Aug 23, 2006

B.S.J.'s Birthday Event August 2006

This is satovic’s report on the BSJ Birthday Event
"Let's go to the space that Dam Deok Saw"

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The program had actually started during the 30 minutes we were waiting for the family to get seated. We played jazz music that had ☆ as its theme – aside from the classics such as Satchmo’s “When you wish upon a star”and Nat & Natalie Cole’s “Paper Moon” I also mixed in some of my own faves like Boston’s “More than a feeling” and EWF’s “Fantasy” – I wonder if you were able to find what these songs had in common.

When it was time, with the heroic music “Departure”, Yong Joon’s back appeared in the sky at the front of the dome. It was the flash created by Norita, “100 Days”. She is the owner of her own site “Creative Group Zero”, and she kindly let us use 2 flashes from there. These flashes are a great form of expression in themselves..

Please go to the ↓site to see this flash.
(Try clicking the RED lines)
OR, go here ↓
(flowerbossa: don't miss it! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!)
We had a few serious issues to solve to make this event a success, and one of them was SLEEPINESS. To keep the audience awake, wuri staff M-san asked everyone to practice the “Tae ha mingu” hand clap. She reminded the audience that if and when she saw them on the verge of dozing off, she would ask them to do this hand clap.

Then the fanfare resounded, and along with the Taegeukgi and the flash being shown on the screen, I went on stage 38 seconds later. Alright , let’s see your hand clap everyone – tae ha mingu!

[Please refer to original thread- try clicking the RED Lines].

Did you enjoy it? This was a video from the 2002 World Cup , and you can see how Korea was bursting with energy during the games. Actually, I had made my appearance wearing a Red Devils uniform. (note: satovic always appears as one of the characters in Yong Joon’s films). Hey, I had no other choice – nothing from the new drama has come out yet. So, since the biggest event we shared with Korea was the World Cup, and since YJ had given a message to support the Korean team at the time, the theme for this event’s appearance became the Red Devils.

☆ Calling Yong Joon overseas –
Yong Joon brushing up on his Japanese

Well, another thing we had to consider in this event, was that in order to see the stars properly, we needed to give the audience time to get used to the darkness. For the average mature woman, it takes approximately 10 minutes for her to get used to the dark. So, to buy time, I thought everyone would much rather prefer listening to wuri Yong Joon’s voice then mine – that’s why I decided to give him an overseas phone call. I wonder if I can reach him….. I took out a cell phone, and started dialing the number…. “Oh, is she really going to call him?!” – I was pleased to see at least 5 people almost rise from their chairs, thinking that I would ACTUALLY call him (^^)v

Hereafter, please listen to his voice by clicking the player.
If it doesn’t work, try banging on your PC (no, don’t do that), or pressing the update button.

Satovic: Now, let’s see…. South Korea 82. Seoul. 434344….
…. I wonder if he’s home, maybe he’s still working…
.(.. sound of phone ringing “RRRRRRRRR… click)
Yoboseyo. Hello. Is this Bae Yong Joon-ssi’s home?
YJ: Hello, this Bae Yong Joon.
S: Oh, hello! I’m sorry for not keeping in touch. My name is satovic.
YJ: I’m so happy to see you again.
S: You mean you remember me? I’m thrilled!
It sounds like 30,000 people are behind you …(^^;)
You know, I was so nervous last year when I met you last year on the plane that I was all sweaty. Do you remember how I looked?
YJ: Pork shabu shabu.
S: HELLOOOOOO~ (><)  No need to get wise there! But I can see that your Japanese is coming out really smoothly.
YJ: Have you eaten already?
S: Oh, you mean lunch, Actually, I overate …. HAHAHA!
YJ: You need to slim down!
S: Oh, leave me alone! Why do you have to pick up wise cracks like that, of all things…By the way, when did you start shooting “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi”?
YJ: Hatsuratsu? (note: means “energetic” )
S: Oh, August (note: satovic thought he said “hachigatsu” for August). You must be busy now, then.
Where are you today?
YJ: “kokoga, watashino ie desu.” (This here is my home.)

S: Hmmm. you almost had it right.
You needed to say, “koko WA” instead of “koko GA”
YJ: I wonder why….
S: How should I know?!
Don’t think about it. The best way to learn a language is through practice. Repetition is good.
You want to try it right now?

YJ: Sukidesu. (I like you.)
S: What?!!
S: Me?
S : But, but I’m not ready…. AIGOOOO!
YJ: Are you alright!
S: (crashes)
Oh… I’m not alright~! You almost gave me a heart attack!. Phew, I’m dizzy…
Look, don’t practice with a line like that!
Have Sohn-san teach you proper Japanese.
I heard you and he are real pals, right?
YJ: He’s my “koibito”(sweet heart)!

S: WHAAAAAAAAT! Now, YOU have gotta be kidding!
Joon! YOU are not an “ONNA (woman)”, you are a “OTOKO (man)”, right?

YJ: Hmm, I wonder which… Which are you?

S: What do you mean you can’t make up your mind?!
YOU and SOHN-san are both OTOKO!

YJ: Torikaekko! (let’s trade!)
S: Now don’t get smart!.
YJ: Torikaekko!

S: That’s not right either!.

S: Why do you have to shout?!
It’s not funny at all!
We need to change the subject.
YJ: Torikaekko!
S: Why do you have to change THAT way?!
Let’s talk about something else.
HELLOOO! Yong Joon-san, Yong Joon-saan!!
YJ: Mou hanasanai… (I won’t let you go – homonymous with, “I’m not talking any more.”)
(The sound of phone being cut off)

--------------THE END------------------
Many thanks to the B.S.J. staff!!
Love forever satovic


bb said...

can i assume they had pieced together wuri yong joon's voice from the various clips to put together the teleconversation? what a riot! so cute...!

and... i would love to see satovic in a red devils tee!

thanks for the translation, great sharing there.... :)

jaime said...

This is hilarious, flowerbossa. Satovic is certainly a creative and talented lady. For a few seconds, I was fooled that she actually got hold of Yong Joon in the phone. Then the conversation got really out of hand by Satovic's humour!

Is that a big gathering? Were you there? I wonder why they anticipate the fans will doze off in a BYJ venue? Thanks for sharing!

flowerbossa said...


You got it honey!

Did you see the "100 Days" flash?
I added the URL, so be sure to see it. Oh, what a beautiful man...

flowerbossa said...


HA! satovic would be pleased to hear that she got you!

They held the show twice in the planetarium - the capacity was 100 people X 2.

NO. I couldn't make it that day...

mrs a said...

that was a riot and well put together. And that 100 days - oh my be still my heart - okay you could probably hear it beating from way over here in the states. He is so gorgeous!

flowerbossa said...

mrs. a

Hello! can't imagine how long it took the staff to put that together. Such patience and team work!

and... as for the "100 days"...
Many hearts are beating together ^^