Dec 2, 2006

Marriages and More Marriages

Excerpt from Sohn-san's blog Dec. 1

(Sohn-san starts out by saying,one of his valuable staff left the company to be married.)

There is another one who’s getting married – my best friend of many years, who’s probably sound asleep at my house while I’m still here in my office. This is going to take place on Christmas Eve. My friend and I both belonged to the film club in Sungkyunkwan University, and he's the one that made me realize that I should not become film director ( I had never thought that it was not possible…). I had passionately told him that “one day, I will become a producer to your films” – it turned out that I never became a producer, but as for him, he did become a film director.

This morning, when I looked through the internet news my messenger updated, I found articles announcing his marriage. Ahh, he needs to get a proper photo taken, I thought, but most of the articles more or less featured the bride-to-be, Moon-san, and he was mentioned as someone becoming her husband. So I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

People should not give up their dreams. We all face hard times, but I believe we can overcome them if we hang on to our dreams – or rather, I want to believe that.

My best friend was able to make his first dream a reality. He chose not to take a job even when he didn’t have any money, but it’s wonderful that it all worked out. I don’t know if getting married was one of his dreams, but if so, it’s going to come true very soon, so congratulations on that, too. I’m happy for you, really.

But. But come on, please tell me when you are planning to finish the script for your next film after “Save the Green Planet”. And let’s try to be clear on when you are planning to move out of my place, too.

I hope both of you will be always be happy with each other…

☆ Sohn-san also added the following in the comment section:

I got a call from Yong Joon last night, and he was taken aback that he did not know anything about this. He was upset that it was all kept a secret from him. But the wedding will take place only with their families participating, so even I’m not invited. I asked if they couldn’t make me a relative under the name Jang Il Hyung, but Moon-san only laughed. I guess I’m really not being invited…


Anonymous said...

Hello, flowerbossa;

Hmmm… they were friends since their college days. But, Ms. Moon is quite a famous actress in Korea, maybe that’s the reason why they were kept secret from Mr. Sohn I have never watched Ms. Moon’s movie before, so I’ll try to rent the DVD soon. I didn’t miss any Mr. Sohn’s postings. Thank for your diligent work…


liezle said...

thanks flowerbossa for sharing with us once again mr sohn's blog entry. i guess everyone got surprised with the news of them getting married. my first question when i read the news was, will it affect twssg?

oh poor yong joon, i'm sure he was still thinking of what happened at the hallyu expo event when this news came. i hope he's taking things easy. =(

likewise, poor mr sohn for not being invited to his best buddy's wedding. =(

i'm glad that yong joon is taking the day off today [read that in suehan's update]. i hope that he's resting well.

enjoy the rest of the weekend. take care.


bb said...

thanks flowerbossa!

must be really really good friends if director jang is staying at sohn's place :)

hehe, wuri yong joon's sometimes like a kid huh? fancy being upset coz he's kept in the dark, so cute :p

flowerbossa said...

Hi Suehan,

I was VERY surprised to hear of their marriage, because just last month, I heard the director of the film "Family Ties" (starring Moon Sori) claim that she was still on the look out for Mr.Right.

Many people who left comments to this entry in Sohn nim's blog made it pretty clear that they wished for Yong Joon's "happiness" too, but not just yet...

flowerbossa said...

Hi Liezle,

Yes, poor Yong Joon...
Judging from the timing the news came out and the info by Sohn-san, he must have heard this news at at a really hectic time.

I'm sure this will not have any serious effect on TWSSG - Moon Sori-ssi is one actress really committed to her vocation.

Hope you are enjoying this festive season♪

flowerbossa said...

BB hi,

You can just see him pouting after he heard the news, huh?

Must get the poor guy in a really skeptic mood...
"SOOO, who else is getting married without my knowing it?"
You know, it's one thing to be NOT INVITED to a wedding - but to not know that your leading lady is going to be married on Christmas EVE...

Kinda lonely, isn't it?

jaime said...

hi flowerbossa,

thank you for sharing Sohn-san's blog. From the way he writes, you can tell he's a man who's really easy to get along with. He cares about his friends and have a light humour about everything.

Oh, I hope Yong Joon will not have that lost and lonely feeling again. It seems like so many people around him are getting married this year.

flowerbossa said...

Hi Jaime,

It's great to have friends from your school days that you are still close to. Too bad he's not getting invited to the wedding...

I agree with you - I hope Yong Joon is not feeling lonely during this festive season.

Wish I could keep him company ♪

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend^^

bb said...

me too, flowerbossa! i know they say three's a crowd, but i think the more the merrier! if you keep him company, i also want :p

flowerbossa said...


SO you ARE off to keep him company ~♪

Lucky you!

BTW, if you are interested in theater, Kim Tei-ssi (the IMX actress who serves as MC/interpreter in IMX events) mentioned in her blog that there are lots of great musicals playing in Seoul. If you have time, check it out♪

Bon Voyage^^

baosang said...

Hi flowerbossa,

After reading your translation of Mr. Sohn's BLOG, I'm kind of speechless.

As the leading lady of TWSSG, Ms. Moon even kept this a secret from YJ. If I were YJ, I would've been upset too.

I hope YJ is no longer upset. I also hope he finds his own happiness soon.

Jeng(2x) said...

こんばんわ!flowerbossa :)
i saw this posting of yours yesterday but i didn't had time. sorry :"p
like bb onni that last paragraph really made me smile... hehe *blushing*
u know why, right?
thanks for sharing!
have a good week!

flowerbossa said...

Baosang, hi!

I'm sure it was not entirely Moon Sori's wish to keep it a a secret - but she certainly proved that she was a GREAT actress to have succeeded ^^

Yes, I pray for wuri prince's happiness, too!

flowerbossa said...

Hi mymy!

...hmmm, I THINK I know what you mean.

Any way, join the club ♪

You have good week ahead, too!

bb said...

huh? what does mymy mean? and what does flowerbossa think mymy meant?

marissa said...

Hi flowerbossa,

Thanks for translating another one of Mr. Sohn's blog entry.

I'm sure he's very happy to see his good friend finally finding a partner in life.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

flowerbossa said...

Hi Marissa,

Yes, I'm sure he is concerned about his other good friend in Korea, too!

Have a nice weekend ♪