Dec 29, 2008

My Favorite Things in 2008

Best Japanese Drama
「篤姫」   "Princess Atsu"

「風のガーデン」 "Kaze no Garden (Garden of Wind)"
(This was famous actor Ken Ogata's last work)

☆ Best Foreign Drama
"More Beautiful than a Flower"

 Best Movie
"Music from the Inside Out"

☆ Best CDs
"BYJ Classics - the Scenes"


(Thank you BYJ & Ryuichi Sakamoto for the inspiration!)

☆ Best Japanese Book
石井桃子作 「幻の朱い実」
"Maboroshi no Akai Mi" ("Phantasmal Red Fruit" - autobiographical novel) b y Momoko Ishii

About the author: Momoko Ishii (1907-2008) Writer, Novelist, Translator ("Winnie the Pooh", "The Tale of Peter Potter"), Editor

☆ Best English Book
"Never Let Me Go " by Kazuo Ishiguro

☆ Best Actor
Kim Myung Min for "More Beautiful Than a Flower" and
"Beethoven Virus"

Added on 12/31: Congratulations Kim Myung Min-ssi on winning the 2008 MBC Grand Award!

☆ Best Actress
Ko Tu Sim for "More Beautiful Than a Flower"


Anonymous said...

hi, flowerbossa
i watch the "more beautiful than a flower" about 3 years ago from my asia cable channel. i love the story and the performance of the drama's actors and actresses.kmm got my attention at that time. i try find more his works but no luck until the white tower come out. i love the japness version's white tower better.
happy new year


flowerbossa said...

Hello Michelle,

Thank you so much for dropping me a note - it's been 2 years since we've talked^^

I was so glad for KMM last night for winning the MBC Grand Award. I hear that "Fake Family" is a good one, so I'm hoping to watch that next. It's interesting to hear what you thought about "White Tower" - have to confess I have seen neither (actually there are 2 Japanese versions and both are very popuar) so it might be fun comparing them. KMM said he felt a lot of pressure because Karasawa was really good.

You have a happy new year too!