Nov 1, 2008

Untitled No.4


gosijo said...

Am I right in thinking this is by the artist we know as Pallet?

This painting really speaks to me. I'd love to have it hanging on my walls.

flowerbossa said...

Hi gosijo,

So you want to know "what" this is?

It is the "other side" of pallet, and though it's named "UNTITLED", it is her feelings for Yong Joon-ssi...

The oil painting is 100 X 80.

pallet's husband is at loss with all the "works" filling up the house....

Pallet thanks you for your warm comment!


gosijo said...

Dear Flowerbossa,

I remember seeing three earlier oils by Pallet posted on your site and instantly liking them.

Wow, at 100 X 80, this painting must have amazing presence!

Would Pallet ever consider selling a few of her masterpieces, especially in light of the 'issue' you mention? I couldn't promise to be the highest bidder but I could promise a place of honour and a loving home for this one.

Please extend my appreciation to Pallet for A New Dong Hyuk. She captured the movement very well.

flowerbossa said...


Arigato for your compliment, pallet is quite flattered^^

By the way, saita-san left you and bb a message in the previous post.