Aug 12, 2009

Part 3

Do you have anything you want to say to BYJ-ssi?

Yes - that I'm sorry I said that back then.

When we were playing golf, we really got serious over the game,

As a grown-up, I should have let him win.

I really had my mind set on winning. Sorry.

So you played golf together?

And got heated?

For us, things like me being a woman or him being a junior doesn't matter.

We consider each other serious rivals.

Winning is all that counts.

We don't even talk to each other until the game is over.

You both are really competitive, aren't you.

He doesn't even go easy on me when my ball gets stuck in the ditch.

He could be a bit more easier on me, you know.

What happens if BYJ-ssi makes a similar mistake?

I ignore it too.

I even tell him "get out of my way".

You should have given in.

I regret it.

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