Feb 7, 2008

Leslie Kee's Interview from "We Love Korean Dramas"

Happy Lunar New Year to Everyone!
The following is an excerpt from Leslie Kee's interview on his impressions of BYJ from the Japanese magazine "Aishiteru! Kankoku Dorama" (We Love Korean Dramas!)
Vol.19 (Feb.2008)
Leslie Talks About Bae Yong Joon

Interviewer: Looking at BYJ through the viewfinder, was there anything unique about him compared to other artists?

Leslie: When I met him for the first time, I ran up to him and said “Thank you for (coming?) today”. He seemed surprised. I guess he was not used to being greeted like that. The reason I acted that way was because I imagined that since BYJ is such a big star, people would not talk to him very much. But I had a feeling that a man big as him is actually interested in what people are thinking - he probably wants to talk more with all kinds of people. I wanted to convey my own excitement, and he too opened up to me in return. To be honest, before actually met him, I imagined him to be the same as the other Hanryu stars. Why? Always the smiles, bright lights - I had thought this was the only style he was willing to compete with. But when the shooting began, and I made my requests in English, he immediately began to show the artistic side of himself for me. Also, he was such a gentleman - like an English gentleman. Even when he was speaking to the stylists and interpreters, he was really polite. I think you can say he does have prince like qualities.

I: So you felt that what is reported through the media is true?

Leslie: Yes I did. I thought it was not a lie. In the way he walked, and the moment he entered the room, you could feel this special aura. What’s more, it’s not like an intentional act, it's perfectly natural. He possesses elegance and qualities of a gentleman. Going through many sessions with him, I felt this very strongly.

I: I understand you had opportunities to photograph him even after the “Superstars” project.

Leslie: Yes, I had a session with him just a few months ago, too. One was for an advertisement for a Japanese company, and the other for the promotion of “TWSSG”. I also worked with him four or five times before that. For example, the photographs for the CD jacket of the compilation album of classical music selected by BYJ himself, and the poster for the Japanese version of the drama “Hotelier”. The more I work with him, I discover that he has various dimensions in him.

I: Do you know anything about BYJ’s own interest in photography?

Leslie: I know that he takes photos on his own, but I don’t know what kind of photos he takes. But I heard that he gave a photo that he took with his own camera to President Sohn of IMX as a birthday present. I understand that it was photo of a bicycle.


bb said...

hi hi flowerbossa!

thanks for this piece... hee, if only it's longer :p

p.s. i sure would like to see that bicycle pic! come to think of it, it's been quite a long time since we last saw anything taken by him...

you know, i've always thought the photos that a person takes can reveal little traits or quirks about that person.... the angle, what story he wants to tell, the subject.... mmm... me so curious!

gosijo said...

Hi flowerbossa

it's great to see again this drawing made by Pallet! The first time I saw it, I remember thinking how wonderfully she had captured the hand, in particular.

Also, it's interesting to find that both men remember that initial greeting so well and both seem to credit it with how YJ 'opened up to' (LK's words) or 'loosened up to" (YJ's words) the photographer.

Also interesting how LK instinctively knew that YJ is someone who would like to talk with many people but, given his immense fame, finds it hard to approach them.

Lastly, I too would like to see the bicycle photo, especially today as I wished I'd had my camera with me to take a pic of bicycles. All I could see was the top parts behind a tall snow bank. They were tied to a post and the seats had huge toppings of fluffy snow, like a soufflé fresh out of the oven!

bb said...

hee... gosijo, don't you know you should bring your camera with you everywhere you go? :p

Anonymous said...

It's another gem. I'm also wondering about a bike picture.

Is it okay to translate into Korean to share with K-sisters on the same site?

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year like Chinese and Koreans do?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you one more thing, I'm going to post the same sign.

flowerbossa said...

Hi bb,

Hope you had a wonderful new year celebration with your family and friends. They must have been impressed with your new home!

Yes, wouldn't it be nice if they set up a "photo gallery" of his own pics in KOB? It would be so much fun!


flowerbossa said...

Hi Gosijo,

I compared the reactions of the intial greeting too - they seem to have hit it off well.

It must have been a fresh experience for BYJ to work with a friendly and spontaneous guy like Leslie.

I think he would be interested in seeing photos taken by his family as well. SO, maybe you should take something and send it to him!!


p.s. pallet claims that she concentrated on the hand so much in that drawing that she's not so sure about the face...

flowerbossa said...

Dear Suehan,

You are welcome to share this piece with your Korean family. Thank you for the effort!

Yes, we are all wondering about the same thing ... I wish Sohn-san would blog about it!

I heard from pallet that people (mostly farmers) celebrated the lunar new year about 50 years ago.
I guess things changed pretty much after the war. My mother's generation counted their age the same way you do in Korea.


Lynn said...

Hi Flowerbossa,

I will translate this into Chinese and post it on the same website. Thank you for your nice work. Although I know Japenese do not celebrate Lunar New year, I still want to say happy new year to you.


flowerbossa said...

Hello Lynn,

Thank you for your warm message.
I hope the new year brings you good health & much happiness♪

And I noticed you started to blog!
That's a very pretty picture of you! Have fun ♪


gosijo said...

Hi flowerbossa,

what Pallet says about her drawing is very interesting! The face is very good but I think her more recent drawings are even better for that aspect. On the other hand, perhaps it all has to do with the photographs that served as models.

To bb: I should have said that I was also driving at the time...But you're right about always having our cameras handy!

Lynn said...

Hi Flowerbossa,

Yes, I begin to have my blog, but I am too lazy to update it and until today I found that there are already 2 messages in my blog. One is from you, the other is from Happiebb. Thank you for leaving me a message which makes me feel very excited. I just post some pictures and my translation on that blog.