Oct 30, 2007

Sleeping Damdeok


Anonymous said...

hi flowwerbossa! arigatou!
pls say thanks to pallet for me...
thanks for this wonderful artwork :)

flowerbossa said...

Hi mymy,

Thank you for your comment!

I forwarded your message to pallet and she was happy to hear that you liked it.

Are you enjoying the drama?
I haven't been following it closely, but I'm looking forward to Dec!

Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

hi flowerbossa!
yah im enjoying the drama!
w/ help from our nice sisters translation and ofcourse some help from the twssg thread in soompi...

hehe, me too so exited!
im happy that i can watch in the internet live butim sure it would be so cool to watch it in a high vision tv...
hehe heard every japanese sis are buying new ones! how about you? hehe just joking...
i even counted when will episode 4 be air and it will be in dec24 (christmas eve) its my mom and dad's day off that day so i'll force them to watch :p
i'll show my mom how dashing our YJ is even though fuyusona was like years ago... why? she really dont like YJ'S long hair :(
flowerrbossa pls wish me luck so my mom will have interest on YJ oppa again...
have a nice week too!
yippee it wednesday tomorrow!!!
sorry for the long comment (^^;)

flowerbossa said...


So your mother doesn't like his long hair, huh? I'm sure if she sees him in action, she will change her mind ^^

BTW, speaking of WLS, I went to see the first 2 episodes at the movie theater in Yokohama - because it was the opening day, there was a guest appearance by Ms. Song Ok-suk (the actress who played Jun Sahng's omma). She was a very nice lady with a good sense of humor. What was exciting was that she stayed to watch the drama with us. I wonder how she felt... I got to shake hands with her, too!

It would be a dream to be able to do that with her "son" someday!


MYMY said...

hehe, im sure no one will be able to concentrate w/ the show if her'son would be there...
i watched episode 2 of winter sonata a while ago.
in bs channel, did you saw it?
marikoo onni told me about it but it gave me a headache, i dint knew where should i foucus ^^;
wS or TWSSSG?????

flowerbossa said...

Dear mymy,

Maybe because I haven't been following TWSSG, I really enjoyed watching WLS on the big screen. I think that will always be a special drama for me!

I am also going to see "Untold Scandal" this month. That is also one of my favorite ^^/

(too much PC & TV can give you a headache - be careful!)