Aug 27, 2006

B.S.J Fan Art Exhibition Ver. Okan in Kansai

B.S.J. West Presents: Fan Art Exhibition Ver. Okan in Kansai (Western Japan)

Aug.25 to Aug. 26, 2006

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makishi said...

It is glad to know details here.

today's O.A

and Goodbye My love Making^^

Enjoy it!

flowerbossa said...

Thanks for sharing makishi!

That scene with YJ on a bicycle was really funny!

makishi said...

Is it your birthday today?
Though it slowed...
Happy Birthday to flowerbossa :)

jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Such an abundance of talents in Japan. Pallet's drawings are beautiful. Did you actually travel to Kansai for the exhibition? THat name reminds me of a Japanese designer named Kansai Yamamoto. He made stunning embroidered sweaters years ago. Have you heard of him?

btw, happy birthday flowerbossa! May you have good health and happiness for the coming year!

flowerbossa said...

Good morning makishi,

Yes... it was my birthday yesterday. BB told me it was Yang-san's birthday, too!

I was surprised!

flowerbossa said...


Unfortunately, I was not able to go - a sister from BSJ kindly sent these photos to me.

Yes, Kansai Yamamoto is still very active - he is lately famous for producing/creating big events.

His daughter Mirai is an actress.

mrs a said...


Wow - love that room and how tastefully it is decorated. Of course the subject matter made it perfect but putting it over the top was pallet's drawings - she is awesome! I know I have said that before but I really do love her work.

Take care! Hope you had a good bday!

flowerbossa said...

Hello mrs.a,

Thank you so much!

I had a peaceful birthday at home with my family.

Pallet and I always love to hear from you because it brings back happy memories of the days we lived in Chicago.

Have a nice day♪