Aug 6, 2006

Satovic Meets BYJ 2005 Chapter Four

Chapter 4 Miracles Do Happen!

After I handed the book to Yong Joon, everyone in the business class area applauded for us warmly. The passengers on the other side of the curtain must have wondered what was going on. This was inside a plane, you know….

Then, I was able to shake hands with him, and we both went back to our seats. His hands were warm, fleshy and very soft.

I could not feel blisters or anything like that from his training at all. If possible, I had hoped to see the difference between the rough and bruised right hand and the smooth left hand up close, but the thought did not brush my mind. When I sign things for people, I always write “Glory of the Lord” for people who are Christian, and since Joon is also Christian, I should have done so, but such thoughts were totally blown away.

But at the time, such things did not matter, I was just so overwhelmed that I pressed my face against the back of my seat and cried. Because I study Indian medicine called Ayurveda, I wore an Indian outfit with a bindi on my forehead for the hot weather in Taiwan, but when I finally looked up, the friend in back of me burst into laughter. Having pressed my face on the seat so hard from joy, the bindi that was supposed to be on my forehead had moved to my chin….

I think that for Joon, it was quite a normal thing to ask for someone’s autograph. In Masako Mukoyama ‘s book “The Smiling Prince” (translator’s note: Ms. Mukoyama is a Bae family who happens to be a writer, and also happens to be satovic’s friend!), she wrote that when she presented her book to him, Yong Joon asked her to sign it and they ended up exchanging autographs. So, it could be that he was not particularly impressed with “Yon-sama Gekijo”, but just asked me out of courtesy.

But when I recall the mischievous expression he had on his face when he stood up like he had an idea (right after browsing through the file and the translation)、I feel that he may have given me this kind of present to surprise me. We’ve heard that he enjoys making people happy or surprised by giving gifts. He would give his autograph to those who want autographs, hugs to those who want to be hugged….. but since I didn’t ask for his autograph when almost everyone who was there did, I think he realized that what I wanted was something different.

I enjoy doing things for people. I can’t help thinking that he saw through me, and he gave me the opportunity to do something for him. He gave me the best present in the whole world. And I think it is not because I have done something special.

When I introduced myself, he didn’t seem to know my name. and when I handed him the album, I didn’t mention that I was the owner of the site. So, I don’t think he treated me like someone special.
What I received from him was an act that was full of his kind feelings, something I will not be able to forget for the rest of my life. I thank you Yong Joon-ssi, from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, but to think that Joon’s face was only 50 cm away from me! And all I was staring at was the pink on the back of my book, the tip of the marker and Sohn-san’s face(ToT)
AIGOOOOO! What a waste! Oh! Uh, no, nothing against Sohn-san’s face, you see. (^_^;)

When we arrived in Seoul, he put the book and album in his Louis Vuitton carefully, and stood up. Wearing his jacket with white embroidered angels again, he got off at Incheon Airport. The minute he got off, he was again surrounded by the media and fans. I followed him maintaining some distance. There were some photographers who had the nerve to stick a camera in front of his nose one handed and taking photos with a flash. You wouldn’t think of doing such a terrible thing even to an animal… But, he continued to smile all along. Now there’s a pro…

As if trying to tease these people from the press, he walked faster and faster.
Because I am pretty impetuous by nature and tend to walk fast all the time, I was able to keep up with him, but there was a fan that came from behind and she was huffing and puffing.
She had a baby strapped to her back, and holding her luggage in one hand, she was trying to film him on the video she was holding in her other hand.
Sensing something serious behind him, Yong Joon stopped for a moment and turned around. Seeing this mother breathing really hard, he laughed amusedly, and dropped his pace a little.
And then he left us, disappearing through immigration……

The black shirt that wrapped the strong muscles beneath the bright white jacket with angels… An extraordinary existence that held so many wonderful qualities; beauty, strength, warmth, mischievousness, sexiness, gorgeousness, coolness and passion, sense of humor and kindness, intelligence and loneliness….. Bae Yong Joon….I feel so lucky to be born in the same age as you…. thank you so much God!
(now, I wish I could have been born about 10 years later…. no, I know that’s too much to ask, ha ha ha. (^_^;)

When I read a report like this on JOB two years ago, I had thought something like this would never happen to me. I ‘m the type of person who usually has so little luck people would laugh at me. So, if it happened to me, it could very well happen to YOU, reading this report right now. I pray for all of you from the bottom of my heart that you would encounter a miracle of running into Joon somewhere. And if this does happen, please share with us how beautiful our Yong Joon was, OK?

BUT….. who ever said every silver lining has a cloud is absolutely right. When such a fabulous thing occurs, the troubles came in bundles immediately after. When I got to the airport, my luggage was missing; the paper bag I had in my hand was torn, and I was spilling things like pens and such all over the airport; my shoes had gotten bigger by 2 cm from standing at the hotel for such a long time, and the blister on my foot hurt so badly I could not walk any longer …… Though I started working straightaway after going back to Japan, I fell down the stairway and my back turned purple Really, my feet were not on the ground. But even with all these unlucky incidents, the joy I received was far greater

And everything started from this official board (translator’s note: satovic posted this report on JOB). Because so many of you enjoyed my postings and encouraged me with your comments, I was able to write the book and the book lead me to meet Joon. I could not write this last year because it would sound like I am advertising my book, but because it has been a year since then, I took the opportunity to talk about my book just this once on the board. Although many of the participants of the board have left, and I see very few familiar names, I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see Yong Joon in his new image really soon?!
He is probably fast asleep now, being all tired out from rooting for his national team last night!
Or, could he be dashing through the vast green fields of Kyrgyz?

Love forever, satovic


bb said...

this the end? feel almost sorry that there's no more... oh, maybe she or one of us will get to meet him and share a story!

funny that satovic chose to end her BYJ encounter with 'Miracles do Happen'... coz i ended my Bae Journey account with 'Dreams do Come True'... and hehe, i too told everyone anything's possible.

if it could happen to me, it could happen to you too.

until that day, i'll be waiting for you sisters to share your BYJ moments, ya?

thank you once again, satovic and flowerbossa. it was a lovely journey throughout.

flowerbossa said...

bb, it really does feel like a I'm going on a great journey when I am translating these stories.
I think you will agree with me, being a translator yourself.

One thing I learned from you, satovic and all the sisters who were able to meet him -
you need a witness to confirm that you really DID see Bae Yong Joon. Otherwise, you might as well stay in bed and dream about him like I do!

bb said...

hee... why not take two witnesses with you while you're at it? bring pallet and me! i promise i will try and take pictures for you with him :p

take me along take me along take me along please please please! :p

jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Thanks for finishing the translation of this precious experience of Satovic. We can feel the excitement and happiness of her encounter with our prince. Your description of her ecstasy is excellent.

I read from bb's blog that you are going away to "onsen" with your family? (wonder what that is?) I hope you will have a wonderful and relaxing vacation. Take care!

bb said...

onsen? err... it's a public bath-house with natural hot spring? you know... 泡温泉?

flowerbossa said...

Jaime, hi.
I think you mentioned that your friends took you to an 温泉when you were here. Hope you can go again. I will be going to Niigata, (where the earthquake was!)

bb, are you staying up late,
or are you up early?
I'm the latter, but you?

Take it easy everyone, and see you soon ♪

Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Flowerbossa,
Thanks for your hard work to translate and share with us satovic's experiences.
So you will take some holidays with your family ?
I hope you will have a safe trip, wonderful vacation and maybe an encounter with a very special person.

PS : thanks bb for the explanation about onsen. It is in Korea, isn't it ?

bb said...

huh? flowerbossa, you mean you wake up at 4-something in the morning??

whoa... unless i'm taking an early flight, i've never gotten up that early... hee, and knowing me like i know me, if i've my way, i would never book a flight before 9am :p

yea, i'm a 'night' person.

p.s. camille, i believe onsen is a japanese word, so when one says onsen, they usually mean one in japan. or at least that's what i think.

bb said...

hey, camille, you might want to read this. cute entry from a british woman sharing her first onsen experience. haha, shall we say it was love at first dip?

jaime said...

thanks bb and flowerbossa for the explanation. Oh, how I long to go for "onsen" again!

Stupid me! I didn't really know how to appreciate it the first time. Just in for a shock seeing both men and women naked in the water! I actually sat on the rock with my back to the spring the whole time. They were laughing at me walking all the way down the mountain!

Toujours_BYJ said...

Thanks bb for the link, it's the first time I read about onsen experience, really amazing !
Both men and women naked in the water ? But did I read that YJ enjoyed Onsen when he was in Japan ? Oh la la my imagination is running lah, ha ha.

flowerbossa said...

Hi girls!

AND here I am at an onsen!

We just happened to run into this place - it just opened last month!

You wouldn't believe it, it's not just any old onsen, but equipped with an internet & comic cafe!
I have access to the basic facilities in this spa for only 1000 yen = 3 hours!
Check out the site

Camille, although there ARE spas where women and men can bathe together, they are mostly separated. If that makes you a bit more comfortable...

Never thought I could have access to my own blog at an onsen.

PLUS, for about 20 luxurious minutes, I had the bath ALL to myself (until a "gentleman" joined me)!

Tomorrow, I will be going to a onsen inn - a small cozy place for only about 30 people.

Talk to you soon ♪


bb said...

haiyo... flowerbossa i'm not sure it's a good thing to install pcs with internet access at onsen inns, you know...

haha, i remember during my last trip to japan in late march, the first thing that caught my eye when i stepped into the onsen were the two pcs in the lobby! hehe, guess what's the first thing i asked? 'got internet?'

bb said...

haiyo, i forgot to say what i came in here to say :p must be camille's fault, for making me think blush-worthy thoughts about wuri yong joon in an onsen!

flowerbossa, just wanna let you know the gals at loveyongjoon has completed the chinese translation for all four chapters of satovic's story. they all loved it! so animated it was as though we were all right there with her! thanks!

tiffany said...

Thanks so much for all the translation. Enjoyed both Satovic's writing and your translation. ^^

omo! You're now at an onsen? I'd like to go to one if I ever go Japan. have a good holiday!

flowerbossa said...

I'm back ~yes, although it was short, I had a lot of fun with my family. Camille & tiffany, there are lots of private onsens (where you can enjoyed them ALONE!) so,
if you ever have the chance to get here, I would definitely recommend it.

Jaime, since you've already experienced it, perhaps you would like to take it from the "intermediate" level? A dip with your family can be quite fun!
It's very romantic under the moonlite♪

Guess I missed bb.
(though I have a feeling she can hear us chatting!)

Have a nice weekend ♫

mrs a said...

thank you flowerbossa, they were right when bb said they felt as it they were experiencing it themselves. I felt that way too. The writing was so good. Any more of her writings we would love to read too. Tell her thank you so very very much.

Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Flowerbossa,
I hope one day I can visit Japan and experience an onsen, especially onsen with internet access.
Dear bb, it's not my fault, it's YJ's fault haha.

flowerbossa said...

Hello mrs. a,

Glad to hear you enjoyed satovic's adventure!

She is recently busy with her ayurveda work, so she does not write as frequently as she did before. But I will certainly let her know that many of you are looking forward to MORE!!

I miss the barbecues and lemonades in the hot summer sun...

Say hello to Rider♪