Sep 17, 2008

Satovic's Birthday Message to BYJ

Posted on KOB on Sept. 18, 2008
Dear Yong Joon-ssi,
Hello! Were you able to enjoy the Chuseok holidays with your family?

We, the Japanese family always feel that we are living each day with you.
Since you first came to Japan in April 2004, we as your family have been making donations to the Lee Soo Hyun (LSH) Asia Scholarship instead of sending you presents and chocolates on your birthday and Valentine’s Day. This is the ninth time we made this effort, and with the 310 of us, we were able to raise a total of 1,069,769 yen. With this money, over 50 foreign students are able to continue their studies in Japan every year, feeling grateful towards you.

You may say that you are not doing anything, but it is your existence that led us to open our eyes to the countries of Asia and nurtured the urge to participate in such efforts. So, please accept the students’ and our feelings of appreciation. Like every other year, it is the birthday present we the Japanese family would like to give you.

We don’t even need to call out to our family any more when this season comes around – we all look forward to this project every year, and go to the post office voluntarily to make the transfers. It makes us happy under your name, to be able to support the students who will become bridges between the Asian countries and Japan.
We heard that BOF is currently planning a program to support students studying in Japan. What a wonderful idea! It would make us even happier if you could consider including the LSH Asia Scholarship as one of the groups under your support. As the new CEO of Keyeast Mr. Pyo Jong Roks said, “…. Hanryu cannot be created with just one hit drama or movie. Because of Mr. Lee Soo Hyun who tried to save a Japanese man who fell off the platform of a train station, the Japanese people started to pay close attention to Korea.” I think he is exactly right. That is why we are always happy to be able to unite our feelings towards you through the scholarship established by Soo Hyun-ssi’s parents.

If you will support this scholarship, we will be able to continue to do the same thing we have been doing over the years, not as individuals or small groups but under your program. Through such a program, we will be able to offer money to the students; the joy of helping others to Soo Hyun-ssi’s parents; and to you, honor and our gratitude. Needless to say, the love we send to you is everlasting.

May your year as a 36 year old be a fruitful one!

B.S.J. (BYJ Supporters in Japan) 

Lee Soo Hyun

Top: Cast & staff of the film "26 Year Diary"

Bottom: Cast & staff with LSH's parents in the front row (middle)

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