Jul 7, 2008

The Real Beginning of the STORY

Written by satovic
Translated by flowerbossa

Shinkansen (bullet train) Nozomi no.72 – to depart Shin-Osaka at 8:17 a.m., arrive in Shinagawa at 10:45.
From Shinagawa to NHK in Shibuya… should take about 30 minutes. That means I would make it to the press conference on time!

Putting a toothbrush in her mouth, Satoko turned off the PC.
The couch surrounded by tattered Indian documents in the Ayurveda lab had served as her bed for the last 2 days.From the morning after the dreamlike event at the Kyocera Dome, Satoko had been assisting the task of translating the Indian document written 1500 years ago called Ashtanga Hridaya Samhita. In the meantime, Yong Joon was in Nagoya to look at the new building where he was due to open a new restaurant.

From her “sisters”, Satoko received tons of mail reporting YJ’s every move. Reportedly, he made his appearance wearing Michael Jackson-like sunglasses.
Satoko herself was busy with the task of making a list of natural medicine until two in the morning, along with her almost 80 year old master.
The work was unglamorous – it involved identifying the Latin name to each of the Sanskrit botanical name, picking up the constituents of the plant from the English documents and adding the Japanese name to it. While going through this monotonous task, YJ’s soft voice she heard at the dome rang in Satoko’s mind.Oh, he was so fabulous~ ♡ It was because she was able to derive energy from him that she was able to work hard.

In the past few years, Satoko’s mind was occupied with Korea and India. Her passion for Korea of course meant “BYJ”. And as for India, her devotion was directed towards the traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda. Originating 5000 years ago, Ayurveda is not merely a method of managing ones’ health; it is an ancient science full of wisdom for the happiness of all living things.

Satoko had started a company last year to spread Ayurveda with the hope of getting the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare to recognize it as a form of alternative medicine. But because even the most basic instructional books have not been translated into Japanese, she needed to complete the translations while the old masters were still alive.

Sleeping on the couch was nothing, if she would be able to succeed in her project. It was a walk in the park compared to spending 30 hours in a “cage” at Kansai Airport^^

Many people who first met Satoko were bewildered by the combination of her activities as a “die-hard BYJ fan” and her devotion to the sacred ancient medicine, but Satoko saw no conflict between the two because for her, both “made people happy" - she was pursuing the two things on the same line.

Indeed, the Kyocera Dome was filled with an aura of happiness with the fans excitement over being able to see YJ.Satoko could not forget seeing an old lady in the ladies’ room that got up from her wheel chair with great effort smiling all the time.

Fans from all over Japan were happily exchanging local sweets and goods they made on their own. There were some sisters living in the Osaka area who willingly took their friends on a sightseeing tour around the area, and there was even a sister who had invited Satoko to a formal tea room in Kyoto.

Through the internet, Satoko met these people she never would have met if it hadn’t been for YJ, and the friendship had lasted for over 4 years. Even junior high and high school lasts for only 3 years – they had spent more years together, laughing at times , crying at times. A valuable bond, all brought forth through YJ.


bb said...

i really really really love this piece, flowerbossa.

and yea, i so agree with the last para of this passage. if not for YJ and if not for the internet, we would never have met. and i've been a fan for six years now... and like satovic, i've had people who had laughed alongside me throughout this bae journey.

he has enriched my life in so many ways. and so have people like satovic and you.

yokee said...

phew~ i had written n erased quite a few times what i wanted to comment about this. but i just cant seem to find the right words to describe as i cant seem to write as good :p

so all i can say is...
what a wonderful write up. i agree 120%. and ive always agree that the bae family is a more than extraordinary family !

Anonymous said...

Hi flowerbossa, I love what you've written here!

And all the way across the planet from where you are, I am having exactly the same experience with the wonderful baesisters I've gotten to know during these past 4 years. I consider some of them to be my closest friends -- and I've never even met them in person!!

Who else could create this but our astonishing Yong Joon-nim??

Thanks for writing such a wonderful piece about this amazing journey in our BaeFamily!

love to all,

Anonymous said...
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flowerbossa said...

Dear bb,

Thank you for your beautiful comment here as well as your entry on your own blog. oh, dear... Your description of me makes me blush - and it's not because I'm Japanese^^ Oh well, I can always TRY to become that kind of person��

Take care now!


flowerbossa said...

Hi yokee!

Now you are another wonderful sister I had the great pleasure of meeting through the net.

Thank you for all your help on QUILT, and hope we can continue to enjoy our bae journey together^^


flowerbossa said...

Hi coco, how have you been?

Just to clarify, satovic is the original writer of the story, and I translated it to share it with all of you.

I've always respected how you support wuri YJ from afar - you have been part of the family a lot longer than I have!

I hope explores many places in North America, because there is so much to see and experience!