Feb 14, 2008

Another Hidden Treasure from WLS

Happy Valentine's Day!

Speaking of hidden treasures of WLS, here’s a HOT one wuri Satovic introduced in her book “satovic Yon-sama Theater” (2005)

In episode 17, Yujin is discouraged because her mother opposed to their marriage. JS tries to cheer her up by preparing a dinner at the mountain lodge café and makes the decision of “living their lives together”. That evening, he suffers a nightmare. The following day, JS suggests having their photograph taken – but before this scene, there was an episode we never got to see…

JS wakes up from a nightmare. He hears a loud banging on the door, and Yujin is crying out “Jun Sahng! Jun Sahng!” When he opens the door, Yujin is standing there crying.
“I had a terrible dream. You disappeared… you went away alone. I was so scared.” As Yujin lets these words out in tears, JS holds her tight.
“Don’t be stupid, you know I’ll never go anywhere.”
“Don’t go JS. Please don’t go away”
Yujin sobs uncontrollably. After awhile, she falls into a deep sleep (AS usual). JS kisses her face softly.

The next morning, Yujin wakes up on JS’s bed AND as usual, is in the state of “where am I? Who am I?” Enters JS, who has just come out of a shower – and what do you know! According to the script, he has come JUST out of the shower, with his hair still wet and naked down to his waist! Yes, you can say he’s clad only in a towel. Ooooh, his broad chest … (no, that’s not included in the script, but you can easily imagine!)

It doesn’t stop here!
Yujin cries out, “come on, put on your clothes!”
JS – “This is my room. I can put on my clothes, leave them off, do whatever I like. Hey, does it bother you? Don’t you remember about last night?

Here, JS acts like the playboyish Min Hyung in the way he teases Yujin. (He’s probably not wearing his glasses, don’t you think?) Ooooh, why oh why did you have to cut this scene, PD YUN!!!


bb said...

okay... i've satovic's book, but i can't understand a single word :p

and now i just need to clarify something... very urgently!! :p

this HOT epi.... is it really from the script, or just a figment of wuri lovely satovic's imagination??!!

your last line seemed to imply it really was in the script, and it was really filmed!! hehe, if so, i wanna see the footage!! ahhhh...!

p.s. happie baelentine's day!!

flowerbossa said...

Hi bb,

HA HA knowing what a vivid imagination wuri satovic's has (and how she can be really playful!) I thought she might have made this up...


It seems that this was in one of the DRAFTS of the script and was disclosed on the KBS site. I doubt that it was actually filmed.
TOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!

Happy baelantine's day to you too!


jaime said...

Thanks flowerbossa for translating this wonderful piece. I can picture our blond hair MinHyung doing that playboy 'dialogue' to Yujin, with a smile tucking the corner of his lips. Yes, I agree with you, why did PD Yeon cut this scene from WS??

Hehe, I think it's actually the scene when he put on his white tux shirt for his own wedding, that about .1 second of seeing his chest that keeps me wanting to see him more. Hehe, even my mother-in-law told me when she finished WS : I want to see this actor in a summer drama, I want to see more flesh of BYJ! Sigh, the power of his attraction!

love ... jaime

bb said...

keke, i remember there was a period of time i kept saying that... that i wish wish wish he would shoot a drama in summer! the hotter the weather the beta!!

flowerbossa said...

Hi Jaime,

Ooh, your mother-in-law is so cute^^ I think PD Yun was pretty wise in NOT using this scene. Women will keep viewing it over and over that the flow of the story will stop right there!

Like you, I love that scene where he changes into his tux - I'd say the briefness was mighty effective. I'll save the shower scene for next time^^


flowerbossa said...


Are you feeling better?
The hard work from packing and unpacking is probably taking its toll. Do take care.

Now, a summer drama/movie...
Would PD Yun be willing to make another round with the 4 seasons?


Have you ever seen the movie "The Great Gatsby".I think that was the first romantic movie that I really fell for, and pallet and I often talk about how he'd be perfect in that type of role - that story is set in the summer.

Anyway, the recovery from his injury is a must for a summer project!