Kaori Manabe will be the MCs for the Red Carpet event celebrating the the opening of DATV on Oct. 1.

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