Mar 21, 2010

Memories from My Journey


Hyds said...

Hello Flowerbossa! How are you?? it's been a while since I've come here.
Pallet have truly mastered BYJ portraits.. Beautiful sketch. Keep well.

Ida said...

Dear Flowerbossa,
Long time no see? Hope all is well. The other week I bought a book on a flee market and dicovered that the lady the book was all about, moved to Japan in the 1950th She stayed most of the time in a place between Yokohama and Tokyo, called Tsurumi. Another place named was Shirane Cho. She moved back to Sweden in 1976 a said in her final letter "How I feel leaving Japan can't be explained with words. It hurts! It's like a shovel that is trying to dig up the roots but it is impossible. A big part of my heart will stay in Japan" Her name was Astrid and she really loved your country. What kind of city is Tsurumi today?

Ida in Sweden

flowerbossa said...

Dear Hyds and Ida,

Thank you for your messages, so sorry I have not responded sooner.

Hyds, pallet always appreciates your warm encouragement. Do visit her at "Pallet Gallery" when you have the time.

Ida, it's good to hear that someone from your country loved Japan back then. Swedish companies are very successful here today, so I'm sure there are many people here. Much of Tsurumi is very industrialized and a regional commercial center.

Now, I regret to have to tell you that I have decided to discontinue this blog for health reasons.

Thank you for dropping by regularly and sharing your ideas and thoughts. Hope to "talk" to you somewhere again!

Take care!


Ida said...

Sorry to hear that Flowerbossa. Take care and I hope to see you too.

Marce said...

Hi Flowerbossa,
I visited your blog frequently, but i never post a comment cause my english is no good, but after to read that you will discontinue this blog I just wanted to say thanks for all you post, i really loved them, Take care, I hope you feel healthy soon, God Bless you, and you are on my prayers,
Love you very much.

flowerbossa said...

Dear Ida and Marce,

Thank you for your warm words, I'm feeling better^^

The best to you all!


Shinji said...

Hi Flowerbossa,

I used to read your blog from time to time, however, I never commented on it. But since I read that you decided to discontinue it, I've been thinking on an adecuate comment and I don't know exactly what to say...

I want to thank you for all the translations about Seikyo Kim, because I'm a big follower of Maestro. I'm from Spain and I don't know japanese really well (only basic things), so it's really hard for me to find information about him, so I really appreciate your work making those translations to English. Even, I don't follow to BYJ, but I also enjoyed the translations and pictures that you've posted.

It's a pity that you've had to discontinue this blog, but the health is at first. I hope you're well now and I hope that someday you decide to continue or at least, that we can find anywhere else.

If you don't mind, I want to add your blog to my list on my own blog with the hope that, someday, you want to post something. My blog is in Spanish, but even if you don't know the language, you will be welcome anyway, if you want.

Stay well and take care.


flowerbossa said...

Dear Shinji,

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. It gives me great pleasure that you have been reading my posts from time to time.

So you are a fan of Maestro Seikyo Kim! Yes you are right: it is a pity that our Maestro rarely updates his blog in English (he also has an account on twitter)because he has a lot to share. I went to his concert last December when he conducted Beethoven's 9th Symphony with his orchestra Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra - it was quite good.
I believe he recently went to Vietnam to collaborate with their national orchestra.

Though I will only be updating my blog irregularly, I will be honored to have you link it to your own blog. I wish I could read Spanish!

Thank you for your kind thoughts on my health, I am quite better.

Again, arigato, and hope to hear from you again^^


p.s. If I can help you leave a comment on Maestro's blog, please don't hesitate to say so.

Shinji said...

Thanks to you for reply! I'm really glad that you are better and have decided to continue updating your blog, even if not regularly, is always good to know that you do it ^^

Yes! I'm a fan of Maestro. I knew him casually in a wonderful DVD concert from the JPop group CHEMISTRY (maybe you've seen it), where he led Tokyo Philharmonic. Immediatly, I started to like his way to conduct and later his personality, he is one of the directors that I admire the most. To date, I have a few CDs I've bought through Internet and lately, I want to buy his cycle of Brahms symphonies.

Oh... You're so lucky that you can go to his concerts. If I go to Japan someday, I would like to attend to one. But for the moment, it's comforting to me the fact that he's going to be relatively close to Spain since he is the chief conductor of the Flanders Symphony Orchestra in Belgium for the next season. Can you imagine how I felt when I read that? I'm really glad for him!

Lastly. Really? Could you do that? I would to take your word but... I don't want to bother you. I really would wish to comment on Maestro's blog but I don't want to say whatever, so I want to prepare something adecuate. When I have it, then, I will tell you... It's so kind for your part ^^

Please, stay well and take care!

Greetings and thanks again for your warm kindness ^^

flowerbossa said...

Dear Shinji,

Hi again!

I'm really happy for you that Maestro will be going to Europe frequently in the future. It's interesting that you learned about him from a Chemistry concert^^
I like him for his flexibility to collaborate with artists of different genres. He is a great lover of jazz too.

Like I mentioned before, please send me a message when you feel like saying something to the Maestro. You can send it to the e-mail address in my profile, but pls alert me by leaving a comment here on the blog because sometimes my mail ends up in the wrong pile^^;

Have a nice day!