Apr 4, 2009

First and Foremost an Actor

"Untold Scandal" was chosen as one of the films shown in the 5th Anniversary Event at Cine Quanon Yurakucho 1 Chome Theater.

Seeing Lord Won again .... I said to myself,
"Yes, I was right.... you BYJ are first and foremost an actor!"
I want to see you in a new work RIGHT NOW~!

Displayed at the theater:

(photos courtesy of yunyon - thank you!)


jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

I am sure you and the other sisters had a great time. Sorry to miss this wonderful event. Thanks for sharing!

love .... jaime

flowerbossa said...

Dear jaime-san,

We were so worried about you the other day... are you feeling better? Lord Won can wait (serves him right!) but like you said yourself, your health is precious.
Please get plenty of rest and take it easy even after you recover. I will see you soon^^