Jan 28, 2008

Standing in the Rain


bb said...

hey flowerbossa, do tell pallet this is wonderful :p

jaime said...

hi flowerbossa,

Thank you for posting this wonderful drawing from your talented mom Pallet. I am mesmerized by this captivating portriat of DD standing in the rain. The reverse shading and the straight strokes that she used to bring out the rain appear so real. That clear drop of rain at the tip of his beautiful straight nose gives away how soaked he is standing in the rain, thinking or waiting or both?

Pallet shows me that a painting does not have to look colorful or loud, it can be calm and serene and still able to convey a strong statement. Yong Joon is a very blessed man to have so many talented ladies in his family.

love ... jaime

flowerbossa said...

Hi bb,

How are you doing?

Pallet is happy to hear that you liked this drawing^^

Thanks for leaving a commment♪


flowerbossa said...

Hi jaime,

Pallet claims that she draws as her heart leads her and does not mind much about technique. (But she did have problems in expressing the rain!)
She's happy that you noticed the rain drop on the tip of his nose^^

Thank you for coming by♪


gosijo said...

Hi flowerbossa,

From me too, a message to Pallet: this drawing is absolutely fabulous! I too wondered about how she managed to draw the rain.

flowerbossa said...

Hello gosijo,

I too wonder how she managed to draw it...

Actually, I've never been around her when she draws wuri YJ!

Thanks for your comment^^