Dec 16, 2006

Introducing GOSIREH's Master Chef

Master Chef Chung Hyun Su introduces a seafood chige served at Gosireh.
This dish is not spicy - it uses miso, and has a gentle flavor.
He explains that it increases metabolism and helps cure hangovers.
A great menu for the holiday season ♪

(From Japanese women's magazine "LEE")


Anonymous said...

Hi, flowerbossa;

Is this a new menu at Gosireh? I like this soup a lot, yummy.. I hope you try and like it too.

Thank you for posting a picture.


jaime said...

Thanks flowerbossa, this seafood pot is so inviting. Increase metabolism, meaning I will have bigger appetite to eat more? Oh no! Got to run to the gym and enrol myself in more calorie-burning classes.

Just curious, does Gosireh still have a long waiting list that you have to reserve months or weeks ahead of time to dine there?

flowerbossa said...

Hello Suehan,

From the article, it seems like this dish is included in the menu.
It looks wonderful, doesn't it?

I went to a Korea town (Shin Okubo) the other day and had this dish - not as colorful, but good just the same!

Hi Jaime,

You're right, Gosireh is sure doing good business by providing these "healthy" dishes!

I believe the restaurant is still busy, the lunch hours especially.
I hear people are still waiting to get reservations.