Dec 8, 2008

Waiting for the "Virus"

Seems wuri bb caught the "VIRUS" recently...

Wouldn't mind catching it myself, provided it's that specific one^^

Her post reminded me of two of the greatest dramas I saw this year.

One was:

More Beautiful Than a Flower (2004) - 꽃보다 아름다워 (Kkot-bo-da A-leum-da-wi)

This is truly a gem of a drama, screenplay by Noh Hee-Kyeong, the writer of Have We Really Loved.

Here Kim Myeong-min is part of the main cast, playing the part of Jang In-cheol.

Some of you may remember KMM went up against BYJ in the MBC Awards last year for his performance in The Great White Tower. Though I have not seen the drama, I would guess that he was very good in it judging from his acting in the former work.

Incidentally, Kim Heung-soo (as Jae-soo) is a BOF artist.
Would be fun to watch him & BYJ together some day!

Another drama I really enjoyed was Hwang Jin-i .

This was another drama in which the story, acting and photography blended beautifully creating a work that will be long remembered.

Here, Jan Keun Suk plays Hwang Jin-i's first love Eun Ho.

He is currently staying in Japan to learn Japanese!
Good luck! Hope to see you soon in Beethoven Virus!


bb said...

i'm only at epi 7, but i think it's worth watching if just for KMM. yea, i think he's that good.

and oh, so that's where i've seen JKS! in hwang jini! i was thinking this chap looks really really familiar!

flowerbossa said...


Thanks for the link to BV.

I tried connecting to it, and though I only saw the first few minutes, I am tempted to watch the whole series^^

But it was the first time to watch something with English subtitles, and it seemed strange...

Which do you prefer- English or Chinese?