Nov 6, 2008


Kiha, Damdeok, Hogae
Sei Matobi as Damdeok

Ayane Sakurano as Kiha

Yuhi Ozora as Hogae

Takarazuka Revue, a unique company in which all performers are women, was
the first troupe to introduce the revue to Japan. Celebrating its 95th anniversary, they will stage "TWSSG " - Under the Star of Jushin -"

On Oct. 29, they main cast and staff held a press conference:

Asked about the pressures of playing the same part as "Yon-sama", top star Matobi answered:

"It's true that people around me mention to me, 'so you're going to play Yon-sama's role'. I do feel pressure in a good sense, and at the same time, it is an honor. To be given the chance to perform the role the one and only Yon-sama played is truly a rare opportunity. The figure Damdeok is a king, yet he seeks the happiness of the people. I sympathize with him. How should a leader act? (As the top star of my troup) I presently think about the same thing along with Damdeok. "

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