Mar 21, 2009

A Call to the Principal

From BSJ's Last Event Celebrating Valentine's Day
Feb.1, 2009
created by satovic

The final event for B.S.J. was carried out in the form of a graduation ceremony.

Because wuri principal BYJ was not present, satovic tried giving him a call.

(enjoy the video!)

(RING ~~~!)

Satovic: Hello, is this Bae Yong Joon-san’s home?
BYJ: Konnichiwa. Watashi wa Bae Yong Joon desu
(Hello. I am BYJ.)
S: It’s been awhile. This is satovic.
BYJ: Mata oaidekite ureshii desu. ( I’m glad to see you again!)
S: I’m glad to see you again too.
When I met you on the plane, I was so nervous that I was sweating profusely. Do you remember how I looked?
BYJ: Buta no shabu-shabu. (Pork shabu-shabu.)
S: Ooh, your Japanese has improved a lot.
BYJ: Gohan tabemashitaka? ( Have you eaten?)
S: Oh, yes. You know, I think I ate too much for lunch today.
BYJ: Soshin! (Shape up!)
S: Ooh, that’s mean…. YJ-san, are you sure you’re a Virgo? I can’t believe it. When was your birthday again?
BYJ: Hatsuratsu. (a pun on hachigatsu meaning August).
S: Ah, that’s right it was August. By the way, where are you right now?
BYJ: Kokoga watashi no ie desu. ( THIS is my house.)
S: Oh, you made a tiny mistake (with your grammar).
In this case, you should have said “kokowa” instead of “kokoga”.
BYJ: Nazedaro? (I wonder why…)
S: Well, I can’t answer that. You shouldn’t think too much when you want to learn a language. Repetition is the key. You want to try it?
BYJ: Suki desu. (I like you.)
Suki desu.
Suki desu.
Suki desu.
Daijoubu desuka?
(Are you alright?)
S: How do you expect me to be alright? You were about to give me a heart attack.
Wow, that made me dizzy… Please ask Sohn-san to teach you proper Japanese. You still must be good friends with Sohn-san, right?
BYJ: Koibito desu! (He’s my love!)
S: Come on, that can’t be so. You aren't a girl. Joon, you’re a guy, aren’t you?
BYJ: Docchi kana? (I wonder which…)
Anata wa docchi? (Which are you?)
S: What do you mean you’re not sure!
Both you and Sohn-san are boys!
BYJ: Torikaekko! (Trade!)
S: No! That’s not it!
BYJ: Torikaekko!
S: Hey, that’s not funny…
Let’s change the subject.
BYJ: Mou hanasanai… (I don’t want to talk any more… The same phrase can mean "I won't let you go.")
S: Oh dear, you’re pouting.
Okay, why don’t we talk about one of your favorite topics, business.
The Korean economy has been in a severe state recently, hasn’t it?
I hear that with the falling stock prices, you’ve taken quite a blow. Were you alright?
BYJ: Sugoku itakatta desu. (It hurt me a lot.)
S: I can imagine. But for us, with the weak won, everything seems very cheap when we travel to Korea. Fruit must be cheap too, right?
BYJ: Ichigo ichie(n) (A strawberry is one yen- a pun on “ichigo ichie”, BYJ’s favorite proverb meaning “treasure every encounter for it will never recur”.)
S: Oh, now that’s cheap! By the way, do you remember that I lent you some money the last time we met? Because I was nervous, I had the bill clasped in my hand so tight that it got warm. Do you remember how much it was?
BYJ: Atatakai go seien. (He is actually saying "warm support "A pun on “atatakai go sen en” meaning, warm 5000 yen.)
S: When will you give it back to me?
BYJ: Chotto matte kudasai. ( Please wait while.)
S: Are things that bad? Are you okay?
When, Yong Joon? How long would I have to wait?
BYJ: Ah, mata au sonohimade, ogenkide… (Ah, till we meet again, take care…)

(the sound of the line being cut off...)


gosijo said...

Brilliant! I was sooo hoping you would translate this dialogue from the Last B.S.J.Event!

Not only is it brilliant in its conception and execution but also in the way your translation gave us the romanized Japanese and the explanations when needed.

So, Won-nim is coming back to the big screen for you? Enjoy!!!

flowerbossa said...

Dear gosijo,

How can I resisist^^
You can see the LIVE version on the BSJ site (hear how the audience is ROARING with laughter!) Another of satovic's masterpieces.

Yes, I'm really looking forward to seeing Won-nim really soon~

Have a nice week!


Hyds said...

Hi Flowerbossa!
Thnaks, I really enjoyed that..thanks for the translation. Well thought and very creative.
Take care.
Hyds x

flowerbossa said...

Hi Hyds,

I'm glad you enjoyed this comical presentation by satovic.
I'm hoping she would come up with more in the future^^

I'm sure you are looking forward to spring in Lodndon!


jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Meant to thank you on this translation for a while, just that I've been very sick lately. Thank you so much, now that you wrote out the Romanji Japanese, I understand it so much better. This dialogue is hilarious and Satovic is even using pun on us non-Nihongin talking Nihongo :(

Spring is here but still chilly eh? Wonder if sakura has blossomed in Yokohama? It's still not opened in Tokyo, my overseas guests are disappointed. Please take care!

love .... jaime

flowerbossa said...

Oh Jaime-san!

I'm so sorry to hear that you have not been well- are you better now?

I'm glad to be able to give this translation to you, especially because I did a sloppy job at the event^^; Since you know so much nihongo now, I knew you would enjoy it if was delivered in the right way!

The weather has been rather chaotic, hasn't it? Soo chilly!
I can understand your guests' disappointment for not being able to catch the sakura this weekend. On the other hand, they may last until the beginning of the school season, which is good for students who will enter school this year (like my son, nephew and niece!)

Please take care so we can get together soon!


jaime said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts, dear flowerbossa. Yes, I am recovering but still feel very weak. I am happy that your son, nephew and niece are able to enjoy cherry blossom when school starts. It must be a wonderful sign for a good beginning. Hehe, I actually feel so ashamed when you are so forgiving in my poor Japanese. I look forward to our meeting soon.

love ..... jaime